What Pinemeadow Customers Say

Dec 18, 2023 ~ Frank “Played my first round with the PGX BK Irons. Love them. I would venture to say they might be the best deal out there. I recommend for amatuer golfers who are not seduced by the marketing of the giants. They should buy these irons and save lots of money. Great product. Great price. I recommend. ”
Sep 05, 2023 ~ LB “Thanks for the follow up and, of course, the great driver!

It's the third one I've ordered from your company over the years and each one has performed ( and permitted me to perform!) as well or better than the previous! I'm consistently holding my own with my contemporaries, most of whom are younger than I, and they're brandishing their multi hundred dollar Calloways and Titleist.

Thanks for the excellent product and service.”
Jul 27, 2023 ~ Glen “I’ve had my new PGX TX 5 wood for a week now and I absolutely love it. Straight and long with my normal swing. It is a new go to club for me. This 5 wood, added to the PGX1 set that I recently ordered has pretty much completed my new set and my confidence is at an all time high. I do understand that the high priced equipment out there is not better. It is merely higher priced due to sponsorships, advertising, etc. Your products are top quality, easy to use and fun to play with. Thanks for all you’ve done for me. I will be a steady customer for sure.”
Jun 27, 2023 ~ Jeanne “We’ll you know what I am going to say, Best Ever, Again. Please thank everyone who had a hand in making my club and a customer service. This 9 is the best one yet. I have the 6-7-8, now the 9. I love the trajectory and now hit the ball better than with the irons. They are forgiving and long. I can even play into the wind low if I choose. Distance is Great.

I love you guys!

Thank you.

I recommend PineMeadow to everyone within earshot.

May 31, 2023 ~ G.S. “I bought a Pinemeadow putter months ago. I love it. I bought 2 more for my grandson and a golfing buddy 3 weeks ago. They can't believe the putters I gave them are superior to a $699 putter and a $ $450 putter they no longer use. I played in a end of school year 6 person scramble tournament yesterday. I'm 78 years old and became the team designated putter. You are going to sell more putters to Texans. I'm ordering 2 more next week.

May 25, 2023 ~ Chase “They arrived perfect! Already had them out for maybe 2 outings. I am extremely satisfied with how the clubs feel and hit. Already referred some of my golf buddies to get on over to the site and order a set. Keep up the greatness!

May 23, 2023 ~ Julio “Greetings, to you and all at Pinemeadowgolf.com. Yes, I received the clubs. The two putters are performing very well for me so far. Especially, the PGX SL putter has already made a big difference by, cutting 5 shots avg on the greens in 2 rounds of golf. Very impressed with the feel and roll of every putt. Very easy club to play a round of golf with especially, with alignment very important. I am very satisfied with the club.

And, with Site-2 is a good putter as well but, made more for faster greens than I usually play on. The club has the better roll and feel of the two putters plus, the balance is exceptional. Once, I have a chance in a few weeks to play a couple of rounds in championship golf courses locally, I should get a better understanding on the performance potential of the putter.

In conclusion, I am very satisfied with the purchase of both putters. I am highly recommending your company to my family and friends. Thank you for your customer service and great products you provide to the public.

Sincerely, Julio”
Jan 26, 2023 ~ M.I. “My son loves the new ZR 3.0 irons and the offset driver. He has only hit them once at the golf dome and he was very happy. The ZR 3.0 Hybrid 2 is down and out the best and most consistent club I have other than the ZR 3.0 irons I purchased back in December. I have been hitting balls 1-2 times a week on a Top Tracer Dome range and am very pleased with the ZR 3.0 iron distance, even if they are shorter than when I was 30 years younger. Old body old bones working on the mobility to gain some distance back.

Great customer service and delivery, 2 weeks, was ok as it was during SNOWMAGEDDON of 2023. All in all a great company, great product, and at a VERY FAIR price.

Preston Hale Responds Thanks for the feedback!
Jul 08, 2022 ~ Nick W. “Hi! They have indeed arrived, got them last Friday the 1st. I have gotten a chance to hit them and absolutely love them! Just need to improve my skills a bit and they'll be a fantastic set to have. Even managed my first birdie last weekend using the new set which I was absolutely stoked about. Your company's customer service and communications regarding the order has been top notch. Knowing when my clubs went into production and when they were shipped was very helpful. So for that I thank you, and will definitely not hesitate recommending you to friends and using you again myself. I actually have another club from Pine meadow on the way.

Thanks again! Big fan of you guys!”
Jul 29, 2021 ~ Bernie “Hi. I received the clubs much sooner than I expected. 😊 Have played 3 rounds with them and really like them.😊 Friends are asking me where I got them. They not only play well, but look great.😊

This is not the first time I have purchased from you, but its definitely the best result. New clubs, head covers and great prices!!😊

Thanks very much, Bernie”
Apr 30, 2021 ~ Thomas “I have played about 36 holes with them and hit roughly 200 range balls so far. I love them. The extra half inch length in the shaft has really helped. The grips feel much better than I honestly expected. The irons are quite a bit more forgiving than my previous set. The hybrids are very easy to hit and send the ball a country mile. Nothing about your products feel cheap. I was honestly skeptical at first, but now I see I had no reason to be. Now every club in my bag, except my driver is Pinemeadow. Will soon be adding 2 more wedges and maybe a fairway wood to the bunch. I have recommended your company to anyone that will listen, and several people I play with really like not only the quality, but the price point. Exceptional product at an exceptional price. I will be buying from you again in the near future.”
Apr 20, 2021 ~ Grant “Yes, we received it on Wednesday. We actually went and played our first 9 holes today, with the PGX putter and irons! My wife hit the new clubs very well, so she definitely LOVES them!! She's new to golf, so today's success was a big confidence booster for her! Thanks so much for making great clubs affordable!! Definitely have gained a customer for life!

Apr 13, 2021 ~ D.C “Thank you so much for the follow up email. I received the clubs but have tried them out. Planning on do so in two more days. I want to pass on to you that I am very happy with working with Pinemeadow Golf. Your videos are very good and your selection is super. Not to mention how reasonable your prices are. I highly suspect that I will be purchasing many more clubs from you. The next step is the irons.

Thank you for the great buying experience.”
Feb 17, 2021 ~ Ralph “Six months ago my clubs were stolen. Having purchased items from Pinemeadow previously I knew I could get replacements. Since I am a senior who plays once a week I looked for an inexpensive set and found one on sale. It came with three woods and four irons plus putter. I have played with this set many times and am impressed with how they work for me. I find I have better control than with earlier clubs, and distance is consistent. One particular discovery: the 4/5 hybrid is highly useful with long approaches to the green, accurate and dependable. I highly recommend Pinemeadow for quality clubs at an exceptional price. ”
Feb 17, 2021 ~ Ralph “Six months ago my clubs were stolen. Having purchased items from Pinemeadow previously I knew I could get replacements. Since I am a senior who plays once a week I looked for an inexpensive set and found one on sale. It came with three woods and four irons plus putter. I have played with this set many times and am impressed with how they work for me. I find I have better control than with earlier clubs, and distance is consistent. One particular discovery: the 4/5 hybrid is highly useful with long approaches to the green, accurate and dependable. I highly recommend Pinemeadow for quality clubs at an exceptional price. ”
Feb 17, 2021 ~ Todd “Hello, I have received the clubs and hit them on a simulator. I couldn’t be more pleased with the clubs so far, and every interaction I’ve had with customer service has been great. Thank you to you and your entire team!”
Feb 16, 2021 ~ Shawn “You asked me to keep you posted so here it is, and the backstory is that I've been to neither a driving range nor a golf course in over 10 years.

Went to a driving range yesterday and the Driver was better than any I have ever hit. Can't say everything was roses because I'm usually not very good with a driver, but it felt good and with more time, I can definitely see my game improving. With a good hit, I was averaging about 150-200 yards, most of which were pretty straight.

The 7 Wood I ordered from you guys is a different story altogether: By far, this is the easiest club I have swung... EVER. Long and straight nearly every hit (averaged about 160-180 with it) and again, straight down what would have been the fairway.

Nice clubs... after my 10-year hiatus, Pinemeadow might just make a golfer of me again. ”
Feb 15, 2021 ~ John “You sent the clubs around February 1 and I received them on February 3rd. To be honest, I was shocked! On your website you explained how Covid had slowed down your assembly time. You predicted the shipping time as 3 - 7 days, and since I was having the club shipped to Florida, I was sure it would be 7 days to ship. I ordered the club on January 27th and expected to wait weeks, and instead I just needed to wait days. So nice to have things happen faster than you think they will.

The driver has reduced my slice and increased my distance. If I could actually swing a golf club correctly, I would be deadly with your club!

I am pleased with my purchase and want to thank all of you folks at Pinemeadow Golf for making a very good product at a very good price. ”
Dec 14, 2020 ~ Jeanne “Thank you again!! Best customer service ever!!

I sent this email the minute I received my beautiful 7 wood.

Thank you So much.. I absolutely love it.. I just received it. Thank you for the work you all put in! Have a great Merry Christmas and Holiday and hopes for a wonderful new year. And a lot of birdies! Our 40 yr anniversary is tomorrow!! ”
Dec 02, 2020 ~ Walter “Thank-you for the email.

The clubs arrived in perfect condition.

I am delighted with the build quality, especially as locating high loft fairway woods is difficult enough, to have located them and then have them built to a great standard is really nice.

Nov 24, 2020 ~ David “Pinemeadows folks,

Yes, I got the club (driver), much quicker than I expected, and finally had a dry (and warm) enough day to give it a try. On long holes (like par 5s) I have a tendency to try to hit the driver too hard, which usually results in a hook or slice. Not that I get more distance than an easy swing, but I can swing this driver hard and the ball still travels true. So I’m quite happy with the purchase. Of course, my game will probably be different next time I play, but that’s the serendipitous nature of the sport.

Best, David”
Nov 10, 2020 ~ Kirk “I just want to say, I love your clubs ! I have a full set and multiple extra clubs and putters ! There as good or better than the big names I’ve owned! Thanks Kirk”
Jun 29, 2020 ~ MW “I just wanna say I own your driver and your 5 wood and their 2 best clubs! I've ever owned I'm having A-blast with them I'm hitting the ball farther and more accurate than I ever have thank you. I stop playing golf 15 years ago and I just started out I'm on my 4th. round and I'm having a great time thank you”
Jun 27, 2020 ~ Reese “Pinemeadow,

I did receive my clubs! I am very happy with them so far. I've used them at the range twice and got to play two full rounds with them as well. Still trying to really dial them in and get more comfortable with them, but right off the bat I could notice a major difference between my old clubs and the Pinemeadow clubs. I am looking forward to receiving the sand and lob wedges that I ordered recently to complete my set!

Thank you for great customer service!

Jun 25, 2020 ~ Sean M. “I love my new clubs. I'm 61 years old and I used to play competitively during my high school and college years. I pretty much stopped playing around the age of 30. I retired recently and wanted to start playing again with old friends but the combination of not playing, old clubs, and age had really taken a toll on my game. I just wasn't having much fun because I just wasn't really improving. I used to regularly shoot in the low to mid-70s in the old days but the best I could do were rounds in the mid-90s. I almost quit for good.

Then I decided to give it one more try. I worked on my swing and made some changes but I knew I needed newer clubs. I looked at the new name brand options and they were all really nice but way too expensive. I then found your company online and loved what I saw. I ordered a driver, 3-wood, and irons 5-sand wedge. They arrived well packed and timely and they looked great.

I played my first full round with them today and shot a 77. That was pretty unbelievable considering what I had grown used to scoring. I'm sure that won't happen every time I go play (at least in the beginning) but I now feel like I want to play again as often as I can get to the course. I was able to pick out my choice, decide what kind of shaft I preferred, what length I wanted, and what grips I liked. The price was very affordable and just couldn't be more pleased!

Keep up the good work and I'll be telling my friends about what a great experience I had with your company.

I may be placing more orders in the future.

Jun 16, 2020 ~ Blair B. “I bought my first Pinemeadow driver back in '96 when I worked at OMSI down the street from your offices. It hit like a dream. Now I'm 62 and last year my golf bud convinced me to get rid of my blades. He's sorry he did!

I purchased a pre-owned set of PGX 5-PW with graphite and medium grips, rounded it out with a RealTree driver ( lots of double-takes), Excel 3 and 5 metals and Pinemeadow sand wedge and just this week, a 52-degree PGX wedge.

I'm hitting it like I did when I was 17 and in the first weeks of this season shaved 5 strokes off my handicap. Your clubs are of the highest quality and really can improve a game. Your customer service, ordering and delivery process is simple and straightforward and the options offered on custom clubs would satisfy anyone. Thanks for giving golfers your level of quality at a very fair price.”
Preston Hale Responds Thanks for the feedback Blair. I have the Realtree Driver too and love it!
May 18, 2020 ~ John F. “Pineneadow Golf,

Makes nothing but quality products no doubt about it. If one is looking for quality products and don't want to pay for advertising that golf companies do. Pinemeadow Golf is the place to buy

May 12, 2020 ~ Rick B. “I had an overall excellent experience with Pinemeadow Golf. I love the clubs! I played with them for the very first time last week on my 67th birthday. I've never carried a sand wedge in my bag before, so I had a chance to use it (of course). It worked great. Then, before my wife and I finished our round, I noticed - I'd lost the club! I couldn't believe it. That said, I'm still waiting for a call that someone has found it. If that doesn't happen, I'll be back on line ordering a new one from you!

Thanks for the wonderful service, prompt delivery, low shipping costs and the terrific clubs! I'll gladly recommend you guys.”
Apr 27, 2020 ~ Sean L. “I am very impressed and happy to save a lot of endorsement payout money had I bought Taylormade, Callaway, Nike etc. I struggle greatly with the 5 iron but all of the other irons are sweet!! Wisconsin just opened courses this past Friday so it is still difficult to ascertain precision on my irons. I left a good review and will certainly buy from you in the future. Unfortunately my golf buddies cant get past the notion that you don’t have to spend $500-1k on new irons. So it just means that I am really just golfing for free a lot since I saved so much on my iron”
Mar 30, 2020 ~ Dennis “I received my clubs and all arrived neatly packed and in excellent condition. I have played with them several times and just love them. Your speedy attention to my order is greatly appreciated and I have been most impressed with the workmanship in the clubs design. I will certainly recommend your company to any of my golfing friends who might be in the market for custom clubs.

Again, thank you so much for a fine product at a very reasonable price. Should I have a need for a special club, I will definitely contact you.”
Jan 20, 2020 ~ Jack “This is not a question: It is a very positive review of ordering over the phone for some head covers. Tommy took my order. What a delightful experience I had with him. He was very knowledgeable, answered all of my questions in an excellent manner. I ordered head covers for my fairway woods. These head covers were not available when I ordered the clubs, but I had understood they were now. My goodness, these head covers are outstanding and even had the labels for each of my clubs. Thank you Pinemeadow Golf for such excellent products. I am so very pleased with them.”
Oct 02, 2019 ~ Chad S. “Tom, yes we have received the clubs. Both my mom and dad use the clubs and really like them. I also want to commend your company on the customer service. When I ordered the first set I accidentally clicked left-handed instead right handed. Great customer service on returning and when I ordered the second set they called to confirm that is what I wanted. Great customer service means a lot. Great job on your end.

Thanks ”
Preston Hale Responds Thanks Chad. I'm glad we caught it. Playing RH is hard enough :) Enjoy the new clubs.
Sep 18, 2019 ~ S.S “I am so impressed with your company and also my 11+ wood. First of all your company it was so easy to order my club. I measured myself and entered the measurement and you gave me the correct club to order. I put in the order on the Friday before labor day and love and behold my club arrived the sat after labor day. I loved that you sent emails to tell me where in the process I was and I love you have followed up with messages. ”
Sep 03, 2019 ~ C.S “Hello,

I have received my order. I ask that you please pass along my appreciation to your employees for their work. My wife is learning how to golf and left handed. Having your company put together such a good looking putter and including a cover for such a price is just amazing. The quality was a welcome surprise.

Great work!”
Feb 11, 2019 ~ Phil “Hi Tom,

Yes we received the shipment and it was exactly what we ordered.

I want to again express my thanks and appreciation for Pinemeadow and yourself helping us out and making this nonstandard order possible. It appears that you’ve turned us into Pinemeadow customers for life with your amazing customer service 😊

Warm Regards, Phil”
Dec 04, 2018 ~ Alex “Got my Excel EGI irons yesterday and I couldn't wait to get them dirty. They came out of the box and went straight in my bag and I went straight to the range. I am a novice golfer (play 2-4 times a month if I'm lucky) and was looking for some inexpensive but quality irons. Pinemeadow delivered.

I was turned on to them by a relative and after researching and considering name brand irons I am so glad I didn't spend the big bucks on name brand equipment. My girlfriend's Dad has a set of Titelist irons that he spent $1200 on and he said he would rather swing mine just on feel alone. If you want to get new clubs don't look anywhere else but Pinemeadow ”
Jul 16, 2018 ~ Joe “Yes the clubs delivered and I’ve played twice with them already. Very happy with the product and so far have done what I wanted them to do. I have also passed on your web site to some of my playing buddies because they have inquired about them. Will be back when I need more done. Thank you Joe”
Jun 04, 2018 ~ Jeremy “The clubs have been great, I’ve played with them twice and went to the range twice as well, very comfortable feel and sharp looking. The update emails from your team were very helpful to keep me in the loop and have a good idea of when my clubs would arrive. I am very please with my purchase and I will definitely recommend Pinemeadow whenever I get the chance. All of my friends have bought from Pinemeadow and gave me the recommendation, I am very happy they did. Thank you for a great buying experience.”
Mar 21, 2018 ~ Max “Yes, I received the clubs and they are actually even better than I expected. Last fall I purchased a left-handed set of clubs from you and can honestly say that you consistently go beyond great customer service.

The left handed set and this most recent set were gifts to two of my Grandsons. I have six in total so I plan to continue to shop at PinemeadowGolf.com. Thanks again for the great bargains and service!”
Dec 04, 2017 ~ George “Hi Tom, thank you for the follow up. This is my second purchase from you guys and your customer service is outstanding. Great on keeping the customer informed on each step of the ordering and shipping process. I appreciate your follow up to make sure everything is satisfactory.

Have not had a chance to use my driver but i can see that it is of great quality. I will definitely be ordering anything i need golf related in the future from Pinemeadow Golf. Thanks”
Aug 14, 2017 ~ Troy “Thanks for the follow up. Very impressed with your customer service and will be buying a wedge from Pinemeadow very soon. Pleased with the clubs especially the 3 wood and PGX putter. Keep up the A+ customer service and great product at an affordable price. ”
Feb 14, 2017 ~ Rita “Got the clubs and have played with them. I believe they go the distance I've been looking for. I like them. I'll be using them often, so the more I use them, the more I'll be comfortable with them. I will keep your company in mind should I decide to make changes. Thank you for following up with me.

Pine Meadows is truly a top notch professional company from all the information provided on your website and from the emails I've received.

Sep 12, 2016 ~ David “I recently received my new gpx putter and I am very happy to say I would recommend this putter to any golfer who wants to save some strokes on their next round. I was very much impressed with the craftsmanship, style and value of this putter. In my most recent golf tournament I saved 4 strokes compared to my odyssey 2 ball white ice putter. Its my bag to stay and I have generated interest from my fellow golfers about purchasing one fro themselves.

I will continue to educate my membership at my golf course on what a excellent deal this is.

Thanks: david”
Aug 23, 2016 ~ John “After playing 6 rounds with my hybrid irons I must say they are great!!. With my Calloway XR irons I was shooting between 98 and 102. My last 3 rounds with my hybrid irons has been 94,92, and 89. I'm sold on these clubs. Your customer service is excellent.

Thanks for a great set of clubs.

John ”
Aug 19, 2016 ~ Jim “Just want to tell you I used my new #7 hybrid on a hole I really needed it on. Elevated narrow green. Have to bring it in high and soft. From 125 into a light breeze I put it to 6 feet !! ( Missed the birdie, nuts). Shot 38 on the front 9. You guys make great clubs.”
Aug 18, 2016 ~ Jim “HI. I recently purchased a #7 hybrid. I couldn't be happier with the process. I was notified about the production process and the club shipped very quickly. It feels absolutely marvelous when I hit it. I will not hesitate to order other products from you.”
Aug 08, 2016 ~ Charles “Hey Aaron,

Love the 3 wood and putter. The putter has a great feel and gives the ball a nice roll. The 3 wood is fantastic, easy to get the ball off the deck, great sound and feel on contact.Your extra stiff flex shaft really compliments my swing speed and tempo and is defiantly helping straighten out my shots. I like the 3 wood so much i ordered the matching driver as well which should arrive tomorrow.

Thank you. Charles”
Aug 02, 2016 ~ William “Yes, I received my order. The clubs are an excellent value. Just as good as any of the higher priced, well advertised, big name clubs. Pinemeadow has an outstanding staff that gave exceptional service and attention to my order. I have been recommending Pinemeadow Golf to all my friends. I plan to purchase more equipment from Pinemeadow Golf in the coming months. Thank you for making my first purchase a pleasurable experience. ”
Jul 18, 2016 ~ Cliff “I have had the opportunity to use the new clubs several times now. I absolutely love them!! So much so that I have ordered 5 new clubs for my son and my niece just picked up 3 sets for her and 2 friends.

A great product, and fantastic customer service.

Thank you so much.”
Jul 06, 2016 ~ Tom “Hello, I've already been in contact last week with Aaron and told him how pleased I've been with your service. I got the clubs right on the day you said they would be here. You guys are the best! I've got nothing but good things to say about your company.

Thank's Tom”
Jun 29, 2016 ~ Ethan “Took them to the driving range last weekend and really liked them. Tomorrow I finally take them out on the course, very excited! Thanks for your products. I bought my father a PM driver last Christmas that got us started playing golf and he speaks really highly of it so that's why I made the decision to go with PM for my irons. ”
Jun 17, 2016 ~ Neil “Hi Aaron, received my wedges on Thu , got a GW, SW and LW, probably hit 200 balls Fri with them and played 36 holes over the weekend. Awesome awesome is all I can say. Got the graphite shafts which I pondered about, but glad I did. Added at least 10 yards per club, the look of the PRE heads are great, and the feel is awesome. My entire bag is now all Pinemeadow, except for my putter and driver/3 wood. I actually bought your driver a couple years ago, it was very close to the specs I have with my TaylorMade, but lost 10-15 yards off the tee...that's OK..you have a great product and customer service !! Thank you !!”
Jun 16, 2016 ~ Justin “Aaron,

I have received my clubs. I have had the chance to take the to the range and I think they are perfect. They hit very nicely and the grips are wonderful. I am playing my first round with them tomorrow and I'm very excited to see them in course play. I will be recommending you to everyone I play with and hope they send you more business. I will be buying most of my clubs from you from now on and thanks again for everything!!”
Jun 16, 2016 ~ Fritz “Hi Aaron..........the clubs arrived on Thursday as promised and I have to admit that they are the best hybrids I have ever hit as I thought the Thomas golf hybrids were the top of the line, but I would take your hybrids over the ones that they sell and yours are 1/2 the price. Thanks again. For the first time ever in Myrtle Beach....I shot my first round in the 70's and even had two rounds of 81 down there. If you ever play the courses down there....thats quite a feat....especially for a guy like me who will be 60 this month.

Jun 09, 2016 ~ David “Yes, got the clubs in the prescribed time. Very satisfied with the service and product. I have played several times and so far like the clubs and love the grips. A SATISFIED CUSTOMER! Many retailers could learn from you.........”
May 19, 2016 ~ Jonathon “I ordered a set of pgx clubs and I am very impressed with everything about them the shipping was great and they felt amazing in my hand I hit them better than any club I have hit before, the irons was awesome I have never been able to hit irons until I hit these. I also bought the pgx putter and i would recommend buying it, I done really putting today which is usually a weak point of my game. I will definitely be recommending these clubs to other people and when i need to buy more clubs i will definitely look at these clubs. ”
May 18, 2016 ~ Jim “The woods arrived very rapidly and were as well made as all of my other Pinemeadow clubs. They have a great feel and I feel more confident when I swing them. Would recommend them to anyone looking for good clubs at a reasonable price. All I need is a driver and putter to have a complete bag of Pinemeadow clubs. 5 stars in my book!”
May 16, 2016 ~ Mickey “I received my order a day earlier than promised. Irons looked great. I am anxious to try them out. My golf partner ordered a complete set of your PGX and should be receiving them today. We can't wait to compete against one another. You provide a great product at a reasonable price and outstanding customer service which communicates with the customer throughout the whole process.”
May 12, 2016 ~ Warren “I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Pinemeadow customized the length of my clubs and installed the grips that I wanted. The feel of the head through the ball is excellent. These clubs are great and the price is even better. Well done Pinemeadow!”
May 12, 2016 ~ Rex “I will receive my chipper tomorrow and I'll be able to play with it on Thursday. My only times to play are on Wed & Thur. I care for my wife at home so am pretty well housebound the other days. This last week I played in a Seniors Tourney. I have 7 Pinemeadows clubs in my bag - 5 metal woods and 2 hybrids. I hit them pretty well for an old guy and find they have much more consistency the my Cobra's. I ended up winning 1st net in my flight and attribute the win to the performance of the Pinemeadows clubs. Thanks for making a great club. ”
May 04, 2016 ~ Larry “I did get the club Aaron and I really appreciate it... I haven't had a chance to hit it yet but if it's anything like my other three that I got from you it's going to be perfect..... I'll spread the word about your company and again I really appreciate it.”
May 02, 2016 ~ Bill “I don't have a question I just wanted to let you guys know how much I like my putter I bought from you about 6 mos ago I think. I really like the feel and contact that it makes with the golf ball. Just wanted to say thank you and tell you how much I like this inexpensive putter. It is a great putter for the price.. thanks again”
Apr 26, 2016 ~ Joe “Hi, Thanks, As a first time customer very happy with the purchase. Clubs came a day early and they are beautiful. Been to the range last weekend. League starts this Friday. Going to show them off. Thanks a million, Joe”
Mar 21, 2016 ~ Mike “Pinemeadow Golf, Customer Support Team, I did get my new driver just 4 days after I ordered it. I've been using it ever since! I am retired and play 9 holes 3 or 4 times a week. I really like the club. In fact at $50 I am going to order another one and put it on the shelf so in a couple of years when I wear the 1st one out I'll have ANOTHER club waiting and ready to go. Thanks for checking in on me...and thanks for making good golf equipment at a reasonable price. Sincerely, Mike”
Mar 18, 2016 ~ Gordo “The fairway wood arrived as scheduled and was in swing action the next day. Every club ordered has definitely helped my game. As I've noted previously. Pinemeadow does "clubin' right. ”
Mar 18, 2016 ~ Ignacio “I did receive my club and it was perfect. I have played with it twice and it is exactly what my game needed.I am 72 yrs old and this is the easiest club to hit and it is very forgiving. Thanks again for all your help and concern. God Bless.”
Mar 08, 2016 ~ Ray “Hi, Tom. Got the club's delivered as promised. I've hit a few quick balls at the range, but looking forward to hitting them during my regular game next week. My other two clubs have been tremendous. Thanks to your team for delivering a good club at a reasonable price. That's rare today, as you probably know. Hope you have a great week. Ray”
Dec 10, 2015 ~ Jim “Tom,

Clubs arrived on time as promised. This is the 3rd order I’ve placed with Pine Meadows and have been pleased with product/delivery/follow up. One of the clubs is for my oldest grandson’s birthday – complementing other clubs he has from your company.

Those all have worked well for him as a starter on the Lincoln SE HS golf team. The hybrid clubs were for me, since I need a lot more advantage than he does.When we get a break in the Nebraska weather we’ll both look forward to trying them out.

Thanks for checking. Have a merry Christmas. Jim”
Dec 08, 2015 ~ George “I received my wedge. I will be playing Saturday and Sunday, but swinging away on my carpet makes me believe I will be pleased with the club and the way it plays. I have bought from Pinemeadow over the years and have never had a problem with my purchases.

The workmanship and finish of the wedge is on a par with much more expensive brands. I am unashamed to show others my wedge and brag about the value received for the price paid.

Nov 09, 2015 ~ David “I received my order. Thanks. Yes, I played 1 round of golf with them. Honestly, I have no idea why I didn't get these sooner. My playing buddy couldn't believe how well I was playing with these new woods. I took most of my irons out of my bag. I'm a 63 yr old with at 15 to 18 handicap. It's going to change my game completely. I was hitting the 7 wood 155 to 160 yards, straight and high. That's was some of the most fun I've had on a golf course lately. My buddy would laugh out loud when I would say, "I'm going to hit my 13 wood." We use to club off each other when hitting irons. I'm guessing no longer he'll be able to do that.

I have another golfing buddy who is going to try my woods out next week when we play. So, I'm hoping the more I play with them, the more comfortable I'll be playing with them. I'm still trying to figure out the distance for each one.

All in all it was a great experience for 1 round. It was all positive from my perspective. I wish you made a wood I could hit from 100 yards, I would take my pitching wedge out also.

Thanks for making a great product.”
Preston Hale Responds Thanks so much David! That's wonderful feedback and I am so glad the clubs are working well for you. Yeah we don't really have a wood for 100 yards but you might consider a high lofted hybrid from our Excel Egi hybrids. http://www.pinemeadowgolf.com/golf-clubs/hybrids/excel-egi-hybrids/ <P> <P> Anyway keep up the good work and let us know if we can help with anything else! <P> <P> -Aaron
Nov 09, 2015 ~ Terry “I have received both the 60 degree and the 64 degree. I have used them during several rounds and found them to be FANTASTIC. It is shocking how I can get a shot to stop. Once upon a time I was not very good around the greens. I had trouble getting the ball to stop. even opening up the club face did not work very well and I was prone to blading the shot. With the 60 and 64 degree clubs I can make a nice balanced swing from anywhere inside 40 yards and the ball pretty much stops where it lands. I absolutely love these clubs. Thanks”
Oct 29, 2015 ~ Gene “Aaron, it was here when I got back from the highlands in NC. Hit about 100 balls. Loved it. I'm an 8 handicap almost 81 yr old. It is truly one of the most "user friendly" club I have ever hit. It went as high as any club I have ever hit and topped out at about 128-30 yrds which filled a void for me. I have 2013 cobra baffler xl 4-7 hybirds, reg shaft and love them. Don't know what yours would be like with those #'s but sure like the 8. Am seriously considering getting a 9. Thanks again.”
Oct 23, 2015 ~ Dave “I received the order in perfect condition, like usual. I’ve already been out and tried out the 60 degree lob wedge, fell in love with it the first time I hit it. I now have the Pinemeadow sand wedge, the 60 degree lob wedge, and the 64 degree high lob wedge. They are all great and well made as are all the other Pinemeadow clubs I’ve purchased. I have only one problem with my Pinemeadow clubs, every time I go out with my son my clubs mysteriously end up in his bag.

Thanks for a great product.”
Oct 14, 2015 ~ Bo “I received them last week and was very pleased with the product. They all came in one package so that was nice. I had a set of Commands before though lost the 7 and the P over the years. It had also been a good while since I bought the Commands from you so I thought it best to order a whole new set. Plus the 3-wood.

Very handsome clubs. I love the black. I got to play a few holes last week and it appears these new clubs have actually helped me hit it a bit straighter than my last set. Nice bonus. Additionally, I've never played with a 3-wood so I hit a few balls yesterday with it and I am super impressed with the accuracy and distance. Where has this club been all my life???

Very impressed with the set and looking forward to putting them to good use.

Thanks again.

Oct 14, 2015 ~ John “I have the received the #7 Hybrid and it came exactly as ordered with the stiff shaft and the mid-size Lamkin grip. I played 18 holes the other day and the club performed just as I had hoped. As I have aged, I found that I have lost distance with my irons and this club has returned that lost distance, only wish I had found your website earlier as I would have purchased a # 3 and # 5 hybrid from your Company!

Thanks again and love the headcover and design logo (will be purchasing them for my other clubs)

May 29, 2015 ~ David “I have received the clubs and have gotten to play several rounds now. The quality is excellent and I'm really enjoying playing with them. I have referred several friends to your site and am sure they will be pleased also. Thanks again for your great product. ”
May 22, 2015 ~ Dan “I got the clubs and used most of them. They're great. You guys do a great job and I have recommended your company to many people because I have been constantly satisfied through the years. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work.”
Apr 22, 2015 ~ Ralph “I received my order ahead of schedule. The order arrived in tact and undamaged. The clubs and bag were beyond what I expected. I ordered the Pinemeadow PRE 16 piece set. (Thanks for the dozen golf balls. I've been using them to practice my putting).

I have been to the driving range twice since I received my set. Although I have not yet used all my clubs, I am very satisfied with the performance of the clubs (given my limited experience). As a novice golfer I appreciate the appreciate the general quality, finish and durability of your products. (New golfers can be hard on their equipment).

I have completed my set by purchasing the PRE three piece wedge set. I'm now at 14 clubs (the PGA limit).

Thank you for producing such a fine product. I compared other manufactures prior to my purchase. The Pinemeadow PRE set won hands down! The PRE series had great reviews from both novice and experienced golfers. I wanted to pay for a good set of golf clubs. Buy a brand name and you're contributing towards their huge advertising budgets and player endorsements. Bang-for-the-buck, you can't beat the Pinemeadow PRE clones.

I can not tell you how much I appreciated the customer service. My live chat was an enjoyable and educational experience. My agent answered my questions without making me feel stupid. (And I had a lot of questions). He was a true professional.

I was able to track my order every step of the way; from your location to my front door. Follow-up was great.

A few more weeks at the driving range and I'll be ready to take on 18 holes.


Apr 07, 2015 ~ Greg “The clubs are fantastic! I’ve played them for three rounds so far. My first day with them, on my first swing on course from the number 1 tee box with the 3-wood: a bullet, straight as an arrow, that actually overshot the dog-leg fairway by a couple of feet. I had never hit my drive that far on that hole. Next time on that tee box (yesterday), I adjusted to the 5-wood: another perfect hit that fell a tad shorter (as intended) in the middle of the fairway that bends left. These clubs replaced my hodge-podge of flea market finds. What I must now get used to is the distance to expect with each club. I’ve been getting way more distance with the new ones. Thanks a ton! ”
Apr 07, 2015 ~ Big Al “Hi Aaron...I have received my clubs and yesterday I played 9 holes and I am more then satisfied with your golf clubs...every golf club in my bag is from pinemeadow and I am very happy with them as they are all custom fit and work well...I am 69 yrs old and just took up golf 3 yrs ago after not playing for 45 yrs...I taught myself to play when I was a caddy here on Long Island and after all that time I could still hit a descent golf shot...I find that your golf clubs and all your products are a good alternative and inexpensive way to outfit yourself as the big name brand companies such as taylor made are very expensive and I live on a fixed income...your prices are very affordable ...I want to thank you not only for myself but on behalf of all us senior citizens who still love the game and thanks to your company we can afford to play the game and enjoy our twilight years...so thank you and God bless you all...if you like good family tv check out 3ABN.org 24/7 on the internet...tyvm ”
Apr 02, 2015 ~ Jim “I received a hybrid iron set for Christmas. Fantastic set of clubs. Subsequently I bought a putter from you company that looks, feels good and has helped my putting. Today I ordered a 56 pre-wedge and have ever confidence it will be another great club from your company. Sincere, Jim ”
Mar 26, 2015 ~ Tom “Let me say it in one word......WOW!!!! Having been a 2 handicap at one time and now having 3 back surgeries the last 3 years, I was told not to take a full rotating swing being 6foot 9 inches and 75 years old, these 2 pinemeadow clubs are fantastic in the fairways. They have replaced my 4 and 5 irons so far. I already had a 7 wood, so these 9 and 11 fairway clubs were the answer. Yes, they arrived exactly on the day of the UPS notice. The box was perfect and the clubs were fine. As would say in Chicago... "YOU DONE GOOD"!!!! I would recommend your company to anyone. Thanks for your email and your products.”
Mar 14, 2015 ~ Chris “Clubs arrived quickly and look great! Haven't had a chance to hit yet and may not for a few weeks. I will try to remember to give an update. I am extremely pleased and impressed with Pinemeadow Golf, every buisness should treat their customers like you do! Thanks again. ”
Feb 28, 2015 ~ John “I received my order on the scheduled day. The complete experience with Pinemeadow has been without issue. No issues with quality. I have using the clubs and so far quite satisfied. I have been consistently getting 10+ yards and straight with the driver. Switching back to irons from complete hybrids I am still tuning my swing but again satisfied. The hybrids swing well and good distance. Each club has given additional yardage and I expect more with time. I will recommend Pinemeadow.”
Feb 20, 2015 ~ Paul “Wow, a company that is interested in it's customers, unusual, very nice. Yes, I have received my new pinemeadow putter on Tuesday the 17th. On time and in great shape. Have not had a chance to use it yet , but I'm sure it will knock some strokes off my score. I believe I will recommend Pinemeadow to my friends. All I need now is a Pinemeadow hat. Thanks for your great service.”
Feb 16, 2015 ~ Goose “You guys are great and the clubs are great. I recommend you guys to all my golf buddies. I will probably be buying a driver soon. Thanks for all your help and the great customer service.”
Feb 14, 2015 ~ Michael “Yes, I received them. The day after you shipped them. It’s nice you are located in our neighboring State. They look great and I have played twice with them. I purchased the full set of Hybrids and I like the feel. I am much more confident in hitting them than my old clubs, particularly with the ground as soft as it is this time of year. The only problem is I hate getting them dirty after hitting from muddy lies. Oh well.”
Jan 21, 2015 ~ Jon “I have received my clubs, however I have not yet had the chance to hit them yet. The weather here in Denver has not been cooperating. I must say that I have been EXTREMELY impressed with the customer service, follow up emails and keeping me informed from order to delivery. If the service level at Pine Meadow Golf is any indication of the quality and performance I can expect with my new clubs, I cant wait to get on the course with them. I will defiantly pass along my feedback on the performance of the clubs. Thanks again ”
Jan 16, 2015 ~ Bruce “The clubs are beautiful. My wife's sand wedge is giving her a new outlook on surviving traps. My lob wedge was a great addition to complete my set. I now have strong choices with my 52, 56 and 60 degree wedges. Along with my Pre hybrid irons, I am totally satisfied.”
Jan 09, 2015 ~ Joe “I decided to get into golf last spring and being a beginner I did not want to break the bank. That almost automatically precluded 'name brands'. After exhaustive research I settled on the Pinemeadow PRE 16-piece set. The main reason was the excellent reviews of PM customer service that I came across. Many other clone manufacturers were overseas and did not offer a quick, direct way of contacting them if I were to have any issues.

Once I received the clubs I was pleasantly surprised at the look and feel. The bag was solid and the clubs were beautiful. My first weekend out was with a few friends that have been golfing for five or more years. They all had the 'name brand' stuff, but were interested in what I brought along. I allowed them all to use different clubs of mine and the general consensus was, 'wow, I can't believe you only paid around $200.00 for these'.

Throughout spring and summer I played probably 20 rounds and loved every minute of it. I feel proud of my clubs (confidence goes a long way) and am improving my game.

On to the service. I was at the driving range in late August, 2014 and unfortunately I (probably through a fault of my own) broke my driver. The club head snapped off at the connection to the shaft. I called Pinemeadow that night fearing that I'd have an issue because I bought the clubs through Amazon. Well there was no issue at all. All I did was send a picture of the broken club and a new one was on the way the next day. I received the club a few days later (upgraded 460cc PRE driver, 420cc was no longer being made) completely free of charge. I went out that night, used it, and loved it!

I will be ordering the ZR 3.0 driver and ZR 3.0 #4 Hybrid this week and can't wait for better weather so I can go out and use them. I constantly advertise via word of mouth for Pinemeadow not because I want others to have the same stuff I have, but because they're the best value in golf! I usually snicker at friends who think less of my clubs. I'll keep my extra $ and play some more rounds, thanks.

Overall I just wanted to share my experience with Pinemeadow's staff, current and future customers. I will be buying ALL of my golf equipment from Pinemeadow moving forward and you all should too!


Joe from PA”
Dec 31, 2014 ~ Scott C “Just wanted to leave my thoughts on a recent buy from Pinemeadow Golf. First of all I have only been playing four or five years now. Started off with a beginners set from Top Flite. I then bought a set of CB3's by Adams which I have to say are pretty sweet irons. I wanted to test the waters a little so started looking on line. I have bought a Sand Wedge from PM before so wanted to look at what they had in irons. I was also interested in a set of Ping G10 irons. While I went back and forth on what to do I ended up with the Ping set which also turned out to be a great set of irons. I have had those for about a year now but was still having thoughts about trying the Pine Meadows irons because of the many great reviews on quality and customer service. They recently ran their newest irons (ZR 3.0) on sale and I couldn't pass it up. I ordered the irons, received them in less than a week. I upgraded the grips to fit my needs. Took them to the driving range first thing and have to admit they felt pretty good. Couldn't wait to try them on the fairways so went out recently and have to admit that I hit these irons as well if not better than the Adam CB3 or Ping G10's that I currently own. I'm not going to tell fishing tales where these irons dropped my score, or hit them farther or straighter. I will say that I did hit more straight balls with these than I ever have. I also tried the 3 iron (most people use these for snake beaters) and was hitting straight over 200 yards. That's pretty good for mid to high handicapper to hit a 3 iron like that.

I am disappointed in myself for not trying Pine Meadows before now. Why would you not pay $300-$1000 less for a set of irons that have you hitting as well as any name brand irons. The irons I bought also look good and look better at address than my G10's. BTW the ZR 3.0's I just bought from Pine Meadows is a comparison iron to the Ping G25's. So I got a modern style iron set(brand new and customized for me) at the fraction of the price and they look better at address than the Pings.

Needles to say I have placed my Adams CB3's on Craigslist and will be a loyal customer to Pine Meadow Golf. I am hanging onto the Ping G10's for now in case I have a friend that wants to play but I will be playing with the ZR 3.0 irons.

Thanks Pine Meadows for the quality irons at the great price.”
Dec 28, 2014 ~ James “The club arrived a couple of days before Xmas, and Dad was pretty excited about it. Thanks to some nice weather, he actually played with it yesterday. He said it took him a couple of swings to get used to a new club, but after that, he was "throwing darts from 120-130 yards." Needless to say, I think he's happy with it. Thanks for all of your help. ”
Dec 18, 2014 ~ Hector “Thank you for checking to see if my clubs arrived. One of the reasons I do business with your company. Yes they did arrive and I am very happy with them. Have gone to a driving range twice already. Thank you again”
Dec 05, 2014 ~ James “I got both clubs and this is the first time I have ordered from you. I am very satisfied with both clubs. They have both helped my game. Just what I wanted. Will order from you again.”
Nov 17, 2014 ~ DK “My package did arrive a day earlier than initially projected. I love to order from Pinemeadow because first and foremost, excellent quality and secondly, the UPS tracking lets you know exactly when the parcel will arrive. I am currently considering using Pinemeadow as my One Stop Christmas Shopping Location. Keep up the Good Work and I will always shop at your site. Job Well Done!!! ”
Nov 15, 2014 ~ Larry “I have received the clubs, and I am very pleased. I haven't played much golf since the four kids were born (in the 1980s), so I'm on a steep learning curve. My PRE hybrid set give me all the encouragement I need, especially compared to my old ("vintage") blade irons. I have retired to South Carolina, and golf is becoming part of my fitness plan (no electric golf carts for me - usually). I've been to the driving range twice with the PREs, and am learning how to properly hit a ball again. But even when it is a slight mis-hit (the rule, not the exception at this point) the ball typically goes OK. I am already hitting the 3 iron 200 yards with good consistency. I'll play a round next week and whereas before I would have expected to hit in the mid-90s, I bet it'll be in the upper 80s, since the irons have been my weakest point. We'll see, but these clubs are very forgiving - and I need a lot of forgiveness! Thanks for following up, and thanks for these great quality/value/performance clubs. ”
Nov 15, 2014 ~ Joel “I received my order late on Wednesday afternoon. They were packed well, and were in great condition. Due to the extremely unseasonable cold snap, I have not been able to try them out properly. I did go out in my back yard Thursday afternoon and hit 3 balls off the tee, and all were hit very solid (did not travel very far due to tree line). I also hit 2 balls with the 19 degree hybrid, and they rocketed dead straight off the clubhead. Those 5 swings were with no warm up at all. If those swings are any indication of what I can do while playing, I am sure I will have no regrets about my purchase. I am already looking at several other clubs I will probably be looking to purchase in the next few months. I do not play very often during the winter season, so I am not going to be in a big rush to purchase them, but if these clubs play as good as they look and feel, you will see more orders from me in the near future. As a side note, I am playing with clubs that are probably 15 years old. My newest club is an Adams strong 7 wood that I won in a tournament about 8-9 years ago. I was shocked at how much lighter the driver is compared to what I am using. I am glad I found Pinemeadow and I think I will be a devoted customer. Thank You ”
Oct 14, 2014 ~ William “Bought a PGX putter. The white finish is beautiful. The putter is well balanced and it is the easiest putter to line up. It putts true to where it is aimed. This is the best putter I have ever used. Many thanks to Pinemeadow for such a great buy. ”
Oct 13, 2014 ~ Lyke “Got the PW, 9,8, &7.Took them to the range and they are all I could have expected. Love the high ball flight and the spin on range balls is exceptional. Just ordered the 6,5,4, &3. I'm 66 years old but still play from the men's (black) tees. These hybrids will allow me to compete with the younger longer hitters I typically play with.”
Sep 08, 2014 ~ Jerry A. “I want to take this time to say thank you to Tyler and all staff. I ordered a couple of clubs that were sent wrong and they went above and beyond to make it right. Tyler was very nice and done everything to make it right. These guys are top notch thanks”
Aug 06, 2014 ~ Larry M. “This isn't a question. Just a thank you. I have been playing my Pre Progressive hybrid irons steadily for about 2 1/2 months now. These are absolutely the easiest irons to hit I have ever owned. I have had many name brand clubs including Ping, Callaway and Cobra irons. These are by far the best clubs I have ever owned and at a fraction of the cost of branded clubs. So much for the "big boys". Sorry, I couldn't find a place to add another testimonial but just wanted everyone at Pinemeadow to know how much I appreciate you. Oh, I have lowered my handicap 10 strokes since I got these clubs. I am a senior golfer at age 71 and to improve that much is a blessing I can't thank you all enough for.”
Mar 11, 2014 ~ Rob G “Tyler

Thanks so much for your advice and assistance today. I really appreciate your input.

Can you please forward this email to your team. I would like them to know how dedicated your staff is. As a first time golfer, I appreciated your input. I read great reviews on the web and can’t wait to get on our course on Kauai to try our the Pinemeadow clubs (especially the driver and the putter).

As we say here on island : Aloha and Mahalo.

Best regards

Sep 09, 2013 ~ Craig “I recently placed my 3rd order with Pinemeadow since 2004. This is not a review on the clubs that I ordered, this is a review on the Pinemeadow customer service. From my previous orders I know that the Driver I just purchased will be flawless in appearance and quality. This is the first time I really had the chance to work with one of the techs at Pinemeadow. Calling and getting in touch with someone at Pinemeadow is a breeze. There was little to no wait time to speak with a pro. Pinemeadow answered all of my questions with intelligent answers from real life experiences. I make many purchases and talk to several different companies from the internet a year so I have experience with both good and bad business. Even though I live in CT, and Pinemeadow is completely across the country, they made me feel like they were local. Accommodating to my needs, answering every question, bringing in a technical person for questions a customer service rep could not answer and even calling me back after I left an email question. Very responsive and caring. Every Pinemeadow employee I spoke with was extraordinary.

If you are debating whether to buy from Pinemeadow or one of the "Big" companies, I suggest you give the folks at Pinemeadow a call and ask some questions and get some information. I never recommend companies that I wouldn't conduct business with myself. Pinemeadow's products accompanied by their professional experience separate them from any other competitor.


Aug 22, 2013 ~ Dewayne “ Anyone considering buying from Pinemeadow should read this review. About 6 or 7 years ago I purchased the Command Q Driver and 3 Wood and Command Hybrids and Irons. Also purchased the Xeon M4 putter. All these years later my son still plays this set with only one change the putter, he wanted the Xeon 9 and it is awesome. The fit and finish of these are still excellent. He is pretty much a scratch Golfer, no need for expensive name brands. As far as service about 2 years ago he bent one of the irons by smashing it during a move, Pinemeadow sold us a replacement iron which was really great, any name brands do that ? Last year as for myself I decided to get back at the game after a 12 year absence, I thought purchasing the Pre Progressive Iron set would be the way to go. I also purchased the Command Q Ti Driver and 3 Wood. I love the Pre 2.0 Putter. I am in my 50's and these Hybrids helped me get my swing and accuracy back. I sold the Hybrids and purchased recently the Command Q Ti irons, which are the best irons ever in my opinion. I also now use the Double Wall Driver. Since I have been a customer of Pinemeadow I have shared and shown these products to friends. I golf with really good golfers. One is a golf pro another was on the same team as Phil Michealson at Arizona State, and my friend is course champion here in Utah, his two sons are on Tour. 2 other people I golf with are brand new customers of Pinemeadow and love their clubs. They purchased Pre Nickel Wedges and Excel Irons and Double Wall Driver and Hybrid. I am telling you their game is better and cost a lot less. I just ordered a Double Wall Hybrid and for my youngest son to get him started a Pre 2.0 Putter. As you can see I have tried a lot of products, ALL of them are excellent Fit and Finish. All perform as they should. Buy Pinemeadow it will save you a lot of cash and as in my case and my friends our game is better. My very tall friend loved the 11/2" longer shafts for no extra charge. I recommend Any Command products and I love 400 size Drivers. My friends want to change to 400 also. Thanks Pinemeadow for a Quality product and Experience. (also have hybrid chipper for fun)

Dewayne ”
Aug 16, 2013 ~ Wardell H. “Your products keep me coming back. I am now down to a 9 Handi-cap. Your 3-W and 5-W that I purchased along with driver is still bringing me skins. Your products give me so much control and confidence to tackle every golf course. Keep up the great work.”
May 28, 2013 ~ Brian “I received the clubs and I love them. A guy in my office ordered shortly after I had showed him your website. I am beyond amazed with the driver. I don't know if it's the driver or the extra 1 inch shaft,(I'm 6'6"), but I constantly and landing around 275 and rolling to 300-310 on my drives! The 68 degree wedge is scary to hit! I love how high it goes, but I won't pull it out if I'm aiming towards a house on the course. You definitely have a return customer and positive word of mouth advertisement!!!! Thanks!”
May 24, 2013 ~ Ladel S “Hello Aaron,

I just wanted to reply and say thank you. My order was completed exactly as I requested and the build quality and delivery time of the three wood far exceeded my expectations. I had a chance to play the club this past weekend, let’s just say I was impressed. I have no compelling reason to spend twice the amount for a national name brand when, the club I ordered from Pinemeadow golf, more than measures up in build quality and feel of any nationally recognized product that I have owned. Thanks again and I look forward to trying out some of your other products in the near future. And as a bonus, the great customer service and communication of order status will definitely keep me coming back, thanks again.

Signed, one extremely happy golfer”
May 07, 2013 ~ Pete C “In short summary, everything about this transaction was "typical Pinemeadows Golf"...which means that everything from the Ordering cycle through manufacturing into delivery and finally ending with follow up, customer support and Customer Satisfaction was perfect. Again, as always, I am so impressed with the entire Pinemeadows organization...you guys are the benchmark I use when I compare online shopping and purchasing of products. Keep up the great work. ”
May 03, 2013 ~ Naomi M “Mr Hartling,

Yes, thank-you so much for your follow up. I have received my club, but unfortunately have not have a chance to hit them.

It’s exactly what I have been looking for and can’t wait to take it out and try them. I have ordered other products and purchased them in stores from Pinemeadow. I love your pricing and quality of your products. My husband and I are advent players and appreciate your products. We will not hesitate in the future to purchase our golf needs from Pinemeadow.

Appreciate your email!”
May 02, 2013 ~ I. C. “Hi, I received my clubs on Tuesday. I tried them out at the range and immediately noticed the difference between my old clubs. I am very happy with my purchase. I hope to translate my range experience on the golf course. The Pinemeadow website was very informative and the customer service was outstanding. I was happy to place my order with your company. You kept me aware of my status and my clubs didn't take long to receive. I am sure I will be purchasing more from your site in the future. ”
Apr 26, 2013 ~ Con “My new clubs are better than expected, very professional look and feel and after a couple of rounds I am even more impressed. I especially like the hybrids and when I find the sweet spot on the driver the ball really gets out there, 20-30 yards farther than previously. Great clubs delivered fast at a fair price. Once again I'm very satisfied with Pinemeadow golf. ”
Jan 30, 2013 ~ Roy S. “l LOVE my new putter and the bonus of a ping sound when you hit it. The Ping clone 3 wood is a present for my 14 year old grandson so I haven’t given it to him to him yet but I’m sure he will love it too. Great on-time delivery and prompt handling of my order. I would recommend you to any and all of my golfing buddies!

Dec 28, 2012 ~ Don D. “The white putter is terrific. Best putter I have owned in 50 years playing golf. I have gotten so many compliments on the looks of the putter and my putting. I have told many of my golfing friends about the quality of your products and your service. Thanks a lot. ”
Nov 06, 2012 ~ Ric “Hi Aaron,

I have received the wedges. I am going out today, Saturday, November 3 to get them dirty. They look great and I'm sure that they play much better than I am. You all at PinemeadowGolf.com are the best! I am truly astounded at the quality for the price. Everyone I know already has clubs but I will inform anybody who is looking for a new set to see you all first.

Best Regards, Ric”
Nov 02, 2012 ~ Kevin M “Just wanted to let you know I did receive my Command Hybrids, and I am completely and totally pleased. These hybrids are THE BEST hitting hybrids I have ever tried, bar none! These clubs are real confidence boosters! And, as usual, and I completely blown away by the great looks and quality construction. PMG never lets me down!

Thanks again from bringing affordable QUALITY golf equipment to the masses!”
Nov 02, 2012 ~ Gregory E “Hi, I will take this opportunity to thank you for your e-mail, it has been a pleasure to do business with you and Pinemeadow Golf. The ZR1 Mark 11 irons have arrived and I must say that the quality and workmanship are well above my expectations, also I have had these irons at the range and I have found them to be the most forgiving, easy to hit irons, I have had the pleasure to swing. There have also been many complements and positive remarks about these clubs..

Thank you again, and I am looking forward to doing more business..”
Oct 22, 2012 ~ Robert “Hey, guys I just wanted to thank you for providing me with some excellent clubs for a very reasonable price. I am a college student in Oregon and just started playing. I just got my clubs this week and got to break them in this weekend. I am really happy with them, just wanted to say thanks for helping me out by getting me into a great first set. My sales associate was Aaron Hartling so tell him good job on the sale. I will purchase from Pinemeadow again and as always I am glad to support an Oregon company!!! Thanks.”
Oct 12, 2012 ~ Bruce W. “As I have come to expect, EVERYTHING, was done exactly as promised. This is around the 6th time I have purchased from Pine Meadow and to use the term from another sport. "you are batting 1000". Each order has been handled well, processed accurately, shipped on time and performed as advertised. On this order, being both a guy and in a hurry (redundant?), I didn't read your web page that clearly would have told me that paying for faster shipping to the zone I live in, was a waste of money. I can't tell you how pleased I was when I got a call from Aaron to talk about the order. He recommended that making the shaft on my new driver shorter would impact the flex and that I may want to make a change the flex. I followed his advice and made the change. When he followed that up by calling the added shipping charge to my attention and offered to refund it. I was pretty sure I would be a Pine Meadow customer for a long time. When I used my new driver and shot the lowest score I have ever carded it removed all doubt. Thanks for everything”
Oct 02, 2012 ~ Wayne “In my professional career I didn't manage people that much, but, I always believed in giving both praise and criticism where it was deserved. You guys are the class of your industry and deserve the recognition.

Yes, the PRE clubs arrived (when scheduled) and they are fantastic. As always, great quality and workmanship. The PRE has a feel that is absolutely incredible. The balance and weight distribution is superb. They just give you a lot of confidence that you can hit the shot when you address the ball. I hear people talk about their Callaways, Taylor-made, Titleist, etc., but the PRE doesn't take a backseat to any of them. I guess some have to look good at the country club with the name brands, but when I hit my PRE wedge about 6 foot from the pin and the ball takes one hop and stops, I'm asked what clubs are you hitting. I always say Pinemeadow PRE's, you oughta try them.

I love it! Thanks again for a great job.”
Oct 01, 2012 ~ Armond “Aaron,

Yes, the new Pinemeadow Golf Club arrived in good shape last week. I played it twice last week and twice this weekend. I am not a great golfer but this club has really helped my game. I managed to par the first three holes I played. I am able to hit it straight and at least 50 yards further than I could ever hit a drive before.

Thank You! I will certainly consider Pinemeadow Golf when I am ready to purchase any new golf equipment in the future. The price was right, your help and assistance were wonderful and the results were way beyond my expectations. Thanks again for your help and efforts! This was not the most important purchase decision I have ever made in my 70 years but it was far and away the most satisfying result I have ever experienced from any purchase. I will promote your club and company whenever I have the opportunity. You have once again made golf fun for me.

You may use me for a reference anytime you wish! Keep up the good work. God Bless You!


Sep 28, 2012 ~ Les C “Hi Aaron just a quick update on my driver yukon anti slice. I am hitting them a lot straighter and I am very happy with the driver and is given me my confidence back, plus I hit some tee offs 15 to 20 mt more, glad that i found your site, and thank you for all your help and excellent service. thanks”
Sep 28, 2012 ~ J.T “ Thank you for checking in. I have received my new irons and I have had a chance to use them on the course once. I have to say I could not be happier with my purchase. They arrived in pristine shape just in time for my round and have already added a degree of consistency to my iron game. I wasn't sure of what I was getting in to with clone clubs but I'm very glad I took the chance to go with your product and the high level of service you offer. I will be recommending your products from here on out to anyone that will listen. ”
Sep 28, 2012 ~ Cliff “You were an amazing representative for Pine Meadow Golf yesterday. I had the good luck to have you answer my instant message that I put through to you company. Not only were you professional and all knowing about the ins and outs of your golf clubs you offered really positive incentives to encourage me to seriously consider purchasing a set of hybrid irons from your firm.

It worked Tommy..........this afternoon I placed my order with Korrin in your absence and I can't wait to receive the clubs when the backordered clubs come in. I have all the confidence in the world that they will be all I think they will be, but if not I am just as confident that the satisfaction warranty that you described to me will allow me to return the clubs for a full refund if necessary with no questions asked.

You can't beat this deal........it is literally like having your cake and eating it too!

So thanks once again for your help. ”
Sep 26, 2012 ~ S. T. “Hello, Thanks so much for all the communications. Yes, I received the clubs and already used them. I now have 2 sets since we travel frequently. I also wanted to commend you and your organization for the superb communications throughout the process of ordering your products. They were, by far, the best I've experienced with any online purchases. Thanks, again.”
Aug 24, 2012 ~ Edward “Not a question, but an exclamation! I hit a hole in one yesterday, 21 Jul 12 at The Republic Golf Course, San Antonio, TX. It was on number 17, a 208 yard par three. Here's the coolest part, I used a Pinemeadow 2 Hybrid! I struggled throughout the day with my driver so I used the 2 hybrid as much as possible. Of course i wouldn't normally hit a 2 hybrid on a 208 par three, however I had wind in my face. I consistently hit the club throughout the day with fantastic results! Just wanted to drop a line to you to let you know how much I appreciate your product!


Aug 24, 2012 ~ Pat “Hi Aaron,

Yes we received the clubs and are very happy with them. They were actually for my son, and he was so excited to get them that he had them at the driving range the day they arrived. Later in the week we both got out to play 18 at Meriwether, and he played very well with them, actually probably the best score he’s ever had. He was bombing the driver, and hitting the long irons well too. We couldn’t have asked for anything more; fit, price, quality and delivery were all were first rate. I’m playing old Pinemeadow “Tour Model” clubs that I got years ago, and am still happy with them too.

Thanks for the follow up, and the great service and product.”
Jul 17, 2012 ~ Don L. “I recommend Pinemeadow all the time. I don't know why anyone would want to buy clubs anywhere else! You guys sell a very high quality product and you completely understand what customer service is all about. I'm a very happy customer!”
Jun 01, 2012 ~ Mike H “Tom,

I rec'd the clubs last Fri or Sat and used them Monday. My first shot with the 13 wood was after I hit my drive on #4 hole, a par 4 into the fairway to my right. I was about 130 yds from the green with 2 large trees between me and the green. I smacked the 13 wood and hit a towering shot that cleared the trees, hit the edge of the green and jumped about 2 feet and stopped. I was thrilled. Later, on the eighth hole, I hit a nice drive, again about 130 yrds out, again a towering shot the hit the green and stopped 1 foot from the hole for a tap-in birdie.

I'm a happy camper.

May 25, 2012 ~ Mario “Club came in the same day as my golf league. I used this club on a 2nd shot from the rough on a par5 hole, without ever swinging it before. How's that for trial by fire? I crushed it 220+ yrds and landed on fringe of green for an eagle putt. Of course I 2-putted that one but I was very impressed with the hybrid. I used the same club 4 other times that night and each time it was remarkable. Very satisfied with this purchase.

Thanks, Mario ”
May 11, 2012 ~ Harold “Aaron, thanks for your follow up on my purchase. I had purchased the #4 secret weapon last year and liked it so much I ordered the #3. This is replacing a brand name#3 I have. The head and shaft just plain work for me. The value for dollar cannot be beat. I have purchased from you on several occasions now and your service, from communication to shipping is wonderful. Keep up the high standards as I look forward to future purchases.

Thanks Harold”
Apr 17, 2012 ~ Val “Took me the front 9 to become familiar with the clubs. Then had a decent 45 on the back 9 on one of the hardest courses in NJ (Atlantis) in Tuckerton, clubs are great could not ask for better quality or service you Guys are top of the line.

Apr 06, 2012 ~ Jerome “Aaron,

Thank you for contacting me. Not only did I buy the 60 wedge, I purchased the entire pre-Hybrid set just a few weeks earlier, and I will tell you that I am completely satisfied with them. I haven't hit any balls in 6 years due to a surgery, and no lie, my first swing I took was with the 3H and smoked it right down the middle. The clubs have a great feel. The 60 wedge hits so smooth and I am glad I got it with the graphite shaft.

Thanks for delivering such a great product, and when I decide to purchase another club, I will definitely hit the Pine Meadow site.

Apr 06, 2012 ~ Gary “Aaron, I have played two rounds with my new Command Q clubs and they are great so far. I hit the ball straighter and further than I did with my old Taylormade clubs. They also seem to be more forgiving when I have an off center hit. I would like to also mention that the ordering process was very easy and they were shipped to me in less than a week. After I received the clubs I had a question about one of them and you responded to my email very quick.

So far I really like my new clubs and the customer service that I have received. You were recommended to me by one of my golfing friends and I will mention Pine Meadows to my golfing friends.

Thank you,

Mar 26, 2012 ~ Earl B. “Chris/Aaron – the clubs are great. I have noticed a marked increase in distance using the Command driver and it is so easy to hit! Love them. The irons are easy to hit, but when I mishit a shot, they are very forgiving and I get extra distance from a “bad” shot. I have never used hybrids and they are taking getting used to, but I see the ball literally explode off at impact. I believe they will help lower my score in the long run since I tend to struggle with the 3 and 4 irons. ”
Mar 26, 2012 ~ R.Y. “Tom,

Received and used my new +7 Yukon fairway wood to compliment my +9.

As with my past Pinemeadow experiences (this is the fourth club I have purchased plus two putters), interfacing with you, the order process, delivery and of course the excellent Pinemeadow quality of the club has been a pleasure.

I am obviously a Pinemeadow beliver.

Mar 22, 2012 ~ Michael R “Aaron, Please accept my heartfelt gratitude to you and the staff at Pinemeadows for the wonderful service and professionalism in working with me on designing my new set of clubs. The clubs are everything that I have dreamed of owning for many years. I have never owned a custom fit set of clubs and in playing them, I now realize what I have missed for many years of play. I will certainly tell anyone I "bump" into that wants designer clubs at an affordable price to search no further than Pinemeadow. You and the staff at Pinemeadows are "Top Notch".

Sincerely, Michael”
Mar 20, 2012 ~ Stephen M “Hi Aaron, I received my clubs on Friday. Played with them on Monday and as always, I'm completely satisfied with Pinemeadow golf products. Will take me awhile to get used to hitting the higher lofted hybrids, but I'm sure that will happen with practice. Thanks again to the Pinemeadow team for the great service and products!!!

Stephen ”
Mar 14, 2012 ~ Michael R “HI Aaron...I did receive the clubs on the date projected...I just recently moved to a new home on a golf course... so as soon as UPS dropped them off I walked over to try them...I really enjoy the way they swing and how I can feel the weight of the club head going through the shot...plus I have never hit the golf ball this high in the air before...I've always hit a low shot... well this flight pattern has caused more distance and I flew the green on the second hole...what a great feeling..great clubs..thank you!!..Michael”
Mar 14, 2012 ~ Greg “Got it, hit it, love it. For any golfer who shanks wedges (you know who you are) this club is a godsend. Shanking killed my love of golf, and now I have that feeling back. Back at home after my first time with the club I told my wife I would've paid anything for this club. Turns out I was wrong about that, but I'd be surprised if Father's Day doesn't find me with a few more of your clubs.


Mar 12, 2012 ~ Kent “Thank you for your email. I played Sunday and I am extremely happy with them - they are definitely secret weapons. The putter will take some getting used to and it's potential is motivating. I will recommend Pinemeadow to all by golf friends. The experience was awesome and the product is just as good.”
Mar 02, 2012 ~ Doug “Hi Aaron,

The club arrived right on time and I love it! I have played two rounds with it and it may soon become my favorite club. The quality and the value are outstanding and I have shared my experience with my golfing partners.

Thanks so much. You will definitely get more of my business!

Take care.

Mar 02, 2012 ~ Charles “Aaron; Yes I received my clubs on Wednesday (2/22/12). I did have a chance to play with them. They are what I expected, good fit for my swing. I only wish that I could say the same for the guy swinging them. but I will have plenty time to improve on that.

I would recommend Pine meadow clubs to any one.”
Feb 25, 2012 ~ Henry “Thanks for the excellent service... The clubs are just perfect... This is my 3rd purchase from Pinemeadow and each purchase has exceeded my expectations...

Best Regards,

Dec 21, 2011 ~ E. Wong “Aaron,

I received my new irons last week; I think on Thursday, 12/8. I've been busy trying to complete and mail my Christmas cards, so I haven't had a chance to try the clubs, but I will soon.

I don't have any comments about my new irons but I do about your service. Over the years I have bought several clubs and other items from Pinemeadow Golf and I have always been happy with your service. I have to say that this time you've taken it to a new higher level. With the big sale plus its being the Christmas season, I figured I might have to wait a while; I was wrong.

You started putting them together right away and before I knew it, the clubs were on their way to me. What I really appreciated was being informed by email each step of the way. It's a great system and I bet you get a lot of complements on it! ”
Nov 17, 2011 ~ Robert “Clubs arrived all safe and sound and I had a chance to try them out today. So far I love them!! I could not be more satisfied with how your company handled my order.”
Nov 09, 2011 ~ John D. “Thanks Aaron - I did receive the PM order of a 3-wood and Driver (Command Ti) - The UPS delivery came just 1 day after we firmed up the order! (I live just north of Seattle) Indeed I've had a chance to practice on the driving range and got out for a round. The 3-wood is just a fabulous addition to my bag and I wonder why I didn't get this club earlier! Great distance and much better control that the old steel shaft 3 metal wood I was previously using. The driver is going to take some practice for me but that's what I like about my present status with the game - I have challenges that keep me coming back! Seriously though the driver feels great and I can tell that it has tremendous power. Also I think the build is perfect for me with the stiff shaft and the shaft length- it is just a matter of time until a 300-yd guided missile splits a hapless narrow fairway!

Thanks again! ”
Oct 07, 2011 ~ Dean “Aaron,

I am pleased beyond belief with these clubs. I got a chance to play with them a couple of days ago and was pleasantly surprised at the feel of these clubs. I currently have 2 other sets of Ping clubs and honestly think that these have a better feel to them. I have played Pinemeadow Hybrids for several years now and have in the past played with a Pinemeadow driver. I have convinced numerous friends to try a Pinemeadow product and they too like the playability of the products. Thanks and keep up the good work. I love them.

Oct 06, 2011 ~ Craig L. “It did arrive. And I did get a chance to hit with them and I love it. It is a lot better then the last driver I had. I am hitting farther and straighter. Thanks so much for your help. The customer service of pinemeadowgolf is awesome you guys have been so helpful and are very easy to work with. I would recommend everyone to get there golfing stuff here. You guys make a great product and I cant say enough about your customer service thanks so much. ”
Oct 06, 2011 ~ Bob G. “Hi Aaron, I received my wedges right on time and I've been able to get in two rounds with them already. I love these wedges so much that I'm probably going to order the sand wedge to replace my current one. It's probably more psychological than anything else but I feel that these wedges are so much easier to hit than any I've had before. I guess the fact that they are slightly oversized gives me more confidence when I set up to the ball. I seem to be able to catch the ball right on the sweet spot almost every time. I'm very happy with my purchase and I couldn't be more pleased with your excellent customer service, which I consider the best in the business. Thanks for following up on the order and, rest assured that you will be receiving more orders from me in the future. Best Regards, Bob”
Sep 19, 2011 ~ George L “Hi Aaron,

I received the clubs last Monday. They are more than I was expecting. In one week I had already lowered my scores by 4 strokes. The secret weapon is no longer a secret, and that 64 degree wedge PERFECT!!!!! I guess I will share the love, and let them know about Pinemeadow.

Thanks, George L”
Sep 08, 2011 ~ Jeramie H “Yes, the clubs came in a little over a week ago. I was a little bit hesitant to buy "clone" clubs, but i was really surprised. They looked amazing! I've had them out on the course, and they preform even better than I thought. I had more fun playing with these than my Callaways. Thanks for the amazing products! I will defiantly be ordering more soon, need some wedges and a new putter, and with your prices, it won't kill the pocket book! What I really liked is that the people were very friendly , and the same person who first contacted me was the only person I dealt with. You didn't just get emails from random customer service people. Thanks again, love the clubs!!”
Aug 15, 2011 ~ David K. “Good Day~

After I placed the order, I methodically track it on the UPS website. That site stated it was scheduled for delivery before the end of the day on August 8th. As sure as God made Little Green Apples, the UPS truck pulled in at 2:13 pm on August 8th. At 2:13:30 pm, my parcel was in my trunk headed for the Driving Range.

I am so impressed with your service and quality of merchandise, I make sure I tell all my golfing friends and students in all my classes to consider dealing with your company first before heading off to the Golf Headquarters or Dicks.

I will for a fact be a returning customer, with looking for a putter as my agenda.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks again,”
Aug 10, 2011 ~ Charles N. “Hi Aaron I had a hole in one at COG HILL Course #2 with a Pine Meadow Yukon 11 wood on the #14 hole in the ravines. I have a 9, 11, 13, amd 15 wood. Beautiful clubs. First ace in 29 years. I am a good athlete, but, very average golfer. Legit 26 handicap, Playing by USGA rules. Clubs are excellent! Love EM!”
Aug 10, 2011 ~ Kenny H. “Aaron,

Thanks for the follow-up, the putter did arrive safely. It was a birthday gift for my son ( junior golfer) and he’s played two rounds thus far and absolutely loves it. I will likely be ordering a custom fit set of irons for him within the next couple of months. Pinemeadow has made it possible for me to afford to give my son quality golf equipment without the name brand price. You and your staff have been suburb and I look forward to future purchases!”


Aug 09, 2011 ~ Jeanne “Played a round this morning and WOW, what a difference the change in shafts made. I now have to get use to what clubs to use for the yardage since I am hitting these farther then the old ones. Thanks again for all your help and I definitely agree with everything I have read about Pine Meadow. I will recommend your company to anyone who is looking to buy a new set of clubs. You have definitely exceeded my expectations.”
Aug 08, 2011 ~ Steve R. “Aaron: My clubs arrived as scheduled on Thursday the 28th. I've played twice. I had my best score ever on a full size 18 hole course, last Friday ... 93 (with a little bit of fudge scoring due to a lost ball or two, and the occasional bad tee shot). I'm getting used to the chipper and today I ordered another one to give to my 23 year old son for Christmas. The hybrids are fantastic. I'm crushing them in the fairway (keeping in mind that "crushing them" for a 60 year old fat guy may not mean the same as it does to most others). I loved my first set of Pinemeadow clubs and I will donate them to one of the high school golf teams so that a kid with no clubs will be able to play. I talk you guys up whenever I get the chance. By the way, I will hate to give my old 9 iron away. I had a hole-in-one with it on July 6, 2007, on a 110 yard par three hole. My only claim to sports glory in my life. Thanks for all your help. I love my Pinemeadow clubs.”
Aug 02, 2011 ~ Michael M. “I have ordered three clubs over the summer from Pinemeadow and must say I'm impressed. I have played several rounds with the clubs and I intend to order more product. I have been golfing for over 30 years and I know a good club when I hit it.

Quality and value I like.

Michael M.”
Jul 27, 2011 ~ Paul “As usual, your service was excellent.

I was using a Taylomade Driver and about 4 weeks ago busted the head on it. Needless to say, I was sick. I am using the Command irons and have been extremely pleased with them. Pinemeadow was the first place I went to look for a new driver. I have played twice with this club and I never would have believed it, but I am sort of glad that I busted my Taylormade! Also purchased a 52 degree pre wedge. Nice looks. I put several chips 3 to 6 feet from the hole.”
Jul 27, 2011 ~ Kenton “I received my clubs right on time! I got a chance to golf 9 holes with them Friday night and 18 holes with them on Saturday. I must say, I am loving them! They felt good and the length seems to be perfect after using your custom fitting wizard! The bag I ordered also seems to be top notch, well constructed and lots of pockets. I will leave reviews on your site for the bag and clubs also. Most of all I want to thank you for the GREAT customer service! Your website has better customer service then any of the local shops around me! I have been recommending you to everyone I know!

Thanks the great products and service, I will be ordering from you guys again for sure!”
Jul 26, 2011 ~ Rick P. “I wanted to drop you a line about my new set of clubs. Having been out of golf several years and clubs over 35 years old your command Q irons, W7 driver,& fantom putter were just the ticket. I played a few rounds with some fellow golfers who played Taylor & Ping clubs, they had nothing on mine. Great product for the price. ”
Jul 22, 2011 ~ Emily A. “Dear Mr. Hartling,

Thank you for your email. Good morning!

I already received my order on July 12, 2011. I was excited to get it. And I did have a chance to try it in the driving range.

They are great! I love the custom length I ordered since I am only 5' 2" in height. So the length of each iron is perfect.

I ordered ladies flex, but not the graphite shaft, since I am used to the strength of the steel shaft I have been borrowing from my sons before I got my own.

The full swings I do are more enjoying and the distance of the balls are now straighter and further than before when I only borrowed irons for playing.

I am going to enjoy my set, for sure! I still have to go to the range more. I am a senior as well but taking a golf class once a week..so I know the full use of all the irons in my set.

Thank you and blessings to your company. You have excellent customer service.

Grateful and happy, Emily”
Jul 20, 2011 ~ George W. “I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your company to date. You have informed me with each step, and Chris even called me when there was a question regarding my order. No other company has ever done this for me and I must say I am quite impressed.

If the clubs you've made for me are half as good as your attention to detail and customer service, I know I'll be very pleased with them.

Jul 19, 2011 ~ Mike R. “Hi Tommy,

I received the clubs on Wed, 7/13. They are exactly what I specified and gorgeous. I haven't hit them but can't see how I could miss. They set up perfect.

You guys are great! Return and store credit could not have been handled better. Only other company I have dealt with that has comparable customer relations is Zappo's.

I will let you know when I get to the course. ”
Jul 19, 2011 ~ Mike “Hi Tom,

Received the clubs and they look really great. Haven"t had a chance to try them yet but I am hoping to soon.. I am very satisfied with the order and the way it was handled. Looked at other companies but am glad now that I chose Pinemeadow Golf.


Jul 14, 2011 ~ Bryce G. “Chris,

I just wanted to say thank you for the follow up email and the whole experience dealing with your company. I also play tournament paintball on a national level and your customer service rivals some of the top manufactures that sponsored me. I have played 4 18 holes since I received them and I am so happy that I follow my coworkers advice and went with your clubs. I use to shoot a 104 on 18 holes and with my new clubs I’m the last 4 times I went out was 101, 97, 93 and now at 89.

As you well know golf is a expensive sport to get started in and with companies like yours it sure make the sport less of a sticker shock and more inviting for new players. Even before I received my clubs I did my research on your clubs and I have not found anything bad about them and I also got my boss to buy a set also 4 days before I received mine. My co worker that got a set of your clubs about 4 years ago is still very happy with his and he is the main reason I went with Pinemeadow golf”
Jul 12, 2011 ~ J. P. “I used my new clubs and played an excellent game. It is really great having clubs that fit and are made just for me. I really like the feel and the anti-slice is a really nice added feature. I believe that these clubs really help my game progress to the next level. I'll be ordering several more clubs in the next couple of months. Aaron, thanks for all your help and the customer follow-up is second to none.

I will recommend Pinemeadow to any one who will listen. Your company should logoize hats and shirts so we can advertise for you. Thank You”
Jul 12, 2011 ~ K.B. “Received the goods in around 5-6 days. Love the 3 wood (looks good, feels good and goooes!!) Love the putter. Mates are envious and you will probably be placing orders in the near future. I have used Pine Meadow Golf before and found to be reliable and safe and secure in regard to the credit card. Cant recommend you high enough and will be making further purchases in the near future. Cant see the point in spending big dollars when the clone clubs are every bit as good.”
Jul 11, 2011 ~ Jonas “Thanks for following up. I finally had a chance to take my new clubs to the driving range yesterday. Please let everyone know at Pinemeadow Golf how pleased I am with the quality of the clubs, the price, and the excellent service I've received. The adjustments to my irons and the shafts on the woods are perfect . I think it's great that you have a 30-day price protection policy.

I'll definitely recommend Pinemeadow to all of my golfing buddies. I showed my new clubs to my golf instructor yesterday and he was impressed as well. Thanks!!”
Jul 11, 2011 ~ Eric B. “Hey thx for touching base w me. My clubs have performed exactly as advertised. Did not get to test initially on driving ranrge, but rather went straight to Gresham golf course. Hit driver for first tym, went about 283, but scary straight!!! Shot lowest round of 86 (I've only been playing for 16.5 months) so I'm not "that guy" yet. The loft on the irons is unreal, and my wedge put me in position to eagle twice on both par 5! That has only happened once before. Nice control and ease w driver and 3w went 304 for birdie on hole four par four at glendoveer next day! Love 'em!”
Jul 08, 2011 ~ N.H. “I've had a chance to take it out already and I loved using it! The weight and feel of the club was impeccable. I went out th day after I got it and played. My shots have never been straighter with a wood than that one! Thank you for all your support!”
Jul 08, 2011 ~ E. K. “Aaron,

Just wanted to let you know how things are going with the clubs I ordered through Pinemeadow. After seven years away from the game due to increasing frustration dealing with a game going nowhere, I decided to pick up the clubs again. My first two rounds out were more of the same frustrations and poorly struck shots. My wife encouraged me to explore getting new clubs that were better suited for me, which led me to your company based on a recommendation from a friend of mine who had heard good things about Pinemeadow.

My first realization that this was going to be a positive experience involved your contacting me shortly after I had placed my order for the Excel clubs to make sure that I had ordered the correct length. The attention given to looking into whether or not my order was appropriate was refreshing in a day when customer service does not always truly to seem to provide good service for customers. Once the correct length was determined, and of course I was mistaken in what I had previously ordered, the clubs were shipped quickly and arrived exactly when they were promised to be delivered.

Now for the really good part: the combination of the clubs I ordered, and a desire to actually get out and use them because of the new-found success I was experiencing, has resulted in dramatic improvements in my golf game. I had never broken 90 over 18 holes in my previous attempts at golfing, yet I was unbelievably able to card an 88 and an 87 on my second and third trips out with the Excel clubs. Even more unbelievably, on my fourth trip out I was able to record a score of 77, including a ridiculous (for me) 35 on the back nine. I realize that a good portion of the success I have had this summer deals with playing a lot more, but I also realize that would not be happening if not for the fact that I am hitting clubs that I have a great deal more confidence in.

The experience with these clubs has been so positive that I added a second order (a hybrid chipper/putter and the Pre putter), which were instrumental in the 77 I scored on my fourth trip out. I have been truly impressed by my dealings with Pinemeadow golf. The information found on your website helped me to shop with more confidence and knowledge than I had going in, your customer service after the sale left me completely confident that your company was helping to ensure that customers were ordering equipment that was appropriate for their needs, and the performance of the clubs has guaranteed that Pinemeadow is where I will turn for all of my golf needs from this point on. I have recommended your company to all of my colleagues and friends, and have loaned my clubs to a couple of my golf buddies thinking about ordering new clubs. They were both wowed by the quality of the clubs, and will hopefully be contacting you soon. Thanks for a great experience, and thanks for providing an opportunity to enjoy a wonderful game like golf at such a reasonable price. ”
Jul 05, 2011 ~ D.W. “I have recieved them, thank you. They are great wedges. To be honest I was a little skeptical due to the low cost of the wedges. After reading all the good reviews, I decided to give them a shot. Im in the Army so the cost was just right. They perform real well and I hit 3 within two feet off the tee box on three different par 3s the first round i used them. I am extremely happy and look forward to my future rounds. I'd like to get my hands on one of your fairway hybrids/woods to complete my set. Thanks for the follow up. Great product!”
Jun 27, 2011 ~ M.M. “You guys could not be easier to work with! Order was easily placed and it arrived as scheduled. The emails I received kept me updated during the entire process including the follow-up email asking if I had received my clubs! Excellent service and customer care. I hit the clubs the day I received them. Wow! You could charge 4 to 5 times more for those clubs and I would still be more than satisfied. At the price I paid, its unbelievable. Great service, great product. I WILL be back for more!! ”
Jun 22, 2011 ~ D.R. “Yes, the order has arrived and I have had the opportunity to hit the clubs at the range a couple of times and to play one round at this point. I am very happy with the clubs. Great quality.

The clubs replace a set of Ping i5 irons. I must say these are the easiest clubs to hit that I have ever had. The first round I play with them I shot better than my handicap (HC of 18), shot 87 of a par 72 course. Normally, it takes a couple rounds to get accustomed to new clubs. It doesn't appear that will be the case with these. I get about 5 yards more with these than my Ping irons AND the shots land much softer with less than half of the normal run out. Just amazing to me. Anyway, I am very happy with the hybrid irons and look forward to many rounds of golf with them.”
Jun 22, 2011 ~ K.S “We received the clubs we ordered in good shape and in a timely fashion. I have only had the opportunity to use them during one 9 hole game to date. I liked them however. We have a condo on a golf course in N Idaho. I have some other Pinemeadow clubs purchased at a Fred Meyer store. That purchase was my first experience with this brand of club.

Liking the ones originally purchased so well led me to look at your web site for more. Steel shafts seem a good fit for me because even though I am 72 yrs old I am quite fit. My graphite shaft clubs feel too flexible and waffle on me during play.

It is our plan to return to N Idaho again this week and play a few more rounds of golf so I look forward to getting more familiar with my new clubs.

Looking around your web site I was also searching for a riding golf cart bag with full length club pockets. Next I went on the Sun Mountain site and found a nice variety so had our local pro shop order me one from there. In talking to the golf pro there at Twin Lakes Village Golf Course he was unfamiliar with but interested in my Pinemeadow experience and clubs.

Your site was extremely helpful in my being able to order a shaft length that works well for me personally which I particularly liked. Additionally your customer service department as well as this note from yourself make me, the customer, feel like you really do care if I liked my new merchandise and it arrived at my door as promised.

Thank you for all that and rest assured I will pass the word on about this positive experience, Sincerely K.S.”
Jun 21, 2011 ~ Casey S. “Yes, I received my Command Q Ti complete set. I am driving the ball longer & more accurately. In three outings, my game has improved 15 strokes. Thanks for the great deal on these great clubs. I am very happy with them. ”
Jun 13, 2011 ~ K. Rose “My new Pinemeadow wedge (56 degrees) is a great addition to my bag. It allows me to hit a high chip that stops quickly on the green. Pinemeadow Golf is simply the best on line golf store I have ever found. The service you provide to your customers is unequaled. Thanks again for a great product at an affordable price.”
May 31, 2011 ~ R.F. “I received the shipment in a timely manner. Played with them a couple of times now and with excellent results. Hits were pure and launches the ball high with ease.

I have been proven wrong with my skepticism about clones this being equivalent to the Ping G10. All I can say is if it looks, plays, and feels like a Ping, it should be a Ping! So you know I placed an order for your hybrids shortly after as addition to my arsenal. Will keep you posted!

Thank you and kudos to your entire organization!

Happy Camper, R.F. ”
May 20, 2011 ~ G.W. “Hey Tom, I have to say I love my new clubs. I have been playing with some really old Haig Ultra's for a long time. It was definitely time for an upgrade. I was interested in some hybrid clubs and I came across your clubs on a golf review site that claimed yours were some if the best. After checking out your site they looked good but I was a little skeptical because of the price in comparison with other sets. However because of the price I said let me give them a try. They are really great quality and they play really well I even let my father hit them who is loyal to ping clubs and I'm sure he will be ordering a set soon. Anyway thanks for the clubs and keep up the outstanding work I will be adding to my set in the near future.”
May 12, 2011 ~ M.R. “Thanks for following up - you guys have great customer service. I received the clubs and they look beautiful. I am hoping to get a chance to practice with them in the next week or so.

I will spread the word that Pinemeadow is the place to go to order clubs. Your prices and service are unbeatable.

May 02, 2011 ~ D. A. “Thank you for the email. I have received the clubs. They look amazing. I am extremely happy. I have not had a chance to hit them yet. That comes this weekend. Now I am not sure if I will be as happy with my golf game as I am with the clubs. The pricing, the clubs and honestly the service have been outstanding.

I appreciate your attention to detail and follow up. They have been phenomenal.

I will let you know how the hitting goes.”
Apr 27, 2011 ~ M.H. “Thank you for taking the time to see if my order arrived. Yes, my new irons arrived only a few days after placing the order. The clubs were packaged nicely and arrived in perfect condition. Your ordering process was a breeze and the e-mail confirmation and progress updates were much appreciated.

After an initial trip to the range I have since played two rounds with them. I am very pleased with their performance, quality, and style. My only regret is that I didn't order them sooner! I now know that if I ever need any other club in my bag Pinemeadow is the only place I need to look.

Thank you for your great golf clubs and customer service!”
Apr 26, 2011 ~ S.R. “Thank you for your follow up. I have played with them and they are great clubs. The putter is great and has great balance. The hybrid is long and straight when I swing it correctly. I will recommend you clubs to all my golfing friends. I really appreciate your return policy and how professional your company is in dealing with there customers. As a consumer who has been hosed by large companies it is refreshing to find a company that stands behind their products. ”
Apr 25, 2011 ~ S.W. “I can't believe the customer service of your company. It is second only to the quality of your products!

They arrived right on time and I have hit them every day since. They are remarkable, truly changing my game. I am a very high handicap but I am hitting about ten less in the first week. My friends can't believe the improvement. I just started golfing regularly a few months ago, for personal reasons it's an hour or two I get to escape and these clubs are making my time that much more enjoyable! If you ever need a real world endorsement, I would be glad to give it!

Thank you so much for such a great product and experience! :) ”
Apr 25, 2011 ~ D. R. “Thanks for following up Aaron. Received the clubs safe and sound. They're beautiful! And more importantly I love the way they play. Forgiving and solid, which for an old guy like me is wonderful. I'm definitely hitting the ball truer and with more confidence. The only adjustment I've had to make is that the driver doesn't make the usual "ping" when you make contact. Its so quiet that I keep thinking I must have miss-hit it, but then down the fairway it goes 225 or so--which for a 75 yr old ain't too bad:) I'm loving em and appreciate the great price and superior customer service. They're getting a lot of attention at my club and I'm definitely recommending them.

Apr 21, 2011 ~ M.G. “I received my clubs on Friday and hit them at the range for the first time this afternoon. I could not possibly be more pleased. The feel, and the workability of the Monterossas are as good as any irons I've ever hit. They out perform the Excels in those areas, and the Monterossa 6 iron went toe to toe with my Taylormade Burner 6 iron. I had a good experience with the Excels, and my expectations were exceeded with these irons. Thanks for the great customer service and top notch golf equipment. I'll continue to urge people to use. Pinemeadow products any chance I get! ”
Apr 15, 2011 ~ R.P. “Yes, my Pinemeadow Clubs have arrived. They came in last week Monday. I have been out to the driving range twice last week and did 9 holes last Saturday. So far I am*extremely pleased* with the clubs and *looking forward* to going out again, very soon. I feel I made an excellent decision on purchasing the clubs. They look great, feel great, and at a great price. Thank you and your staff for the assistance in helping me with my choice of clubs and thanks for the follow up. You can't ask for more than that. Look out Tiger! ”
Apr 15, 2011 ~ L “First of all yes i have received the clubs. i have been impressed with your business since i first placed my order, from all the emails, to the packaging of all the clubs, and the quality of the clubs. Yes I have hit them I gained about 5 yards distance on every club. The accuracy is unreal and for the first time in my life i can accurately hit a 3, 4,& 5 iron.With service and quality like this my next club purchase will be from pine meadow golf.> First of all yes i have received the clubs. i have been impressed with your business since i first placed my order, from all the emails, to the packaging of all the clubs, and the quality of the clubs. Yes I have hit them I gained about 5 yards distance on every club. The accuracy is unreal and for the first time in my life i can accurately hit a 3, 4,& 5 iron.With service and quality like this my next club purchase will be from pine meadow golf. Thanks again,”
Apr 15, 2011 ~ Anonymous “Excellent service plus a great product = one happy customer.

Do I need to say more?”
Apr 07, 2011 ~ F.G from Austrailia “Hi Aaron, i emailed you straight away when i rec;d the parcel one day ahead of the sked. that was amazing i was expecting it arrive that week so that was friday when i rec'd the complete iron set in very good condition then sat and sunday i played with it happily and contented - superb!! thank you very much for a great services you and the rest of the team , well done guys !!!!!”
Apr 07, 2011 ~ D.P. “I've used the putter. WOW! Instant improvement in my putting. The quality is excellent. Thanks for another great product from Pinemeadow Golf. Everything was received as ordered, thankfully I haven't had a chance to use the sand wedge, but it looks and feels great.”
Apr 06, 2011 ~ Jay M. “ I have been a Pinemeadow golf customer for about 5 years now and am always very impressed. However this last order that I placed was the "topping on the cake". Aaron was a awesome help! He was a walking, talking person that was full of knowledge and information. I purchased the Pinemeadow Monterossa irons this time around. I have to tell you that I am excited, happy and more then pleased with the clubs! They are fantastic clubs. BUT...without the help, patience and time of Aaron and reinsurance that my idea's for the new clubs would be a good choice for me and my swing style, they could of easily have become baseball bats! I will order from Pinemeadow and the Pinemeadow crew again in the near future. I have learned from my first round of golf in 46 degree temps in Ohio that the new clubs DO NOT improve my putting!! What is up with that? I guess I will be ordering a custom putter soon!

5 stars!

Thanks alot Aaron for your help, knowledge , patience and time! It paid off!! ( Except for my putting ) !! ”
Mar 17, 2011 ~ B.K. “I got the Yukon offset driver and hit it for the first time today at the range. I was not expecting it to cut down the slice as much as it did. The slice will never be gone...but the club seemed to help. We'll see on the course next.

I'm very satisfied with the Driver although it is a little longer than I expected (I measured my old driver and wanted the same length; turns out to be a little longer). I probably measured incorrectly- not a big deal either way!

I appreciate the updates throughout the purchasing, manufacturing, and shipping process. I will be doing more business with you...for sure. Need a new 3 wood. Feel free to post my comments on the user 'comments board'.

Thank you,”
Mar 14, 2011 ~ B. “Thank you for the e-mail. I received my new “Fantom” putter on time and in great shape. Even though I have not been to a putting green, I have putted all over the house. I love it!

The timing was perfect! My neighbor came down to show me his new “Rossa® Ghost Putter”. I could not tell any difference in feel but I let my neighbor know the difference in price!

Again, thank you!”
Mar 01, 2011 ~ Jim H. “My new Clubs arrived by next day air as scheduled. They were packed beautifully and arrived in perfect condition. These clubs are very pretty to look at, and feel terrific. I have hit at driving range several times and accuracy and distance are increased. I am very please with my purchase of these clubs and with my entire shopping experience at PineMeadow.

Feb 28, 2011 ~ D. T. “I received the club on Monday as expected. I can't wait to try it out as soon as the weather improves. My whole set except for putter and fairway woods are Pinemeadow and so far they have exceeded my expectations. I tell everyone I know who mentions buy golf clubs about Pinemeadow. I look forward to future purchases. ”
Feb 22, 2011 ~ Aaron Z “Thanks for following up on my order. I received the clubs last week, a day earlier than originally expected. Everything arrived in good condition.

I've been out of town, so I've only had a chance to hit them once so far. However, in my first trip to the range, I am really liking the new clubs. The 3 wood is pretty easy to hit, and my shots were going incredibly straight (at least, for a high handicap like me). It took a few swings on the wedges to get used to such a high loft, as I've only had a pitching wedge until now. Once I got the stroke down, the wedges seemed to work great; forgiving shots with good control.

I'm looking forward to getting to the range again, and can't wait until the snow melts to get on the course with these clubs. I've had a great experience so far with Pine Meadow; I'll definitely be looking to you again when I need another upgrade.”

thanks a lot , i received my phantom putter on feb 11th and went to the golf course feb 12th and my first putt on the 1st hole a 30 ft and i made it. the guys couldn't believe it they said without a practice and you made it ouhhh.

congratulations for your service since i made the order everything was ok , the times and process in other words everything was well done. once again congratulations.”
Feb 14, 2011 ~ G.R. “Yes recieved everything, played 2 rounds so far a 3rd today clubs are very nice easy to hit. I play Ping irons and your hybrids(had a set of bloc's before I bought these) play very well with them. When people look in my bag they always say "why don't you have Ping hybrids" then while we are playing our round I will let them try your clubs and the look on there face every time is priceless.

Great Clubs ! Thanks”
Feb 09, 2011 ~ Toni “Hey Aaron - we got them - and yes, we've hit them (although not on a course yet) - we LOVE them! Thank you for all of your assistance - they fit us perfectly and they are quite striking (no pun intended). :-) ”
Jan 27, 2011 ~ Kathy W. “...I have loved all my clubs for it has put new life in my game so I am enjoying golf again thanks to Pinemeadow. I am glad we saw the news report about your company on national broadcasting. Your customer service is fantastic for I feel like I get individual attention and that you know me by name. Please keep the "small company" feel as you continue to grow bigger and bigger and bigger. I haven't written any feedback but just wanted to take the time to do so now. My sister, friend, and I have ordered complete new sets of clubs little by little over the past year. Thank you.”
Nov 30, 2010 ~ K.H. “Thanks for the follow-up. I was glad to receive my new BK driver on the date promised. Have not had a chance to use it yet but this is my second BK driver. I loved my previous BK driver (12 degree) so much (purchased a little over a year ago along with the BK irons and hybrids) that I wanted to get a little more distance with this new driver (10.5 degree ). My distance and accuracy have greatly improved over the last year using all Pinemeadow clubs from the woods to the irons to the hybrids (handicap of about 18). Historically, I have had trouble with hitting a driver; not so with this one. Your company has secured a client for life. Thanks for the prompt service and quality clubs,”
Nov 30, 2010 ~ Anonymous “Guys, my order was actually placed by my friend [anonymous]. Weather didn’t allow me to play the clubs much but I did get out twice. I bought these to take down to our condo in Arkansas. Normally play Ping I3s so that’s my reference point for the ZR1s. First, I love the way the clubs feel, they are at least as good as the I3s maybe better, I may keep ZRs at home and take the Pings to Arkansas! Bonus was I bought the Zeon putter which I like as well. My compliments on your customer service, I returned the first set I bought, I liked the quality, I just didn’t like the weighting. The no hassle return policy allowed me to find a set that I really like. Thank you, I will not hesitate to purchase from you again.

Best wishes for the New Year! ”
Nov 12, 2010 ~ James S. “Hello Aaron,

I wanted to write you and pinemeadowgolf.com a quick e-mail after receiving and using my two new wedges that I bought recently.

I want to extend my thanks to you and all the people that work at pinemeadowgolf. I received the clubs on the day expected and they were in great condition. I have used the wedges several times over the past several weeks and I am very happy with the purchase. I will be looking to purchase from Pinemeadowgolf.com when I want to replace/upgrade my current set of clubs and when looking at supplementing my existing clubs.

Thank you again for your attention to detail.”
Oct 21, 2010 ~ Jim “Thanks A, played my first round today. You guys do golf right. About 6 months ago I got a 9 degree driver with a regular shaft. I went from 220 off the tee to 235. I used your 3 wood today and just killed it. It is so easy to hit off the fairway. The 16 degree hybrid was to die for. Hit a nice 190 yard cut shot into the middle of the green on 18 a killer par 4. Bottom line I have not broken 80 in 2 years. Shot 74 today. It is so cool when your long game gets resurrected from the dead. Golf is a blast again. Cant wait to get out there and kick some more butt. Fairways and greens, Jim”
Sep 16, 2010 ~ Brian “I just wanted to thank you again for the outstanding customer service that you and Pinemeadow have provided for me. Being in sales for 25 years I know good customer service when I see it and I am very proud of Pinemeadow especially since your a local company. I play a fair amount of golf and know lots of golfers and I can tell you I will be bragging Pinemeadow up every time I can.”
Sep 16, 2010 ~ Roy “I have to say, the hybrid #2-16 deg and the #4-22 deg from my first order are great. The putter is awesome too. I can't say anything but good things about the clubs, my purchasing experience, your flexibility to change the shipping so I would be able to have the hybrid #2 and putter in 2 days for a recent golf outing---which turned out to be a great game for me and had some people shocked at how I was hitting the ball. I was looking like I had lesson's, but didn't - it was the clubs!

I initially was looking on the web for the Taylor made R7 and was set to buy it at Sports Authority for $89.00. But then I came across your site and read the reviews and saw the price, I figured I'd buy one club, similar to the R7, to see how it felt. I was truly amazed! When my club arrived, I could see and feel that this club was a quality made and engineered club. It feels great when I hold it and when I come down in the swing. Also, unlike the R7, your club has the weights in them and you supplied different weights and tool for me to change out if needed.

With either hybrid, I hit them straight now off the tee or fairway and really don't need to try and hit the ball as hard to get it to go the distance I wanted or hoped to get. I'll be looking at some more clubs soon and I now am giving your website out for people to go and order clubs from you.

If you consider opening up a shop or office in New England, let me know.

Thanks, Roy”
Sep 13, 2010 ~ Les “Thank you for following up with me. I have taken my new driver out only once, but have already seen a difference in consistency. Pinemeadow Golf is the second clone company I have done business, but is by far head and shoulders above their competition. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Your professionalism is by far 2nd to none.

Thank you for showing me true customer service is still around. ”
Sep 08, 2010 ~ R. Green from the UK “I ordered my ZR1 Mark2 on 21/8/10. I also ordered a book from the UK on the 20/8/1 I got my clubs yesterday and the book today. And there were 2 week end's in between.

All they had to do was pull a book off the shelf and post it and it took 10 days.

You guys had to assemble my clubs to my specs. You had to put grips on 10 clubs. You had to glue shafts on 10 clubs. You had to wait for them to dry. You had to do a quality control inspection. And I got your shipment in just over one week - from all the way around the planet.

I haven't had a chance to practise with them yet, but the quality is outstanding - even better than the ZR1's.

Congratulations Pinemeadows, you provide outstanding service, a quality product and exceptional value.

Now all I need is a bagful of talent and I may do my new babies justice. I'm passing the word around and people are taking notice.

Regards, R. Green”
Sep 08, 2010 ~ Frank “Thanks for the e-mail. I received the clubs and tried them out at the range yesterday. I have to say I am very impressed. The feel, look, and build quality are all excellent, and it's just an unbelievable value compared to brand-name clubs. I'll definitely be coming back to Pine Meadow for clubs in the future - why would I go anywhere else? I can get new, custom-built clubs from you for less than the cost of used brand-name ones.

Keep up the good work,

Sep 08, 2010 ~ W.S. “I did receive the clubs, exactly when you said I would and I have played a round with them. I am very impressed with the clubs performance but even more impressed with the level of service you provided. I was so pleased with the way the order went, I bragged to a friend at work and he has since ordered a couple of hybrid clubs to compliment his set of Pings. I can assure you we will be doing more business in the near future. Please keep up the tremendous work. ”
Sep 07, 2010 ~ L.S. “Thank you for the follow up on my recent order of two hybrids, Command Hybrids #3 and #5.. I did receive them and have played two rounds with them. I must say I love them. I have tried different hybrids in the past but had a tendency to hook every one I tried. The ones you built for me were well made and their performance has been fantastic. I hit very straight, perfect trajectory shots with them. I expect to have them in my bag for the foreseeable future. Thanks for a great job, fast shipment and professional business operation.”
Aug 30, 2010 ~ David “First of all, my entire experience with Pinemeadow Golf has been awesome! Your website is very well done: Nicely formatted, easy to navigate, plenty of pictures, and easy to shop and pay. The UPS tracking info was very handy. (I bet that every one of your customers eagerly checks the tracking status several times a day) My clubs are wonderful, and I felt that I got exactly what I paid for.

Your follow-up email is just another example of what a great business model your company has setup. My co-workers already know what a great experience I've had with Pinemeadow.

I'd love to work for your company, but I'm afraid you have no need for a Surveyor. (I have other talents, though!) ”
Aug 19, 2010 ~ Ivan “Another reason why I enjoy purchasing products from your company. Not only your clubs are excellent but you guys have one of the best customer service departments I have ever dealt with.

Yes, the clubs arrived and I had the opportunity to use the Command BK 3 wood. I have used it and meets all my expectations. I’m certain that my next purchase will be Driver of that BK series. I already owned the set of irons, so that will complete my arsenal.”
Aug 19, 2010 ~ Esa from Finland “Thanks for your mail: the shipment arrived at my door in Espoo, Finland, on Wed Aug 11th ,i.e. 9 days after the order, which is exactly as promised. UPS contacted me the day before, and everything went smoothly and the shipment was in perfect condition. I have now played one round with the new clubs and I like them a lot. I hope to get around to experimenting with the weight screws later this week.

Thank you for an excellent service !”
Aug 18, 2010 ~ Bob “Used the new clubs a couple of times now and am very pleased. I replaced my Taylor racs and they hit nearly identical. I love the new arthritic grips. Makes a big difference to me, as I have RA. Played today and shot 78, which is about my handicap. Would, and have, recommend your company to anyone. thanks ”
Aug 17, 2010 ~ Eve “I don't really have a question. I just wanted to let you know that on Thursday (8/12) I had a hole-in-one with my Pinemeadow 4 hybrid! It was on the first hole which was 110 yards.

My 4 hybrid was one of the first clubs I ordered from you and I have loved it since the beginning. My whole set of clubs are now Pinemeadow as I added more hybrids, then a driver and finally a set of irons.

Thank you for making great clubs at affordable prices. ”
Aug 11, 2010 ~ Richard “I received my 3-7- Yukon Offset's & Yukon nine wood in fine order & they look GREAT. I haven't been able to hit them yet due to the constant rain we have been having. Hopefully I' hit em Sunday. I have played many rounds with my PRE hybrid set & can honestly say they are the best clubs I have ever hit!! I've had them all, Taylor Made, Callaway, Cobra Titlist and these clubs are in no way better than clubs by Pinemeadow. I only wish I had found you all sooner! The service you all provide cannot be beaten. ”
Aug 09, 2010 ~ Andrew “Yes I did receive my club. I have to say, it is a great club! I shot my lowest round of golf ever on friday, an 87. I have been playing for just over a year and I have been stuck in the low 90s. With the new club in my bag, I was able to hit 200+ yards straight, stick long par 3 greens and get out of trouble on bad tee shots with my driver. I will be recommending this club to everyone. I'm considering getting a 5w soon. Great club! ”
Jul 29, 2010 ~ Randy “Received clubs 7-21-10 as was schedule, played one round the day after,dropped 4 strokes right out of the box. Very pleased with your product.Would recommend your product to anyone that is looking for a quality club at one third the price of the brand names.

Thank you pinemeadow you can pass it along, thanks again. ”
Jul 29, 2010 ~ Robert “Played my first round today and just love the clubs. They have excellent feel and are very forgiving. Hit some of the best iron shots in a long time. Brother plays Taylor Made R7,s and they fell and play just as good as the 500 dollar set . Thanks for the great service and the great clubs. I will pass the word on the clubs and the great service will shop again with you that's for sure.”
Jul 28, 2010 ~ Ron “Hi Aaron-my son has had several opportunities to play his new clubs and loves them! The women's flex and club length are a perfect solution for his growing needs. I suspect he'll get at least 2-3 years of outstanding play from the clubs before needing another set. The clubs themselves are an outstanding value. The craftsmanship of the heads are beyond expectation and the club assembly appears flawless. Thanks for your original recommendations on fitting--they appear to be right on. We look forward to many enjoyable days on the course. Unfortunately, my slim margin of golf superiority has now vanished!”
Jul 21, 2010 ~ DC “I received the clubs on July 8th and have since found a new love for the game. I never new hitting irons could be so easy and the excel strong irons really helped. I have added 10-15 yards per club now. I always believe you pay for what you get but in this case I think I paid to little for what I got. ”
Jun 29, 2010 ~ I.G. “I play about a dozen rounds a year, don't practice too often, and normally shoot in the high 90's. I recently ordered a new putter and 7 wood from you guys. I went out and shot a 91 yesterday, and the only reason was because I had these 2 clubs in my bag. I hit the 7 wood six times, almost pefect each time. On 18 I stuck a shot to within 12 feet from 185 out, over water. Sick. With my new putter, I was all over the hole all day long. I made a 30 footer, lipped out 2 putts from about 8 feet out, and was in position to make 3-4 more par putts that didn't fall. The new clubs are great. Good job! ”
Jun 28, 2010 ~ F. D. “Thanks for contacting me, my G 10 zr 1 driver arrived a day ahead of schedule in plenty of time for father's day. I have only hit the club once at the range and it went well. Good feel and good distance. The guy on the mat next to me had a full set of Ping G15 irons and woods. i asked if I could compare the driver and they looked about the same. He then offered to let me hit the "real" g 15 driver. Also hit it well but no better feel or distance. When I told him what I paid for the driver his jaw dropped.

I also hit his seven iron which got me interested in a set of irons g 10 irons from Pinemeadow. I noticed on the web site that they are out of stock. Do you anticipate making more of them any time soon?

Anyway I'm very satisfied with the club and I especially liked the way you handled my order. It was very friendly and professional. I would recommend PM to anyone.”
Jun 24, 2010 ~ M.S. “Thanks for touching base w/ me. I did indeed receive my clubs on time and am quite happy w/ them. They look fantastic and seem well made. I've played them a couple of times and I seem to be hitting farther and more true every time I take them for a spin. I'm very glad I came upon you guys. I enjoy telling my friends that I just beat their pings w/ my pinemeadows. Hopefully that will happen more and more as I get used to them. Thanks again for your great customer service. You've just got another very satisfied and very long time customer.”
Jun 24, 2010 ~ M.M. “I wanted to thank you for the driver. As a beginner I'm really having fun. I have dealt with alot of customer service reps on all types of products and you are one of the best. You listened to my questions answered with a positive attitude and are very knowledgeable about your product.

I ordered a driver from your site and I really have to say that i'm impressed with the craftsmanship and how it feels when playing. Before I had this club my drives were all over the place and now I hit fairways almost every time. I was so impressed I ordered irons a week later.

Again Aaron answered the phone and helped with my questions about the new order. Thanks Aaron and Pinemeadow for the outstanding quality and service. ”
Jun 21, 2010 ~ Ken “Thanks Tom it did arrive and I am very pleased with it. I have been telling everyone I know about your on line store. Your customer service and speedy delivery is the best I have encountered.”
May 24, 2010 ~ RB “Just a quick note to let you know how happy I am with your products. My clubs are all Pine Meadow. I use the Big Bloc Woods and Putter with Excel Mid Launch Irons. Last Saturday I recorded my first hole in one on 158 yard par 3 with a 7 iron. These irons are so forgiving I have to a lot of the credit to them. Thanks for a great product! ”
May 18, 2010 ~ T.M. “I just wanted to write and say that it is nice to have a company that still believes in doing whatever it takes to make the customer happy. I received my golf clubs yesterday, about two days late, but without any complaints from me, they contacted me and gave me a free pitching wedge in my order for any inconveniences. On top of that, they upped my shipping date from a 4 day to a three day shipping because they knew that I needed them for a golf outing the next day. Great customer service and probably one of the best internet shopping experiences I have had." The golf clubs look great and I can't wait to take them out.”
May 07, 2010 ~ D.M. “I only want to say how pleased I am with service from Pinemeadow. I ordered my Pre-Progressive Hybrid Iron set on 04/20/2010 @ 3:30 PM. I received them today 4/29/2010 @ 11: A.M. That is fast!! My boss, was so impressed with the look of the clubs, the service and my excitement of having the clubs...he ordered a set for himself. - Thanks a bunch! Can't wait to get out later today or on Friday to hit with them.”
Apr 23, 2010 ~ JC “I have used my new ZRI driver for four rounds and my ZRI 3 wood for two round of golf. I havn't hit my driver or three wood this far an as accurate for the past 15 years. I realy like both clubs. My friends I golf with have also noticed the difference and are interested in getting a new driver and wood from Pinemeadow. My neighbor bought the ZRI driver and received it the same time as I did and he is also doing well with his driver. I am already telling my friends about Pinemeadow and your fast service.”
Apr 16, 2010 ~ EW “The Club came to me last Friday morning and I played golf with it in the afternoon. I must say the Club is just brilliant.The ball goes as straight as a die and for a good distance. I am delighted with you quick delivery and the quality of your golf clubs.I am more than happy for you to use this letter in your quality promotions.”
Mar 29, 2010 ~ Aaron “Got my clubs last week and went directly to the driving range. The clubs felt great and I was hitting much better than w my old clubs. Had my first round with them on Fri and shot an 88. I have only shot in the 80's 2 other times in my 10 plus yrs golfing. Needless to say I am extremely happy with the clubs! Thanks again, you guys offer great support and customer service.”
Mar 29, 2010 ~ Ross “I have received them. I drove down to Wilsonville and picked them up at will-call. I have hit them and so far, I like them. I would like to thank you for a wonderful customer service experience throughout the entire purchase process of my clubs. You provided quick, responsive service every time I had a question or change for my order. I work in the customer service field and am both highly critical of customer service, and appreciative when I find people that seem to take as much pride in their work as I do in mine.

Feb 23, 2010 ~ Richard “Received my 11 wood 13 wood 15 wood and travel bag-- I got back from Vegas Sat night and used my new clubs out there. Played course where Butch Harmons golf school is. Rio Secco if i am spelling it right. A beautiful course built into the canyons and rock. Every hole was beautiful. I have a 9 wood that knocked 4 strokes off of a 9 hole handicap 14 down to a ten last year at Cog hill in Lemont il. I used my new woods in Vegas and they are just so easy to use vs irons. Just put the club head down on the ball and and it flies. I use the 15 wood from 80 yards out and in. Flies so high and lands like wedge. You do have to go out and hit them to get the feel of how far you can hit them. I am 67 years old and these woods have changed my whole game around. They are fun clubs that help you score better.”
Feb 20, 2010 ~ G. B. “I received my new Command BK driver last Friday, and played with it Saturday, Sunday and Monday during the Labor Day Holiday. It performed great and gave me exactly what I was looking for in a driver…..fairways! I also played again yesterday (Wednesday) and shot my low round for the year. Yardage off the tee is only slightly better than my old Callaway F-5, but I drive the Pinemeadow club much more consistency and rarely miss a fairway now. I set the 6 gram weigh in the heel and it apparently help cure my fade (fade to a full blown slice sometimes). I am very happy that I upgraded to the Aldila Gamer shaft and Lamkin grip. All in all, I am very pleased with the Pinemeadow Golf experience and plan to order the Command BF 3 wood before next season. ”
Jan 30, 2010 ~ K. H. “I received them on time as promised and tried them out at the driving range over the weekend. My original purpose in buying the Pinemeadows clubs was to have a spare set around for when guests visit. At the price of rental clubs I figure they will pay for themselves in less than 6 months. I currently play with a 5 year old set of Pings with standard steel shafts. After hitting the Pings and the Pinemeadows side by side on the range I've decided to make my old Pings the guest set and the Pinemeadows will become my primary set. I was very surprised at how well they hit and felt. Thanks for your great service and excellent quality clubs! They are certainly a great value.”
Jan 20, 2010 ~ Paul “have been able to use the anti-slice driver several times - took a few holes to get used to it but have since hit a few of the longest drives of my life and that saying something at age 67 - also still excited with the anti-slice 3-wood that I purchased last year - I'm regularly hitting it 200 yards - hit onto the green on a par-5 from 220 yards out last week!

Jan 19, 2010 ~ G.L. “Yes I have received my clubs, I use to live in Calif & was purchasing my clubs from you then, I have since moved to Oregon & was pleasantly surprised when I saw your building on my way to work, Every club in my bag is now a Pinemeadow club, I have used them extensively for the past four years & I love them as much today as the day they arrived, I have not had one material or craftsmanship problem, they have been flawless. I have hit some of the most expensive clubs on the market & see no advantage to these clubs. My friends have spent thousands on equipment having them custom fitted & I still shoot lower scores, I tell everybody before you buy check out Pinemeadow or you'll be sorry. Keep up the great products

Jan 18, 2010 ~ John “Got it, and played with it this morning for the first time. Came off the tee great, 310-325 all day, and even had a draw!!! Ive been slicing for years. Lessons, practice, etc. no help. I even compete in long drive events...Out of ten drives, 5 are always out of bounds. With this, I lost a little distance, but everything is playable!!! You took 6 strokes off my game, and sold me a used one at a GREAT price!!! My buddies cannot believe it. I have 1500$ Ping Irons, a 200$ Putter, and the 2008 Long Drive Championship Driver....Yet, my 50$ Anti-Slice Driver is the most valuable!!! LOVE IT....If I had to make a recommendation, a more flexible shaft...But, then I would go back to slicing...”
Jan 17, 2010 ~ Don “My clubs arrived safe and sound. They look fantastic!

Unfortunately, I had to go out of town on short notice. I even called and had my shipping upgraded to Overnight so that they would not end up sitting on my porch until I got back. Happily the clubs arrived the evening before I left. As such, I have not had a chance to try them out yet as I'm still on the road. I'm really looking forward to it.

Thank you for the great customer service, particularly the help in getting my order to me before I had to leave. I'll keep you posted. I also need to order a set of woods, and will be submitting that in the next few days. Again, thank you for the meticulous care. Fantastic customer service like you provide is somewhat of a rarity these days, sad to say. It is greatly appreciated.”
Jan 17, 2010 ~ J. A. “Yes my orders have arrived and I have already starting playing with them. I absolutely love the clubs especially for the price. I played with a gentleman that was using a set of Calloway's X20 irons and his game was no better than mine he just paid more for his clubs. He did have a Cleveland wedge which impressed me but I was actually more impressed with the lies it gave him. Which has me looking on your website for wedges this morning. So, after I make the wedge purchase I will have a complete set of Pinemeadow golf clubs all for a fraction of the price. I am so glad I took my time and did some research and found you guys. You have satisfied me with the clubs and my wife with the cost.”
Dec 22, 2009 ~ Dave O. “Hi, Chris -

I do have the clubs and everything looks great! Unfortunately, here in Wisconsin with 14" of snow on the ground, I won't be trying them out anytime soon but I'm sure I'll be as happy with them as I am with 3-6 clubs I got earlier. Thanks for the wonderful service, quick shipping and diligent follow-up. The Pinemeadow team sure makes its customers feel appreciated and I look forward to a continued relationship.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”
Dec 22, 2009 ~ Richaed F. “Chris:

Hey, thanks for getting back to me. The clubs arrived a day earlier than scheduled! The customer service was excellent, Tommy did a wonderful job taking care of me. I have officially replaced all of my clubs with Pinemeadow, and I will never switch away. Two of the putters are for gifts for christmas (My Dad and Brother loved my clubs and are looking to switch over to Pinemeadow themselves), so those ones I have not tried out, but the irons and the lefty putter are wonderful and hit beautifully. I want to thank everyone one the Pinemeadow team for the service and the quality clubs for an unbeatable price. The only thing I have left to do is replace my bag, which i am going to need to do shortly.

Thank for everything.

Dec 18, 2009 ~ D.P. “Yes, my clubs arrived and I have played once since they arrived and I am very pleased. Actually I bought the two sided chipper as a Christmas gift for a friend and he is very pleased with it. I may be sorry I gave it to him as he beat me by several strokes Thursday. I bought the pitching wedge for myself and I am pleased with both the quality and the play the first time out using it.

This is my first purchase with Pinemeadow and I am totally impressed with the customer service and the selection offered as well as all the golf information on your site that is a real help.

I expect to buy many more clubs from Pinemeadow in the future. ”
Dec 12, 2009 ~ Anonymous “Thank you to the entire team at Pinemeadow Golf! My recent order arrived promptly as usual and my son has had a few weeks to play with the new clubs he received for his birthday and he couldn't be happier!

The Doublewall Driver with the Lamkin Crossline Tour grip and UST Proforce shaft is so sweet, that I find myself putting aside my awesome Excel Strong Driver and borrowing this killer club.

The length and accuracy of his Command Q4 Three Wood is astounding. But his go-to club for touch and placement is the Excel Strong #4 Hybrid that has become a lethal weapon in his young hands! Zack has just turned 14 years old but his new iron set with Pinemeadow Custom Graphite shafts have helped bring his game to a new level. He has been giving me a run and it won’t be long before he kicks my butt regularly.

I cannot believe how much his up and down game has improved with the Classic Grind Black Butte Wedge and his Xeon 9 Putter, what fine sticks these are! Oh, and he just loves the Camo golf bag, perfect for a young teen. I think this entire custom set would be perfect for any young golfer to help improve their game by leaps and bounds. You should package and market this for teenagers, there is nothing out there that could touch it.

Thank you again and a special thanks to Chris for helping me put together (and giving me such a great deal) on this magnificent complete set.

Dec 08, 2009 ~ J.C. “I'm actually trying to leave a testimonial and I couldn't find where to do so. I'm sure it's right under my nose. So here goes. After stumbling upon your site looking to buy new clubs I saw the prices, the name brands that you compared yourselves with, and I throughly looked at all of your products. I read all of the testimonial and such, but then I did a search internet wide on you. I found nothing but positive reviews on several golf related websites. So, I bought the Excel Lightning driver, 3-pw BK command irons, a 3 bloc hybrid and a 5 bloc hybrid. My order came exactly when promised and the clubs looked awesome. My only criticism is that I ordered a 5 hybrid with head cover and I received a 4 hybrid with a 5 head cover. I'm a big believer in "things happen for a reason" so I'm fine with this. I took my clubs out today for practice balls and a round of 18. I am a notorious slicer with a driver. I am a 100 shot per round golfer. Today I hit 90% of the fairways (my power wasn't spectacular, but that's me not the club", my irons were 20-50 yards longer, and the 4 hybrid from the fairway put me 2 feet from the hole 170 yards away for my first par four birdie ever. (everything happens for a reason)I could go on and on about my game, but I shaved off 6 strokes from my previous best. All I can say is that Pinemeadow delivered on everything they said they would and I will buy only this brand for as long as I play golf! These are outstanding clubs, outstanding customer service, and I am thrilled to have my first new set of clubs. ”
Dec 06, 2009 ~ M.F. “I really dont have a question but I wanted to thank Pinemeadow Golf. I purchased some excel irons from you guys over a year ago and have been so pleased with the product. My game improved from a 13 handicap to a 6 after the addition of the irons. I also recently had my first hole in one on my birthday a few days ago. Thanks again for the wonderful product.”
Sep 09, 2009 ~ D.R. “Yes, Tom, I received the Putter 2 days after it was sent to complete my order. I am very pleased with the clubs, enough so that today on the course I was asked what brand my putter was and proudly told them that it was Pinemeadow. After that, I showed him my command Q's and explained to him the finer points of how you don't make illegal knock-offs but actually construct clones using the same technologies as the major manufacturers. I informed him of your excellent pricing and gave him a feel of my irons with the Winn grips and told him he can customize his shaft and grips to his own liking. He was thoroughly impressed with my irons and putter. After our round he stopped me again at his vehicle and took down your information. I believe your well crafted clubs and the way I played them turned him into a future customer. Thank you for these fine additions to my golfing experience.”
Aug 26, 2009 ~ David in Australia “Thank you for your email and yes the driver arrived yesterday afternoon thank you. I went down to the driving range after eating dinner and I was flabergasted! I have never, ever hit so many long, straight drives in a row as I did last night at the driving range! I will post feedback on your website but I want to see how I go using it in competition play this Saturday. I took a chance with the configuration and I have hit the jackpot! I have bought from you before and am very impressed with the standard of service and high quality of your equipment and at a fraction of the price of comparable clubs. You can use this email as feedback on your website if you like and I will add extra comments after Saturday. Thanks again ”
Aug 24, 2009 ~ R. James “Received my new driver right on time last Tuesday. Too busy to get out and try it. I like ordering products from your company because you are one of the few Internet companies that once I place an order, you do not try to sell me more products or automatically sign up for some type of extra service that usually hits my credit card the following month. I probably purchase the majority of my products online and the companies that have called me or charged my credit card for services I did not request, I no longer do any business with, includes Amazon.com. I now have a complete set of Pinemeadow golf clubs and a nice travel bag. Very happy with the clubs. I do need one more club. I need a club a little more angle than my pitching wedge. Do you suggest a 56 degree or a 60 degree pitching wedge? I consider myself an intermediate golfer. I enjoy your website and please do not begin to try the two things other companies do to make more sales. Your clubs in my opinion sell themselves. Thanks. ”
Aug 24, 2009 ~ P.B. “I received the 2H Command BK and the Hybrid putter today, many many thanks. I’ve been chipping around the living room like mad today and I love the feel of the chipper. I won’t get a chance to drive the hybrid until later this week on a range, but both clubs arrived in pristine condition and I’m extremely satisfied with the clubs and the customer service. I have a set of BK Irons and a BK driver on order too, and am really looking forward to them arriving.

Thanks for great service,”
Jul 22, 2009 ~ Matt “I have the clubs and they are simply amazing! I almost feel like I am cheating. I was hitting around 110 to 120. I have been out 4 times now and been under 100 every time. These clubs can simply not be beat. I don't see myself hitting anything that isn't from pinemeadow in the future. Best purchase I have made in a long time. You guys rock! ”
Jul 22, 2009 ~ KC “Hi Gabe,

I received my driver and 3-wood exactly when you said I would. And yes, I've hit the clubs. I've done a lot to correct my slice, but I still do slice from time to time. The driver produces the least degree of slicing of anything I've ever hit (and I've used an assortment of TaylorMade drivers for years). The 3-wood is equally outstanding.

Superb quality at a great price, shipped promptly, with solid communication all along the way - I couldn't ask for a better scenario in ordering the clubs. You folks are second to none in the custom golf club manufacturing business.

Regards, KC”
Jul 08, 2009 ~ J.S. “Thank you so much for your on target stance, backswing and follow-through on this order. I am superbly happy with the golf club I ordered and the quality of your company's service. When the club I initially ordered wasn't available as a custom order, your team called me on the phone, which I never expect from an internet order, they offered a viable product alternative. I have since taken the club to task on the driving range and I am supremely happy with the grip and the weight of the club. Although longer than I originally planned on, the clubhead weight is just beautiful. I will definitely contact Pinemeadow for other clubs and warmly recommend your company to my friends. You can share these comments with others. Thanks again.”
Jun 25, 2009 ~ Ernest M. “My clubs arrived Monday. I'm most impressed by your service. I played with them today for the first time and immediately took five strokes off my game!! Thank you again for your great service.”
Jun 08, 2009 ~ Jeannie “I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE MY CLUBS!! My husband and I went to the driving range over the weekend and I couldn’t believe the improvement in my game with the new clubs—not just the driver but all of them. Distance and Lift were incredible. My husband wasn’t sure when I told him that I ordered clubs from Pinemeadow, but he is now a BIG believer in your clubs. He used my Driver yesterday at the Range and he hit farther and more accurately then with his EXPENSIVE name brand club. I will definitely be making many referrals to your website and will look nowhere else for any future golf needs I have. Thanks again!!”
Jun 08, 2009 ~ RB “ I have received my order. It arrived a day early and I had the chance to play them. I ordered a bloc 5 wood to replace my old one. With the two for one deal , I also got a bloc 3 wood. These clubs are great! They are at least 10 yards longer than my old ones. My golfing buddy hit the 3 wood a couple of times and went home and ordered his.

I also ordered a 60 and a 64 degree wedge. These are both great clubs. I shot my best round ever - an 85. I should get better as I get use to the new clubs. I'm now playing all Pinemeadow clubs except for the putter and I will correct that soon.”
May 05, 2009 ~ Anonymous “Just wanted to drop a line after finally having a chance to work with the BK3 and 54 56 and 60 degree wedges I ordered over the winter. One word should sum up how I feel about these purchases, FANTASTIC! I have to admit that I was very skeptical about online purchase of clubs. IM now a fan! The 3 wood with upgraded shaft is effortless and has added a good 20 yards to my fairway play. The wedges took some getting used to, but my confidence from 90 yards in has never been better.

I just want to thank you and the staff at Pine meadow for your follow-up and keeping in touch to see how I was making out.

Thanks again so very much.”
May 05, 2009 ~ C.D. “I received the clubs exactly on the expected date, I was impressed with the packaging, and the clubs were amazing i also bought head covers for all the clubs and was highly impressed with the quality of the covers for the price. I did get to the range this week and was impressed with how easy it was to hit some nice straight shots. I am a new golfer, and wanted to get some good quality woods, with a price tag that wouldn't hurt to bad, and i am can't say enough good things about these!”
May 05, 2009 ~ Jefferson C. “Hi Chris; thanks for your follow-up. --Feedback? OK.... Aside from an old 1986 Ping Anser III and an '86 Doug Ford 64-degree lob wedge, all my clubs are Pinemeadows. I have the highest regard for your company and I enthusiastically sing praises for your product to anyone who will listen. (--And they do. My long time golfing partner has always bought Calloways, and he has decided to go to Pinemeadow for his irons.) I have been desperately trying to fix a particular gaping hole in my game for quite a long while (--fairway shots from 180-210) and the club I just bought from you slammed the door on that dilemma once and for all. Not only that, but I have a Pinemeadow 7-wood that I simply couldn't get consistant with at all and it drove me crazy. After buying this new hybrid club, I compared the two, sawed and inch and a quarter off the 7-wood and now those two clubs are the two most favorite and reliable in my bag. All in a matter of mere days. Quite stunning. Indescribably satisfying. For the first time in my life, I feel utterly confidant with all 14 clubs in my bag. How's that sound? All is well. Thank you.”
Apr 30, 2009 ~ Doug N. “"Everything about the process of buying through Pinemeadow Golf.com was fantastic. The clubs are a joy to play with. I’m very glad I got the upgraded Winn grips, and the higher level shaft. I’m hitting 20 yards longer easily over a previous set of Ping knock offs. I would recommend you to anyone. You have the customer experience down to a science.

Pinemeadow let me know that the premium grips I ordered were on a few days back order. They asked if that would be a problem. When I explained the extended shipping date could effect an important golf date, PineMeadow sent the clubs 3 day UPS at no charge. Bravo!””
Apr 30, 2009 ~ Keith I. “Chris,

"Thank you for the follow up- I did receive my clubs on time and in great condition. I must say that I was very pleasantly surprised with your Company’s user friendly website, ease of ordering, prompt and well packaged delivery, quality and performance of your products, and attention to service details with your follow up inquiry. If I’m ever in need of purchasing more clubs in the future, I’ll definitely look into your products first. Thank you again for doing all that you do for your customers, and congratulations on your end result- my satisfaction." ”
Apr 30, 2009 ~ Mike K. “Hi Chris, Got the Cascade set which I'd ordered for my wife...As discussed, the woods certainly aren't like the latest,

greatest "turbocharged" drivers, nonetheless, they are decent and solid - - perfect for a starter to golf. What stood out most to me is the quality of the irons...they alone are worth far more than your price. For a quality starter set, this set is the very best value out there. Dollar for dollar, there is nothing out there than can meet or beat this set. Trust me, I've looked...

P.S. - I've also shown my buddies at work the new Command rescue club in my set. In fact, I let one of the guys try it out on the range...he immediately loved it. You'll very soon be getting another order for 2 more!

P.S.S. - Your customer service is superior to all other golf sites.”
Apr 28, 2009 ~ Mike W “I'm really happy with the set. They arrived in perfect condition, and I've played with them twice. I am a beginner and have a pretty rough game, but these clubs are a pleasure to swing. The irons treat me pretty well - when I manage to keep my head down and get under the ball instead of topping it. :-)

I also bought (through a retailer) one of your Nitrix sets for the 10-14 age group. He is really enjoying his set as well.

I am impressed with your company's product, philosophy and follow through. ”
Apr 28, 2009 ~ Anonymous “I used the clubs this past week-end and love them. I am a beginner golfer and only really started golfing last year (I didn’t know what I was missing).

I hit the hybrids more consistently and further than my long irons.

I was very impressed with the quality of the clubs and would recommend the clubs to anybody looking for a set of hybrids.

Thanks for following up.”
Apr 28, 2009 ~ Anonymous “Hi Tom, Thanks for the message. The clubs did arrive. Yeah!! They look great, but I have not had a chance to hit with them. I'll let you know. However, I do want to tell you that your company's service is absolutely excellent, and I will recommend you guys to my friends.”
Apr 28, 2009 ~ T.R. “I got the clubs last week and got a chance to play a round with them today. I must say I am completely impressed. I'd read good reviews about pinemeadow at various sites online and that helped me decide to buy and I am so happy I did. The feel of the clubs is incredible. Thank you so much for offering such a fantastic product at a better price. I assure you everyone I know/play with will know about Pinemeadow and I will add a great review to every golf site I can find. Also, I will be ordering a putter most likely tonight as I'm sure it will be of the highest quality as well as the apparently great customer service. Thank you for following up, I can assure I am very happy. ”
Apr 14, 2009 ~ Anonymous “Thanks for the follow-up. I received the clubs and was extremely pleased with the appearance and the prompt delivery. It was also nice to be able to track the order so that I knew when they would arrive. The weather cooperated and I had a chance to play nine holes. Hit every club except the five hybrid. I was happy with the feel and balance of all the clubs. I may order a new driver and three wood. It would make my golf bag look much neater. I recommended you to the fellow I paired with for my round. Thanks again.”
Apr 14, 2009 ~ Anonymous “I have received the clubs and will be using them in the next few days. I want to thank you and your company for the wonderful customer service I have received. your attention to the customer's needs and concerns is outstanding. I will continue to do business with you and will recommend Pinemeadow Golf.com to my friends and family. ”
Apr 14, 2009 ~ Anonymous “My ZR-1 irons, hybrids and driver arrived on Tuesday 4/7. The UPS driver and I opened them together. I think you have a new convert. I had my first chance to use them yesterday, Friday 4/10. Earlier I had bought the ZR-1 3 wood and was so pleased, I decided on a matched set. I had a great round. I am impressed with all of the clubs. My only problem will be getting used to the 460 cc head on the driver I probably should have opted for a stiffer shaft. The Regular seems a bit wobbly, because of the size of the head perhaps, causing me to spray them a bit more than I was with my previous Cobra driver. I'm sure I'll adapt.

Last year I bought a full set of Excel Strong's to use at my summer residence near in the Pacific Northwest. Your organization and great customer support made my choice easy when I went looking for clubs for here in Florida. Now I can play year round with great clubs. I'll keep you posted on the driver.”
Apr 14, 2009 ~ Anonymous “hris,thanks for the follow-up note...and thank you for for the quick replacement of the 7-iron that I lost...One thing I'd like to add....Last summer I was while I was in Calif.,my golfing buddy wanted to see how good my Pinemeadow clubs stacked up to his very expensive set...He played 18 holes with them and shot one of his best rounds of the month...He said if he ever needed another set of clubs he wouldn't hesitate to buy a set of Pinemeadow clubs...P.S. That day he beat me,which very seldom happens..I was using his clubs.....Thanks again for a great product,and such fantastic service.”
Mar 11, 2009 ~ Steve S. from San Antonio, TX “"I got the clubs quicker than expected and had them out the next day. WOW! Absolutely love them as I knew I would. The problems I was having with the 3 and 4 hybrid are gone now that I have the replacement irons.

Thank you so much for your superior customer service. I sincerely appreciated your follow-up calls and emails during the process – it made me feel like I was the only customer you had. But I’m not surprised...it’s how I’m treated every time I contact your company.

Thank you again and I will continue to sing the praises of Pinemeadow." ”
Mar 10, 2009 ~ Manning “Hi Chris!

Have been to the driving range a couple of times testing the new clubs. Have aslo been using the new putters in the living a LOT. I can honestly say that the Ping clones are worth much more than the price you are charging!

The driver is like taking about 15 years off my life (younger that is). Have never tried hybrides before these but the height, distance, feel and sound are gooooood and will be better with practice. Also, both putter have a solid feel and with the added weight compared with my old Ping Cushin putter I have a good feel of the putter head and how much momentum is needed to get the ball to the target! My putting consistency has greatly improved!! And finally, the high log wedge is taking some getting use to. It imparts a lot of spin and height! In due time I expect it will be a valuable club in my bag.

Pinemeadowgolf is providing a valuable product to the sport of gold and your company deserves an award for your contribution! If you could somehow improve your marketing not only would the golfing community benefit but your profits would soar! There is a huge opportunity for you waiting to be seized!

The above comments are applicable to all three of my orders!

You guys keep up the goooood work!”

Feb 10, 2009 ~ T.B. “I appreciate the follow-up and the time speaking with you on the phone. I am very pleased with #5 hybrid, putter, and my Lob Wedge. Your prices win me over as much as your customer service does. I cannot justify spending $200 on a single club, on almost anything relating to golf, since I don't play very much being a beginner.

I think Pinemeadow is doing things right especially when the customer is first, and when it comes to the customers very specific needs. Like I said, this is my first time ordering from you, but NOT the first to have one of your products in my bag.

You cannot see alot of us in person, but I cannot think of anyone with so many variations that "Get It Right" in my opinion.

I am glad I found a place that fits that person's needs, as for a golf club in a store you would get a "One Size Fits All" which me as an individual may not be able to play. We all run into that when we are in the store, it seems like the product at the time will work, feels good, looks good, but when we really put it to the test, we find out down the road it does not fit or work right and we are disappointed with that product, possibly never to pick it up again. ”
Feb 05, 2009 ~ J.S. “Hey, I received my club in perfect condition... I even got to use it on my net. Results are Phenomenal!!! I cant wait to order the rest of the clubs in this set! Thank You VERY MUCH!”
Feb 03, 2009 ~ Ken “Chris - My order for Pinemeadow Excel Strong Hybrids, 3-PW w/ Headcovers, Grip: Pinemeadow Standard Grip, Shaft: Pinemeadow Hybrid Graphite men's plus 1½ inches, regular flex arrived without a problem. The clubs are better than I anticipated. My house is beside the 12th green of my home course, separated by some trees and 75 yards of hill. I unpacked my clubs, took the pitching wedge outside, dropped a ball and proceeded to fly the trees and land the ball on the green -- never been able to do that before. I played 18 holes Sunday and for the first time in many years actually played my irons right into my game, dropped my score by 5 strokes and if my putting had been on target I would have dropped another 4 strokes. These irons kept my ball in scoring position. I can't wait to figure out some reason to buy from you again..........Great stuff and the service - start to finish was professional and quick. Thanks Chris and also my thank's to the rest of the team.”
Feb 03, 2009 ~ Bob “Thank you Chris for dealing with this in a very professional and prompt manner. I have received the Items , just waiting for the weather to warm up to try them out.

My wife had ordered some jewelry the same time as my other clubs that got lost and she is still dealing with the seller and ups and has not resolved it yet, she made the comment that she wished she was dealing with a company like yours that took care the the customers needs first and then figure everything else later. I am a purchasing manager where I work and I tell all my vendors "we all make mistakes, it's how you handle them that makes the difference" . Even though you did not make the mistake you made the difference, and that tells me you and your company is all about customer service, because without customers and repeat customers we would not be in business. I will be a repeat customer. Thanks again Chris,”
Feb 02, 2009 ~ C.V. “Tommy,

So I absolutely love the clubs. I used them at the range today and WOW. Every hit went straight and far even if I misshit the ball. The 3 hybrid was almost out driving my Taylor made r5 driver from the ground and when I used a tee I almost hit one 250 with the hybrid. I will buying more clubs from pinemeadows again soon. I will also be recommending you to everyone.

Thanks for the great clubs”
Jan 23, 2009 ~ V “Hi Chris, Yes, I have received my order and I have to say I am very happy with my first set of golf clubs. Thank you very much Pinemeadow Golf for the high quality products. I've already told several friends and colleges about your website. Keep up the great work and you can count on me ordering more of your golf products very soon. I'll contact you again shortly to ask a few questions before I order my next driver and putter.”
Jan 21, 2009 ~ J.S. “Hi Tom- I want to compliment you and PineMeadow Golf for all your help. I had called in several times and each time a knowledgeable, honest, person answered all my questions. The entire process from beginning to end was a pleasure.

I did receive the clubs last week. I haven't had an opportunity to try them out and honestly that won't happen until the snow is all melted. They are beautiful though!! ”
Jan 12, 2009 ~ Anonymous “Thanks Chris, I received the wedge and played it Saturday, great tool, nice backspin, can't wait to test more of your equipment.”
Dec 31, 2008 ~ S.S “Hi Tom, Yes, the clubs arrived on exactly the day I was told. Great packaging in a rather small box. I was shocked! I thought it was just my driver. It's been rather cold and rainy here in Sacramento, but I did get a chance to try out my driver. I hit all 40 balls 200+ yards and straight. I couldn't be more pleased! Looking forward to trying the irons, and especially my 3 hybrids, when we get some more sunshine here.”
Dec 16, 2008 ~ T.H. “Yes, they arrived safely about a week ago. This is my second order from Pinemeadowgolf. I bought these clubs for my brother for Xmas. He had an old set of McGregors that he was unhappy with. I hope he will be as happy with these as I was with me clubs from Pinemeadowgolf. Hopefully, I can get him back on the course when he realizes how much better he can hit the ball with these clubs. ”
Dec 16, 2008 ~ D.C. “Yes, I have received the clubs.

I absolutely love them! Finally a set of clubs that fits my swing. I am not a tall person, only 5'5" consequently I have never been able to find a set of clubs cut to the proper length. I am fair at golf, 14 handicap, but always had trouble with long irons and the driver. I have taken these clubs and the Yukon off-set driver out once since I received them, and they took 4 strokes off my game and I haven't even got fully use to them yet. I don't have to struggle to get the club into the right position on my down swing or choke up on the club. They are fantastic, thank you very much. Oh, and the price is incredible, I know they would of cost $800+ had I bought a name brand.

Sincerely, A very Happy Golfer”
Dec 15, 2008 ~ D. “Thank you so much for the follow up. Yes, I did receive my club and am loving it. I actually bought my whole set from you guys about 2 years ago now, I lost my 60 degree and so this was a replacement club--just couldn't do without it. Love my clubs and will not be changing them anytime soon. Been playing about 2 years and shooting low-80s, never took lessons--I think the clubs have a lot to do with it.”
Dec 15, 2008 ~ B.M. “Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived in great shape! I checked out the whole set and everything looks (and feels) great! I purchased the set for my wife as a Christmas present so she won't get to see them for another 10 days, and she probably won't get to use them until March. I am certain that she will love them, much the same as the set I bought for myself a couple years back. Most of the guys in my league can't believe I use my 3, 4, and 5 irons as well as I do (they have shifted to hybrids for the most part) but my high - launch irons do everything promised, and I hit them straight as well! My son loved the ZR driver I have so I bought him one last summer and he really smokes them!

Thanks for your great customer support, your quality and your great prices! I will be back for more clubs in the future I'm sure!”
Dec 09, 2008 ~ Anonymous “Thank you for your follow up on my recent order. I want to share with you a few comments about my experience with Pinemeadow Golf.

A few years ago I purchased a set of custom irons from Pinemeadow and have been very pleased with their performance. Recently, I'd been considering buying some hybrids but was unwilling to pay the $150-$200 price tag at local golf shops. When I received your email offering a great sales price on your Excel hybrids I decided to try them, especially with the guarantee. I was pleasantly surprised when you called upon receiving my order to offer your comments and suggested alternatives to my specifications.

The clubs made it cross-country and arrived a day ahead of the promised delivery date. They were very nicely packaged and looked great. I played with them the following day and was very pleased at their performance. In fact, a playing partner wanted to try one out on a difficult par 3. He almost aced the hole and said he was going to order some for himself.

In short, I am extremely pleased with both the quality and price of the equipment, and especially the excellent customer service I've received from Pinemeadow Golf. Best of luck for the future. ”
Dec 08, 2008 ~ J.R. “Thank you for you excellent customer service...... I have placed two different orders for the Chromax golf balls, and both times the delivery was made within two days of my orders.(unheard of in my experiences) So thank you for that excellent service. Also the balls are gifts, so I haven't any feedback for you as yet.... I'm also giving myself a couple of the golf balls, so when I play with them I will send you feedback...Thanks again for your excellent service.”
Dec 03, 2008 ~ Gary “I can't say enough about your company. Not only do you make & sell great products and have a well-designed website with loads of helpful information, but your customer service is the best. I asked an identical question just this week to a well known electronics vendor & they said they could not do what you have done. This combination of a great product and outstanding customer service has made me a customer for life - I will look nowhere else for my golfing needs.”
Nov 19, 2008 ~ Candie “I am so happy I found your website. I have always been a hacker and always felt frustrated after a round of golf.I ordered an Excel woman's driver and a 5 hybrid. Chris helped me custom order my clubs. It has taken about 3-4 weeks and I can tell you that I have really noticed an improvement in my game. I am having so much fun. Between my husband's private lessons and the Pinemeadow clubs, I have become addicted to golf and am having a lot of fun. Thank you so much for the excellent clubs and the exceptional service. I will be ordering a 3 hybrid pretty soon!”
Nov 17, 2008 ~ George “Thanks for the follow-up. I love my new 50 degree wedge and have already used it in play. I love Pine Meadow golf equipment and your fine service. I have 3 hybrids made by Pine Meadow in my bag, as well. I'm a 7 handicapper and your equipment is every bit as good as brand name and for a lot less.

Thanks, again. I'll be ordering from you in the future. ”
Nov 10, 2008 ~ D.B. “I took them out for the first time to the driving range yesterday and they are incredible!!!!! I am so happy with the way they feel and all. Will play a round later this week but already know I will be satisfied. Thanks for the super service also.”
Nov 07, 2008 ~ Andy C. “The repair and professional service is the best anyone could possibly ask for. Yes, I have hit the club yesterday and am totally satisfied with the results. Your business ethics are of the highest standards  and your communication is terrific. Thank You so much.”
Nov 06, 2008 ~ A.P. “I haven't had the opportunity to hit the new clubs. They appear perfectly great to me. If they are anything like the professional and personal service and treatment that was shown to me, they will be superb.

It has been years since I have been the recipient of such concern to insure I was satisfied with everything. I was especially impressed when I received a personal phone call requesting clarification on a left handed club in the order I had ordered it for my son who is left handed. If it turns out well for him, I will order a complete set of left handed hybrids for him. Based on the genuine way I was treated, those clubs will be purchased from you folks. A heartfelt thank you. ”
Nov 06, 2008 ~ Jay “Yes, I received my clubs last Wednesday. I took them out for the first time this weekend - had a rough time at the range before my round, but once I was on the course it was a whole different ballgame.

I don't know what it was, but the clubs felt like butter when striking the ball. I couldn't have asked for better iron play Saturday. Loved the upgraded Lamkin grips, the look of the irons were great (I had read reviews saying the finish looked amateurish, but it looked superb to me). I received compliments all around and played great.

Thanks for the follow up! ”
Nov 04, 2008 ~ Matthew “What a wonderful company. I have played with my clubs a few times and love them. I have been reading horror stories on forums of other clone companies who use sub standard materials to make their clubs. I am very satisfied w/ my product, great company! ”
Nov 04, 2008 ~ Nathan S. “Hi Chris,

Thanks for your follow up and your previous emails, I found the whole process to be very professional. I was able to track the clubs as they made their way around the world and they made it to my house within 4 days of shipping (there was a public holiday and a Sunday here as part of that.

I have only taken up golf in the past 6 months (having played probably 5-6 awful, 'I don't know what I'm doing' rounds in the previous 10 years). So recently I've been using rented clubs at golf courses and a set of clubs I bought second hand 10 years ago that could quite possibly be older than Bob Charles (I'm a Kiwi too). I conducted a lot of research before deciding on your product, and $1k Sing for a full set plus accessories shipped, as opposed to a name brand here for $2.5-3k Sing was an easy choice. The question mark for me was always going to be about quality of product.

So far I'm enjoying the pinemeadow variety very much with the irons being a lot more forgiving than previous sets I've used, and the hybrids being a great alternative to the 3 and 4 irons. The putter feels a good weight for me and the putts are dropping, and I'm liking the driver (although my swing doesn't and I'm slicing hell out of it) so I'm getting a lesson from a Singapore golf pro (his name is Mohammed Ali if you can believe it - too funny) this afternoon to make myself and said driver better friends.

Thanks again to all involved at pinemeadow, for your professional service and I'll be recommending your company to my friends here in Singapore and back in New Zealand.”
Nov 03, 2008 ~ Aaron “The order arrived as scheduled according to the shipping tracker. And, just to let you know, I traded up from the Nike SV wedges, and CPR irons to Pinemeadow BKs and could not be happier. Thank you.”
Oct 15, 2008 ~ D.F. “The club arrived promptly, as promised, and has been a joy to play. I’d avoided even carrying a 3-wood for several years, but this one has been productive from the first swing. I’m spreading the word to all of my golfing buddies – visit Pinemeadowgolf.com and start to enjoy golf at affordable prices!”
Oct 14, 2008 ~ C.B. “I received them on the 10th and I love them. In fact I have ordered an additional 2 wedges for my self and two other wedges for my son. I play in three different groups totaling 80 golfers and I would expect to refer numerous order for both clubs and wedges to Pinemeadow, especially if my command BK irons continue to be great to play..”
Oct 13, 2008 ~ Jim B. “Thank you for the follow up. I did receive the clubs and I am impressed with the quality and the fact that you have personally followed up on my order.

I will not have the opportunity to try the clubs until after Christmas. It is a gift to my nephew and his son. I have a golf date scheduled for 26 December with them and I will let you know the results.

I have all the confidence in your product as I have purchased two sets already and they perform extremely well.

PinemeadowGolf provides a service product to the average and beginner golfer that enables them to get into the game without the expensive costs associated with top brand names, expensive custom fitting, and grips.

It really does improve the individual’s game without draining their wallet. I am living proof.

Thank you and please feel free to use my emails as an endorsement of your product.”
Oct 10, 2008 ~ Josh O. “I received the club the day it was scheduled to arrive. It was Friday of last week I believe. I played a round with it earlier this week and I am very happy with the club. The head cover was not specified in the description that I recall, so that was a pleasant surprise.

I also bought a set of your Excel Strong clubs from my local Academy Sports had on clearance (last set in the store) to replace a loaner set I had been using. I have been really happy with them as well. The irons frustrate me a bit due to my own shortcomings when it comes to swinging them consistently, but I have a lot of fun using the 3 hybrids that came with the set. I actually enjoy playing the hybrids so much that I emailed your customer support, yesterday, about a custom set ( 6-PW rather than the 3-PW listed on your site ) to finish my hybrid set.

People will hear nothing but good things about you guys from me.”
Oct 10, 2008 ~ Corey F. “Thanks for the follow-up, in today's online marketplace, the courtesy of a follow-up and feedback email is close to unheard of; which is why your policy is so great! I got my clubs in a timely manner, although it didn't seem fast enough because of my excitement of their arrival, and they were undamaged and in pristine condition. I've used them in three rounds already and at the driving range several times and absolutely love them. I was somewhat sceptacle at first about switching from steel shafts on my irons to graphite but the transition has been flawless and has defiantly improved my swing. I want to commend Pinemeadow Golf on the amount of good and helpful information that I read thoroughly on your website before I made my choice. I will defiantly be buying from Pinemeadow again and will recommend your clubs and service to each of my friends and family members.

Thanks for your constant updates and service.”
Oct 07, 2008 ~ Cornell C. “This is the second or third purchase from Pinemeadow this year. I cannot begin to tell you how much of a pleasure it is to deal with your company. The clubs are great! I could not tell if they made any improvement in my score, as I play for recreation only. But, I can tell you that during the 18 holes that were played on Wednesday, I left the course feeling much more satisfied than I ever have after a round. Great clubs, great prices, great service! I will be buying all of my clubs from you in the future.”
Oct 07, 2008 ~ Skip M. “Thanks for the follow-up. I’ve been using my new clubs almost every day since they’ve arrived and I must say I’m completely impressed. The quality and workmanship is fantastic! I’m still learning to hit the hybrid clubs, but that’s coming along nicely. Your customer service is very impressive as well. Thanks again! ”
Oct 07, 2008 ~ Bob K. “Hi Clark, have received clubs last Thursday and have been used in 2 Hi School Matches by Grandson. Carries the 60 ,56 & 52 degree wedges. Hits the ball from the tee 280-290 and using your clubs. He is a junior. Just recently shot 79 / 18 holes on par 72 course. Was School Medalist on team. Have been very satisfied with your service and clubs.thanks”
Oct 06, 2008 ~ Greg “I have had several opportunities to hit my 'new' clubs and I love them. We played a tournament yesterday and I was very pleased with them all. The new Xeon Titan putter is taking a bit to get used to, though. I will need to spend more time with it to give a better evaluation. The ZR-1 drivers are awesome and my Excel Strong irons are doing just what they should with the new firm shafts.

Overall, I am very pleased and want to thank you all so much for the quick, professional service. I work for xxxxxxxx, so I know what level of effort goes into providing service that instills this need to brag about an experience one has with a business such as yours. I will continue to tell everyone about your quality products and stellar service.”
Oct 02, 2008 ~ C.H. “Aloha, Tom & Pinemeadowgolf Staff!!!!

Yes, I received my wonderful new set. It didn't take very long and great packing. I'm very impressed with the condition and the great looks of my new set and the Driver club & cover. Sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner, but my computer was giving me some problems.

Took my new clubs out to see if I could still make some contact at the practice range and was I happy! So I figured why not see how I'll do on the course with some of my buddies. I ended up shooting net 71 with the handicap that they allowed me to have, had two greenies and 12 skins. The last time that I played some golf with these guys they took my money and that was several years ago. They were all impressed with my new set and wouldn't believe me when I told them the cost was under $310.00 and that's with shipping! I plan to get out more golf in and make some change back!!

I told my friends that if they didn't believe me on my great deal to check it out at www.pinemeadowgolf.com. who knows maybe you'll have some new customers. Here in Hawaii we like to express our gratitude on a job well done by you and your staff in saying to you all Mahalo Nui Loa!!!!! Pronounced (Mah-Hah-Low Nuu-EE Low-ah) and Thank You Very Much!!!

ALOHA, TOM & STAFF C.H. ps Come and visit me here in Hawaii on the Big Island of Hawaii where the Volcano Isle.”
Oct 01, 2008 ~ E.R. “I did want to give you some feedback Clark after I had a couple rounds. I hit in a local chamber of commerce tournament today. The difference is astounding. I had some not-so-name brand clubs that I had used for a few years. I seem to be stuck at a certain point. Not ever able to get the edge. Well today, after hitting with the clubs, I can see myself going over the point I've been stuck at for so long. My distance improved by at least 40 yards on my drives. They were straighter and more accurate. The one thing I have to work on now is my aim. I did have a slice that would seem to be there no matter what. Now, I'm not saying it's gone, but it has really decreased. I actually hit straight! Wow! And those hybrids! Let's just say that my hits are straight and long. I love them! Thanks so much for such a great product. I'm sure that I'll be a customer for a long time!”
Sep 29, 2008 ~ Arvid “Thanks for the follow up Chris. I got the clubs, the command q's, and I like them. There is very little difference between them and the excell core clubs I bought several years ago, but I really like those clubs too. Everything is fine. I have offered to my friends to try the clubs but most just don't want to disturb their game, even tho some are playing with 25 year old clubs, some with bent shaft, etc....go figure. Your company is the best and the customer service is exactly what it should be...the customer first, no questions. Thanks, Arvid”
Sep 29, 2008 ~ Jim “Thanks for the follow-up. As usual, PinemeadowGolf is remarkable in the quality of both their equipment and customer service. The gap wedge is as expected, a great value. It will serve me well to plug a few holes in my game. The weight is nice, and the action is good. I have been a long time customer, as I am sure your records show. I have bought for myself, for friends, and for family. I also have turned a number of people on to your business, and they have many of your clubs in their bags. Why not, it only shows how smart we are to play with quality, without spending the kid's college. Thanks for providing such a great product, in such a professional and personal manner. I am sure there will be more business between you guys and me. Take care!”
Sep 22, 2008 ~ Don L “Hi Chris, I recieved the Command BK 3, 4 & 5 Hybrids on time and in great shape and instantly pulled the 3, 4, & 5 irons from my bag as they have only caused me agony lately. Today was the first chance I've had to try them and they performed beautifully, enabling me to record the lowest score to date this year. I'm a Senior golfer and, so far, these clubs have made golf fun again. This is my 2nd purchase this year from Pinemeadow (Command Driver) and I would not hesitate to order again if another club caught my fancy. My son also ordered a complete Command set--Woods and Irons earlier this year and , in fact, he was the one who put me on to your site. The clubs are well made, look terrific and just feel right. Thanks again, Pinemeadow”
Sep 22, 2008 ~ Nik “Just to give you a little background, I'm a beginner that just started swinging not too long ago. It's been about a month and a half since I started and I've been using my dad's old clubs (he has really old Ping Eye drivers and irons). So far I've hit with my new driver about four times at the driving range. I do have to say, it feels a lot better than using the old clubs. I tend to slice the ball to the right a lot though, but I think it's because of my swing and not the club. When I do hit the ball straight on, which is seldom, I can really feel like I'm in control of the club and can feel the ball shoot off the club, which I love. The putter is great. I could tell it was high quality right when I picked it up for the first time. I hit with the putter a couple of times and it's like the driver, great.

I appreciate the customer service that Pinemeadow Golf provides to its customers. This is the first time that someone has followed up with me personally about a product I've purchased from them. Great service, and please, keep up the good work. When I get better and start looking for irons, I'll talk to you again and tell you how much I love the irons I've just purchased from Pinemeadow Golf.

Thanks a bunch! ”
Sep 16, 2008 ~ M.H., Austria (not Australia) “I'm so happy! My Command Hybrid Set has been arrived on Wednesday punctually. Now after three days golfing my first impression: easy to hit, easy to play. Quality: extraordinary! It was the best decision thrusting Pinemeadow.

I'm proud wearing the Pinemeadow cap and being a "Pinemeadow Golfer".

Cordial regards, M.H., Austria (not Australia) ”
Sep 11, 2008 ~ Buddy “Got to hit my clubs twice in the past 3 weeks. I know that doesn't sound like much, but with major Storm after storm here, I am lucky to have had those two chances. I hit them at the range for a large bucket and I got to play 9 holes right before Hurricane Gustav ripped our golf courses up.

I love the weight of the BK clubs. It is obvious to me the upgraded grips were a good move and the feel of the club in my hands gives me more confidence from the start. Im still trying to learn my new distances with these clubs as I hit my old PW 110 or so, but this one i can crank it to 130. So the new clubs are giving me more distance right out of the box. Its gonna take much more range time for me to finally figure out my distances with each club, but I cant be any happier with this outcome. The hybrids are very new to me and they will take some getting used to. With my old clubs I would hit my 5 iron (when i didn't chili dip it) around 175. When I hit this 5 hybrid, its closer to 200. and I still have a 3 and 4 hybrid iron in the bag.

Looks like my fairway woods just got obsolete. It would seem, once I get the distances settled, that all I will need to add to my Command BK Iron set is a putter and a driver since the hybrids hit so long. My 9 hole game was great! I hit a 42 (par 36) on a very wet course. That appx. 4 strokes off my handicap for 9 holes! A lot of that I think has to do with confidence in your clubs, and they feel so good in my hands that I was swinging for the fences each time. In summary, they hit long, feel great and provide the user with that 'custom made' confidence. I highly recommend Pinemeadow to all golfers looking for clubs. ”
Sep 08, 2008 ~ Charlie “Chris, Thanks for your follow up email. I did receive my driver and wedge as promised on 9/4/08. I played them on Friday 9/5 & Sunday 9/7 and I am thrilled with them. I am a new golfer who just started playing this year. I bought a set of very inexpensive clubs (read CHEAP!) as a starter set in July and though I was doing okay until I played a round with a friends Pinemeadow Driver and 3 wood, I liked the clubs and thought I would give your firm a try. Boy was I amazed at how much better I am driving the ball with my Pinemeadow Driver, I have easily added 30 yards off the tee, I am thrilled. I only had two opportunities to use my 60 wedge, but it performed beautifully both times. I am going to purchase a complete new set in the spring, and Pinemeadow is on the top of my list.

Thanks for a great product. Regards, Charlie”
Sep 03, 2008 ~ John in Ireland “Hi Chris

Many thanks. UPS delivered my Pinmeadow Excel Strong Hybrid Iron Set to my home in Dublin, Ireland just 8 days after I had ordered them which really impressed me. I took them (nervously) to the range that same day and off the mat, I was amazed that I consistently hit straighter and further than I had ever hit with my old clubs. I include the 3, 4 and 5 hybrids and all of the irons in that comment.

I have so far only had one opportunity to play on the course. The irons were great with noted improvements in distance and accuracy. My biggest problem was overshooting the green a few times with my new 9-iron as compared with my old one. I think that I can work on that one!! I had a little more trouble mastering the hybrids on the fairway but hit enough good shots with them to know how well they are capable of performing. However I have not yet got my technique quite right for consistency, though I feel confident that it will come.

The whole package was really great value, even when Irish VAT and duty and UPS transport charges are included. Your website is a mine of information and I really liked the concept that I was able to select from a menu of options so that in effect, my clubs are tailor made for me. As it was a long distance order, I liked the fact that I could pick up the phone and talk to you about what I was thinking of ordering and gain confidence that I was making a good choice for my game. I also liked the fact that I could track the delivery of my order on the UPS website.

As you may imagine I had shopped around local golf outlets and did not feel that I would could achieve the degree of tailoring, customer service at anything approaching your prices even when shipping and local taxes are included. I found you on a general search for golf club suppliers of the internet. Initially my search was only to check prices, but your website's wide scope and helpfulness attracted my attention.

While new clubs do not a golfer make, I feel confident that these clubs will increase my percentage chances of becoming more consistent. BRGDS & thanks to all who contributed to making and delivering my clubs.”
Sep 03, 2008 ~ John “I received my order in exactly 7 business days as advertised. Took them out and played yesterday and I am very pleased with them. I have been struggling mightily with my irons this summer, frustrated to the point of quitting,

Yesterday I shot an 86 on what is one of the more difficult courses I play on. The The Synchron II 11 & 13 woods allowed me to hit alot more greens in two, something I have not been able to do with my irons. My wife was so surprised at how well I hit your clubs the very first time that she has asked me to order some of your Pinemeadow Excel Hybrids for her bag.

You've made a customer for life. I'm sure over the coming years that my golf bag will be filled with more and more of your fine products.

Thank you. John”
Aug 27, 2008 ~ Ian C. “Well, after a delay in Hawaii, due to mechanical problems with the plane, the clubs arrived at my front door at noon Thurs 21 Aug. (20th, your time), in excellent condition. I must say the black finish looks immaculate!! I have now played two lots of nine holes, the second being just this morning, and I'm very pleased with them. I have only just joined Port Macquarie Golf Club, and the course is proving quite difficult for me.....I'm nearly 72 and not a class act, golfwise, that is.....but I was playing very well today, using the 3 Wood off the tee and the 2 Hybrid down the fairway on the par 4's and 5's. I even parred a longish Par 3 using the 2 Hybrid off the tee. I'm very happy...best clubs I've had, and I'm sure the black finish makes them go further and straighter.”
Aug 26, 2008 ~ Gail “Hi: I did receive my clubs Friday and am excited to try them this Tuesday, August 26. They look great and I am hoping they help me out because my 3 wood has not been working! I have been very impressed with your service by the way I continued to receive emails about my order and now this follow-up! I love good service and this has been a great experience. I will let you know how they work after my game on Tuesday! Thank you. Gail ”
Aug 26, 2008 ~ Kevin G. “Two weeks ago I bought a driver and a putter, If it tells you anything I just bought a whole set of clubs!!!! I do not golf with "high dollar" clubs but I don't know it, these are the sweetest clubs I have ever golfed with!! shipping AWESOME, customer service FANTASTIC, clubs and merchandise SPECTACULAR thanks for making this a great experience!! ”
Aug 25, 2008 ~ Bob M. “UPDATE: I purchased these near a month ago. Build quality is incredible. During one of my golf lessons with one of our local Pros, he thought they were to short and asked me to stop by to be measred. Before I had a chance to get measured, I contacted PMG.

They advised I could return the clubs and they would reshaft them for Free. Needless to say my Pro said they were right on the button sized by PMG's online sizing guide. So I continued practicing with them.. Call it preference but I just had a hard time getting used to the black surface. I guess everyone has different opinions on how their clubs should look.

Needless to say I spoke with Chris and he wanted me to be 100% happy with my order. I now have a set of Command Q's being produced with upgraded shafts and grips. They should hold up for the years to come. The bottom line is if you have any concerns with this online company. I can assure you that these guys will take good care of you and stand behind their product and their guarantee. To top it off. these clubs went on sale and I was refunded $50.00 into my checking account in 3 days. This is a first class company that I have nothing but praise for. Thanks Chris and Pinemeadow Golf”
Aug 20, 2008 ~ Dave “Thanks for the great customer support and concern. Clubs were received last Friday and are just as expected (this is my second set). It's truly a joy to order from a company that understands and, willing to send to an APO, thanks for supporting all us Government and military employees! Out of all the mail order companies I deal with, Pinemeadowgolf has always been the fastest to have orders processed and shipped.

Thanks again, Dave”
Aug 20, 2008 ~ Thomas “Clark, Thanks for the email. I went to the range and hit the driver, 3 wood, hybrid 2, 5 iron, aw, sw, and pw. I am hitting better then I have with the other clubs I have tried. I am a beginner of sorts and my expectations are low. That being said, I am thrilled with my clubs despite being a novice and yalls customer service is A plus. I am writing in PINEMEADOW GOLF for president. Yall set the Par (no pun intended) for customer service and I have told all my golf friends and work collegues about yall. THanks again and hook a brother up with a PINEMEADOW hat huh??? GOD BLESS. Thomas Ryan ”
Aug 18, 2008 ~ J.M. “I received the new irons last Friday, one week after I ordered them. Everything was in good order.

I am thrilled with my new Pine Meadow Command Q irons. I ordered them with graphite shafts. They are very soft and forgiving. It appears to me that the key to getting the most out of the club is to swing it gently with tempo, not trying to overpower the club. With a good swing, the ball jumps off the face of the club and travels a good 10 or 15 yards further than the comparable club of my old iron set. Even with a bad swing and hit, the ball tends to go pretty much in the direction it was aimed, but not quite as far and a little off-line. I would definitely recommend your product to anyone looking for a new iron set and the price is about half of that of the name-brand product at the end of season sales, but with metal shafts.”
Aug 14, 2008 ~ B.L. “Thank You Clark, I honestly am very excited to get them and head out to the nearest course!

Just so you know how I found pinemeadow, here is my story. I was considering new clubs and I have been shopping on-line, at the local Edwin watts, academy sports etc...I'm a big shopper on-line and a self proclaimed ebay-a-holic. But nothing I had found really stood out in the quality and affordable range. As I was walking thru Academy Sports one day, I found a putter with an LSU Tigers Grip! Stunned, I bought it on the spot and headed home. After putting in the house for a day or so, I got to wondering what brand of putter did I buy? I see Pinemeadow stamped on the bottom. Im the curious type, so I googled it and the rest is history.

Your site is a great resource and your guys do a wonderful job. I will be sure to keep you in the loop on my thoughts with the new clubs as soon as I can.

All the best, ”
Aug 11, 2008 ~ JR “Clark I have already had a chance to hit them and WOW! They feel great and are so easy to hit I was able to drop 16 strokes of my normal game I believe the clubs have a lot to do with that. Also I think they contribute to the confidence in my mind knowing that I have the clubs fit to me so I can get the job done. I have already told all my golfing friends about your website so they can go for their golfing needs and a majority of them have already checked it out. As for me I will be ordering the lightning driver, excel 3 wood, and a blade putter in the very near future. I will be adding some feedback on your website later on tonight after I come home from work.”
Aug 11, 2008 ~ Trevor “Chris,

Thanks for checking in! I received the clubs last Tuesday, but didn't have a chance to take them to the driving range until yesterday. I LOVE these new clubs! As it was, I was using an OLD set of clubs-rusted irons and wooden woods. This is my first real set of clubs, which my parents bought me for my birthday! I'm a lucky guy! :)

I will admit I was a little leery at the prospect of buying clubs online, but your return policy and year warranty made it look like a safer bet. Not to mention all the positive feedback your customers left!

I am extremely satisfied with my clubs, I hit some beautiful shots yesterday! The driver was a real blast to hit, made some nice shots with it. I would never typically attempt to hit a 3 wood off the fairway, but I really surprised myself by hitting some straight, perfect shots right off the grass. The irons feel solid--when I hit the ball right I can't even feel the contact, it's so smooth. I'm also glad I put up the extra $$ for the Winn grips too, I never knew a club could feel so comfortable. Consider me a customer for life, and I'll be sure to tell my friends and fellow golfers to give you guys a shot!

By the way, what do you recommend for cleaning the clubs? Is there anything else I should do to keep the clubs in good shape?

Thanks, Trevor”
Aug 06, 2008 ~ DL “Good morning Tom, Thank you for check-up. I did receive the clubs on time (rather quick delivery, to be honest. The order was placed with Pinemeadow on a Tuesday morning, and the clubs were in my hands by noon on that Friday).

I haven't been able to hit the course with them yet, but have done some early testing with them at driving ranges. The feel and hit is very nice, and I find that I hit much straighter with them than my previous clubs. I've also gained an iron over my previous shots (i.e. the Excel Strong 9 iron hits as far as my previous 8 iron did, etc.) which will take some getting used to, I think

A friend of mine joined me at the driving range to test these clubs out (he has Callaway X-18 irons, and a Big Bertha driver) and found that he actually preferred the Excel Strong irons over his X-18s, which I think is a pretty impressive compliment to you. He even commented that if he had known about Pinemeadow a few months ago, he'd have happily purchased your clubs rather than the X-18s.”
Aug 06, 2008 ~ S.C. “Thanks, folks. I have to tell you about my golf round today. At the beginning of the summer, I ordered a full set of the ZR-1s. I had always struggled to hit a drive that did not slice, and to hit iron shots that had any sort of a high trajectory. I had been happy to every once in a while break into the 90's for 18 holes.

I spent quite a bit of time at the range with my new clubs and played a few rounds of golf. Today, I went out and shot an 87! An 87! Ok, it was not Pebble Beach, or anywhere close to being a hard course, but it was a legitimate 87. The drives (mostly) were straight, the irons (mostly) were nice and high, and my new Pinemeadow putter was great. The highlight was recovering from a lousy drive by hitting my 4-hybrid from 165 yards and leaving the ball 5 feet from the pin, for a follow-up birdie!

I get some of the credit for working hard on my grip and my swing, but I give you and your clubs much of the credit as well. Thanks so much!”
Jul 30, 2008 ~ B.P. “I got my ZR1 driver on Wednesday. Oh the inner turmoil.... nice weather, go golfing? Or.... be an adult and study for my college Meteorology final that I had to take the next day? Well... I studied, yet agonized about that new driver that I had quickly moved to my golf bag. So finally today, Friday, I at least got to go to the driving range over my lunch break. I took only my driver with me (mind you, I had also ordered another hybrid). I can barely wait to hit the course: This ZR1 driver ROCKS! It is absolutely amazing! And - just like you told me - it truly is one hot looking driver, despite my initial lack of enthusiasm for the style. My golf trip to the Legacy courses is only 2 weeks away, and I'm stoked! So here's to you, Clark and Pinemeadow - two thumbs up. What's in my bag is 100% Pinemeadow and I carry the allowed 14 clubs:

ZR1 driver (G10 style), Excel Strong 3 wood, ZR1 Hybrid 3 & 5 (G5 style), Excel Strong irons: 3-SW, and the Xeon 9 putter. Not to mention, I LOVE the Neutron orange and pink balls. While my golf bag is now full and complete, don't be surprised if you see me order more Neutron balls or a Pinemeadow hat. (P.S. You need to make those hats in a female version with pink, lime green, orange, etc.) And did I tell you my boyfriend carries all Pinemeadow (except putter... gotta work on that one...) His clubs are all ZR1's that compare to G5s. He has ZR1 driver, 5 wood, Hybrid 3 & 4, irons 5-SW and a 68* wedge. He was in a United Way fundraiser tournament today and his group won without any of the "buy a mulligan" deals. It was Best Ball and he carried most of the holes so his teammates had to try out his clubs. Pinemeadow is getting great exposure here in the Minneapolis area.

I don't recall specifically where I first heard about Pinemeadow - I'm only ecstatic that I did. Look over my orders and the order from a friend (he bought me my irons). You will see I am both your most challenging customer but also your most satisfied customer and your greatest fan. Thanks for your help and your patience. You really did get the right clubs in my hands. Kudos to you and everyone at Pinemeadow for helping promote the love of golf by making superior quality products affordable, backed by customer service that is truly second to none! ”
Jul 29, 2008 ~ Jason “Hello Tommy,

My clubs arrived at 11:35 this morning, and I was on the golf course 4 hours later. I am very pleased with this set of hybrids, as I've increased my tee shots by about 40 yards, and they're much easier to hit than conventional clubs.

My brother (who is a more experienced golfer than I) was with me as he was very skeptical about my Pinemeadow Golf order of a complete set of hybrids, but after the first 9 holes, he was using my Excel Strong Hybrids, and he'll be placing an order tomorrow for the same complete set I purchased.

I want to thank you very much for your patience and help in my ordering, and I'll be making a very positive review about Pinemeadow golf and this complete set of clubs, as I'm now convinced that Pinemeadow golf clubs are second to none when it comes to quality and price. Thanks again. ”
Jul 15, 2008 ~ Anonymous “Love the sand wedge. It has really helped my short game. After spending half a round getting used to the Command Q4 driver, my tee shots are straighter (I left the weights as they came for a high trajectory), added 10 - 20 yards to finally break 200 yards on almost all of my tee shots and 3 out of 4 are hitting the fairway. I am almost always dead on where I aim with the fairway woods. Overall in about 2 1/2 rounds, I've gained so much confidence and improved accuracy, I've shaved 15 stokes off my score. I have broken 110 for the first time (105 and 109) which was my year end goal, and this is my first year of golfing.”
Jul 10, 2008 ~ Greg B “I would like to thank Pine Meadow Golf for assisting my game. I had been utilizing outdated Golf Technology products as I was swinging 7 years ago product of the year. I was lucky to find Pinemeadow thru a member of a foursome. Subsequently I chatted with a professional at Pinemeadow online regarding my height, weight, swing speed and they assisted me. Two days later after checking my swing speed at a local range I ordered the ZR 1's and have found that the hybrid is something that I can command from the 3 and 4 Iron. The height, weight, etc worked extremely well and I can thank Pine Meadow for assisting my game. I just came off my 4th round of under 90 after shooting over 95 for 8 years. My next order will be the Driver and a new bag. Again, A + for service, A + for delivery. Thank you.”
Jun 20, 2008 ~ PB “These were for my son.

We received them last Friday.

We hit balls that same Friday night.

We played last Sunday morning. He has played twice since. He loves them and has knocked about 10 strokes off his game, just in confidence alone. These clubs (brand name) would have cost me over $1000. I got him an additional sand wedge AND a 3 wood, all for just over $200. He loves his new clubs but not nearly as much as I loved the price – you guys are the best.”
Jun 11, 2008 ~ B.H. “First and foremost, I would like to say Pinemeadow's Customer Service is top notch! I received the Command Hybrid Iron set a couple of weeks ago. The ordering and shipping process were simple and straight forward. Everything you would expect or like to happen does with this company. Ok the clubs, I have gone to the range once and played two rounds with them so far. I am a casual golfer trying to become an avid golfer. I shoot around 100, if I break 100 I am estastic. The clubs are great. My shots were definitely straighter and longer. They look fantastic and I couldn't be happier with the price & the product. Thank you PMG! You have a customer for life...”
Jun 09, 2008 ~ JD “Hello Clark,

just wanted you to know that my DW Hybrids arrived last week and my Command Q Irons arrived two days ago. The New polished finish on these Irons is just wonderful. They really have a nice look to them. I have not had a chance to use the irons yet but am looking forward to this coming week. It has been raining the last two days here in New England :-( I have used the hybrids and they have performed better than I had expected. I have left a review of the hybrids clubs on your Web site. I still have a Sand Wedge and a New Putter coming this Monday. Then the only thing left for me is a New DW Driver and 3 Wood which I am hoping will be in stock soon. Thank you for the follow up and I am very happy with Pinemeadow Golf and your wonderful customer service. ”
May 30, 2008 ~ A.G. “I would just like to say thanks to Pinemeadow for the excellent customer service and quick shipping that I received. I made 2 changes to my order last minute, both of them were handled properly and I received the clubs on the exact date they were guaranteed to come.

Thanks for the awesome clubs and I will be making all of my future club purchases from Pinemeadow. Please forward this on to the appropriate people in you company.


Satisfied Customer ”
May 28, 2008 ~ Dennis D. “...You guys have one of the best Customer Service of any place I have dealt with..I worked for 15 years at Norm Thompson's which has excellent service that few places match. PMG is the only place that has exceeded them..thanks Dennis ”
May 14, 2008 ~ Eddie C “Having used clone blades for the past 5 years, I was certain that the savings offered by "Going Clone" was the way to go. So I jumped on the internet and was on my way to purchase a new set. As I pulled up several vendors to comparison shop, I found that I kept getting lost at the other sites by poor webpage design and therefore, I kept coming back to the PM site for reference.

I have to say this site is the easiest to use and is “The” gold standard in the industry. This is the first reason I decided to buy from PM. Because I want my internet shopping experience to be quick and easy. I also found it was the only site to offer basic club fitting information as well as easy access via hyperlink for upgrading shafts and grips. All this with descriptions and pictures and the program never strays away from your shopping cart! Anyway, I'm sure you've noticed the same because there are way to many sites out there that loose business in the first few clicks because they are too cluttered and confusing.

So I placed my order, got the clubs within days and took them straight to the range. MAN HAVE I BEEN STOKED!! Each club hits the sweet spot and I certainly needed that as an 82+ golfer. Having never used hybrids, I'll never go back. The 3-5 hybrids make the difference on and off the ruff. I no longer carry 3-5 woods because of it. I upgraded to the graphite shafts and am glad I did. My shots are coming off the club straight and true. On ball strike, I rarely get any vibration unless I totally miss the ball and chunk it. I’ve played 10 times on a few different courses and my experience has been the same throughout. I am very satisfied and have quickly shaved some strokes off my game. I also believe I’m hitting the ball further than I used to. Buy these clubs!

They are well worth the price at a discount of 70% compared to name brand and are well served by a company that still knows the meaning of customer service and satisfaction.”
May 13, 2008 ~ Ben “Hi there, this isn't really a question. I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service you provided me alongside your fine product. After having to change my delivery location, it was refreshing to be able to call and talk to a real person (who picked up after one ring!). The customer service rep was a pleasure to deal with. Your golf clubs are fantastic. I have been out to the range almost every day and have had the chance to play one round since receiving the clubs last week. I'm a new golfer and your clubs are making the experience much more enjoyable than it was with my old (really old) clubs. ”
Apr 18, 2008 ~ C.S. “One of the best companies in the market today. Great products and craftsmanship. Best prices gong and excellent communication, not to mention the east of purchase and quality unsurpassed by none in this marketing area. I'm very happy with the Pinemeadow Golf and so are the rest of my family and friends with their products. Thank you Pinemeadow it's a please doing business with you. ”
Mar 18, 2008 ~ P. Ok. “Went out the first time, usually hit from the White Tees but decided to use the Blue Tees, I'm a 13-15 Hdcp and shot a 82 with a Snowman and a Double Boogie.I was using a 7 Iron when I use to use a 5 Iron. The irons went threw the Ball like butter. 3 wood hit the ball like a missile and Driver I was a little inconsistent.

First time using them I have to say I was Most Impressed. Can't wait to get out there for round two. Your pictures on the web site don't do the clubs justice. Main reason I went with your company was the Customer input and the general look of your clubs, and of course the cost. so when I opened the box, I was even happier that they looked better in person. Taylor Made would have cost me around $2000.00 for Irons and Woods and your Company can bring the same experience at a fraction of the cost.

Thank You again and I will and already have recommended you company to friend and family.”
Mar 17, 2008 ~ Anonymous “This is the second time i purchase from Pinemeadow Golf and I am extremely pleased with the service and the product. I talk about my purchase with others and encourage them to try my product so they can also purchase from Pinemeadow Golf.”
Feb 29, 2008 ~ EM “Tommy- I have just received the order. Everything looks great and I am looking forward to going to the driving range this weekend. The product was exactly as it is described on the website and the packing was great. Your company really did a great job, the customer service was great, communication was great and the shipping was very quick!”
Feb 21, 2008 ~ E.M “Thank you for the updates. Your communication and prices are superior to anything that I have seen. I am looking forward to receiving the order and trying the clubs out. I will also send as many people as I can your way. I am absolutely thrilled so far with everything.”
Jan 30, 2008 ~ T.M. “This is my third purchase from PineMeadow Golf, and if it is as good as the first two (The first, a driver and a 5 wood - - and the second, a putter and a terrific hat) then I remain convinced in this company's committment to customers. This third order is because my golfing partners liked the hat so much, they want one. ”
Jan 23, 2008 ~ Jack “Excellent transaction. Positive call from Pinemeadow about shaft to make sure I would be happy with the selection due to length. Excellent delivery time. I like the clubs. I was surprised that the hybrids (5&3)were as short shafted as they are, even with two inches added. they are shorter that my 11 and 9 woods. I like them. I should have checked that (length) more completly. I would like to see the higher loft's added to your product line for left handed golfers. the eleven wood was as high as I could go. By the time summer rolls around I should be dialed in. Very straight shots and I just need to get comfortable with ball placement and the swing needed. I think I will bring my handicap down two strokes if not more. I'm 58 years old and a 9.4 now. I've been golfing for three years. Thanks, Jack ”
Jan 11, 2008 ~ Anonymous ““Thank you for the replacement putter! This is almost unbelievable, but after playing 2 rounds with the new putter, I have shaved 10-12 strokes off my game. I am thrilled about that! Even my near misses are just that "near misses", thanks to the control this putter gives me. I will post a review on the site, but I wanted to send you an email first to thank you and the other staff for all your help. My friends think I am genius for having found PineMeadow, but I think you guys are the geniuses. One friend was so impressed with the price and the quality, that her and her boyfriend are looking to purchase some new clubs from you guys she is the one I passed the extra putter on to, btw.

My next planned purchase are going to be PineMeadow wedges as soon as I figure out which loft(s) I should go for. I am going to build� my bag club by club and I can assure you that they will all be Pinemeadow Clubs!

Thank you once again for your superior customer service and great products. Happy New Year!””
Jan 02, 2008 ~ Kristen “I would like to leave my testimonial for the great service I experienced in my recent purchase.

First, I know nothing about golf, and secondly myhusband is a beginner as well. I set out back in October to buy him a set of clubs for Christmas adn I stumbled upon this webiste. What an amazing find!

My husband would have bought himself the least expensive clubs he could find-- a generic set from one of the big sporting goods chains-- I wanted him to have something better, something he wouldn't "grow out of" too quickly.

I contacted a "golf guru" and these guys were such a great help! I had read a lot on the website and had a pretty good idea about clubs in general, but my guru was able to help me design a custom set of clubs for my husband that was able to impress him with the quality and performance and stay within my budget. He is now bragging to everyone who willlisten about how great pine meadow is...His experience is only with the "end product."

My expereience with pinemeadowgolf.com was fantastic. From the live-chat, to the series of personal emails selecting clubs and a bag for my husband, answering my numerous (and probably obvious) questions, to following up with shipping emails and phone calls when my credit card info didn't seem correct. I shop online frequently and it isn't often that I have found a webiste that has it all-- great look, easy navigation, excellent and personal customer support, quality product and outstanding value!

Thank you so much for making my husband's (and my) Christmas fantastic!”
Dec 12, 2007 ~ Josh L. “Pinemeadow is a custom golf club manufacturer. They make affordable clubs that are either original designs or close replicas ("clones") of other famous brands.

First off, their website is really awesome. As a beginning golfer, all I had to do was answer a series of questions about my height, weight, etc and they did an online custom fitting for me. I also read their "Golf Clubs 101" section and learned a ton about golf clubs. Cool!

I then proceeded to order a Command Hybrid 3 Iron and Command Hybrid 4 Iron, as well as a 3 Wood they had on sale. When you order clubs you get a ton of choices to customize them: length, grip, shaft, etc. Once the clubs are ordered, prepare for the email barrage to begin!. First you get an email confirming your order, then an email telling you the clubs have entered production. Finally, an email telling you the clubs are being shipped and what the tracking number is. It's great to have that level of automated customer feedback. More online retailers should do this!

Anyway, bottom line is that these hybrids turned out to be amazing clubs. I think I hit them better than any other clubs in my bag at this point. I would recommend them for any beginning golfer.”
Nov 13, 2007 ~ George S “Hey just got my golf clubs in today…….they are great! I shot a 128 yesterday with out them, and today I shot a 98. I would just like to commend you on your outstanding customer service. I have already found 2 people to buy clubs from you, and you should see there orders today or tomorrow. Thanks again, George S.

Nov 13, 2007 ~ anonymous “Very good products with great turnaround on orders. In the past their customer service has been terrific in helping me add to my order.”
Oct 24, 2007 ~ Peter from Prague “Sunday order, Thursday in Prague, Monday after customs, VAT etc. via UPS by me - the Bloc 455 cc driver, 12 degree It is the best I ever had, driving distance +40 meters, without any slice!!! It is a new order for players like me. I will recommend your golf clubs as often as I can. thanks for the product for excellent price!”
Oct 16, 2007 ~ Issac “I feel like Pinemeadow Golf has given me excellent bang for my buck. I took advantage of the 50% off sale on pre-owned clubs and, combined with a promotional code I received from a friend, was able to assemble a great set of clubs at nowhere near the price I would have paid anywhere else. I'm confident that I will be able to use the set I assembled for a long time, and that's important to me as a beginning golfer. I selected my "new" set to be forgiving enough on me as a beginner, but competitive enough to last as my skill increases. I am confident that I couldn't have built such a set at such a low price point anywhere else. I can't wait until I can play a round with my new set!”
Oct 12, 2007 ~ Steve “I received the putter yesterday afternoon which I had ordered from your company and just wanted to send a memo to confirm delivery. I have not had a chance to use it on the course but did do some practice putting in my family room. Very satisified with the design and manufacturing of the putter. The weight and balance of the club is what I had hoped it would be, and finally found a center shaft putter I am really going to enjoy and purchased this at a very reasonable price. Your company does very fine work and what I read on your site before ordering proved to be exact.

I am so glad that I ran across your web site while searching the web for center shaft putters. I will return to your site for future purchase of more golf clubs. Thank you so much for being a direct ordering manufacturing company, which eliminates all middle men.

Thanks again-- Steve- Have a safe, blessed and happy day!!!”
Oct 12, 2007 ~ Trudy “I have only had one transaction prior to this one, but they have been most friendly and cooperative, and their products are very good at the price. I will more than likely be a customer in the future. ”
Oct 08, 2007 ~ anonymous “I checked out Callaway X20 at my local golf store and was taken aback by the $1200 price tag (CDN). After reading all the positive reviews on Pinemeadow, I thought what the heck, for $200 bucks I'll try them out. I ordered Excel strong irons and the #3 Excel strong hybrid. I received my clubs on time and I was very impressed with the way the looked and felt. Very comparable to X20's. I've played a few rounds with these clubs and have not noticed a huge difference in my score. I did shoot a 44 on the front nine of a very challenging course in my area(the Oaks of St.George) only to see my score on the back nine rise to my usual 58. These clubs are easy to hit, but if you really want to improve your score, take some lessons. I signed up for a series of 3 lessons in my hometown after my second round with these clubs and hopefully will be breaking 90 by next spring. Am I impressed with these clubs?...Yes. Would I buy from Pinemeadow again?...yes. Would I recommend Pinemeadow to others?...Absolutley. Why pay all that money for brand names? Thanks Pinemeadow.”
Oct 04, 2007 ~ Dr. Mike “Every company should be as responsive and professional as Pinemeadow Golf.

What a joy to find superior customer service tied to a superior product. WOW!

Let me acknowledge, I haven't play a round of golf for over a decade and have always had an uncontrollable slice from the tee.

Initially, I purchased the Hybrid Graphite ZR1 Iron Set, as well as, the Hybrid 2 Iron. Because I hit the ball straighter and longer than I did a decade ago, I subsequently ordered the ZR1 Offset Ti Driver, and 3 Wood with the NV 75 shaft, the 60 degree Tour Leader Wedge and Xeon 9 Putter with an Extra Stiff Graphite Shaft to complete the set.

I'm sure these clubs are comparable to the Ping G5 at half the price. I know you will be as satisfied as I am with both the quality and service of PMG. Just go for it!”
Oct 04, 2007 ~ Joel P “You guys are the best! As someone who used to be a custumer service lead for a large company and who's current job involves interacting with customers I know outstanding customer service when I see it. If the quality of your product is half as good as your service, you've just made me a customer for life.”
Sep 25, 2007 ~ Raymond “What a club! What a company! I was treated as though I bought a set of Bobby Jones edition hybrids and I only bought a sale item, a Pinemeadow Excel Hybrid wood, but boy what a beauty! I used it the day I received it and shot a 42 on the front nine of my favorite course. Thank You Pinemeadow you have a new loyal customer and maybe a few more as I was asked about this club with great interest. Game On! ”
Sep 13, 2007 ~ Brent M “Thank you very much. Your company has the best customer service I have EVER dealt with, and your clubs are awesome too. Normally with a small mix up like mine it would have taken days to hear back from a company but you had it totally resolved in less than 1 hour from the time I emailed you, unbelievable! I was sold on Pinemeadows just from the quality of the clubs I received, but with customer service like this I will never buy clubs anywhere else and I will be sure to tell everyone I run into on the course about Pinemeadows.”
Aug 28, 2007 ~ Anonymous “I am a long time customer of Pinemeadow Golf. They have been an excellent online merchant. They deliver their clubs quickly and their products are a very good value. They also stand behind their products.”
Aug 28, 2007 ~ Lefty “I have been very pleased with my purchases from Pinemeadow golf. I recomend Pinemeadow to everyone I play golf with. I am very excited to receive my clubs, though used I still feel they will be in great shape and help improve my game. I like how Pinemeadow offers preowned clubs. ”
Aug 28, 2007 ~ Anonymous “It's always been a ploeasant and rewarding expeience to deal with Pinemeadow golf. I have recommended them to all of my friends and family.”
Aug 24, 2007 ~ anonymous “Ordering is very easy and quality of products very good. This is the third time I have ordered from this site and I have been very happy with every purchase. I would highly recommend this site.”
Aug 22, 2007 ~ Brad S “Pinemeadow is a 1st rate organization all the way. from submitting the order, to its final delivery they were super. This is some of the finest customer service I have ever seen. Keep up the good work !!!”
Aug 08, 2007 ~ Bill Sprenkle “Dear Sir,

I just wanted to write and let you know how impressed I am with what I have seen of your service so far. If your product is anything like your communications, it has to be GREAT. I have NEVER seen online customer service like I have received todate. I can't wait to receive my new clubs. I will certainly tell all my golfing buddies about this service. I have already told them of your website. Thank you so much, this is what American service should be.

Aug 08, 2007 ~ Fred “The best company,products,prices and service of any online company I have dealt with. I am a greatly satisfied customer. ”
Jun 26, 2007 ~ Jeff “This was the first time at Pinemeadow Golf. I must say that your web-site was very easy to navigate. I very much liked the reviews from your customers. These reviews are what helped make a decision to purchase the driver I most liked. Keep up the good work and I will be returning to your site. Best regards, Jeff”
Jun 05, 2007 ~ Mark Ambler “You guys are great!! I just received my putter from UPS just a couple of seconds ago and I am more than pleased!! The funny thing about this whole order was that I clicked onto your site by accident (or fate) looking for something else. I had been eyeing a Odyssey 3-Ball putter since they came out, but couldn't afford one. So when I happened upon your sit an saw the the M-5 putter I had to have one. You custom built it to my specs, for a quarter of the price of the of the Odyssey, and it shipped in a quarter of the time you said it would take to get here!!! I love this putter and I haven't even used it on the course yet! Feel free to use this email as a testimonial to you guys!

Again great job, Mark Ambler Very Satisfied Customer ”
Apr 10, 2007 ~ Rob “WOW I ordered a set of Excel Mid Launch plus irons and they are fantastic. I recieved the order in 2 days. The first time out on the range I was hitting one club better and with very little effort. I am a very occasional golfer and rarely break 100. The first round on the course I shot 88. My best by 5 strokes. The clubs look and feel excellent. I cant believe something that costs about 2 rounds of golf could enhance my excitement for the game so much. Thanks for the GREAT value and excellent service. Cheers”
Mar 19, 2007 ~ Anonymous “I was very happy with my shopping experience with Pinemeadow Golf and wouldn't hesitate to shop there again or to recommend them to family and friends. ”
Mar 14, 2007 ~ Nan “What a great bunch of people! I am a novice (but enthusiastic) lady golfer, and I was lucky enough to find Chris and Scott at Pinemeadow. I told them what I was looking for, and they happily walked me through the entire process of selecting the right irons for my game. They were patient, helpful and really friendly - I feel like we're pals now! In a couple of days, I had my new set. These clubs are going to help me improve my game and enjoy the golf season. Thanks so much to everyone at Pinemeadow for a fun and successful shopping experience. Next purchase? I've got my eye on that 460cc driver! Ladies, do not hesitate to contact the fine folks at Pinemeadow - you will have a wonderful time selecting your new clubs. THESE GUYS RULE!!!”
Preston Hale Responds Thanks it's a blast when we can help someone get into the perfect clubs.
Feb 19, 2007 ~ David H. “I received the 3 and 5 ZR-1 fairway woods.I have played with them twice.The quality is very good.I currently have a 9 handicap and these clubs are as good as Ping G5 originals.I will be purchasing the ZR-1 driver next.”
Feb 12, 2007 ~ L. Rich “Always happy with my purchases from Pinemeadow. Quality has always been terrific & although I've never had any problems, I understand that their customer service is excellent. ”
Feb 06, 2007 ~ L. Rich “Purchased from Pinemeadow a number of times. Have always been very satisfied with the products, prices, rapid delivery & customer service. ”
Feb 06, 2007 ~ Bob C. “Everything went perfect. Easy to order, delivered on the day promised, billed correctly. Also the product was as advertised. ”
Jan 11, 2007 ~ Jon “I was skeptical of any knockoff clubs. I figured I would start small with a putter. I am no long afraid. I would purchase any club from a driver to a lob wedge and feel secure that I was getting a great club at a terrific price. ”
Nov 15, 2006 ~ H. Lewis “Well satisfied with previous purchases. Plan to continue doing business with Pinemeadow Golf. ”
Nov 10, 2006 ~ J. Steinbrecher “Extremely helpful & courteous support staff via phone! As a first time customer, I was extremely impressed with the help I received in placing my order for a custom made club.”
Nov 09, 2006 ~ Phil “James - I played my first round with the (now discontinued, on sale) Excel mid-launch irons. I thought I loved my Oxygen Type-S irons! It is really impressive that you and your company manufacture such a quality product at such reasonable price. The price/performance of the new irons is really impressive. With the Adila shafts and upgraded grips I had phenomenal trajectories even in a 25-mph headwind by SF Bay!

At age 53, 6'5" and a 17.2 hcp, the new sticks feel very balanced with a "rock at the end of a string" feel througout the swing. I just want you all to know that I appreciate the recommendations and continue to say "Pinemeadow!!" every time I swing pure. Thanks again. ”
Nov 07, 2006 ~ Anonymous “I am a longtime customer of Pinemeadow and have referred several people who have purchased items. They like myself are 100% satisfied with Pinemeadow products ”
Oct 27, 2006 ~ J. Felicelli “I love this site. And the pricing on this set is fantastic! My brother bought a set last night, and I bought one this morning. We check pinemeadowgolf.com about once a month. ”
Oct 25, 2006 ~ James “After almost a year of playing with your clubs i am still extremely satisfied with my irons, hybrids, and 3 wood i purchased. Thanks for a good golf season. ”
Oct 19, 2006 ~ Keith “ I have received the clubs, bag and accessories and I just wanted let you know that I am very pleased with my purchase. Everything looks great and I hope they swing as good as they look. Thanks for your expedient service and will do business with you in the future. ”
Oct 19, 2006 ~ Bob H. “Just received my new driver in time for my annual trip to Myrtle Beach. After 5 days of golf, all I can say is that I love this club and would recommend it to anyone. This is my second purchase from Pine Meadow and I'm looking forward to my third. With products like these, I'll never purchase a "Brand Name" again !!”
Oct 18, 2006 ~ Monique “October 15 – Monique "I had my fist golf lessons during my youth, then – for about 30 years – I never played again, until last year. Although I haven’t been really trying to accomplish a breakthrough handicap wise, I do play a lot, improving my game at a steady pace and enjoying it very much. I was, until last week, playing with a cheap men's graphite set, a bit on the heavy and long side, and the grips slightly too big. I was on the brink of buying a 'real' set, having tested Callaway and Ping clubs, and was already preparing to pay roughly 1000 euros or more for irons alone, when I came across the Pinemeadow Golf website. After virtually spelling the whole site and reading the customer feedback, I decided to give Pinemeadow the benefit of the doubt and order my new clubs there. This was 1,5 week ago. After consulting with Pinemeadow about the choice of clubs, I am now in the possession of an incredible set of golf clubs: the Pinemeadow Excel High Launch Plus irons 5 – PW + SW, Excel 3 & 4 Hybrid, Excel 450 cc 10,5 degree driver, Excel 3 & 5 fairway woods. And I not only possess them, but have already played with them too. Incredible! Everything I could wish for. They feel and handle even better than the Callaways and Pings I had been testing. Yesterday I played a round of golf with some friends, among which very good, low-handicap golfers. They were enthusiastic too. And impressed by the quality of the clubs. One of them tested my driver, to see if it was as good as his super-duper top of the bill 450 cc 10 degrees driver, and could only come to the conclusion that it did exactly the same as his – hitting just as far (= very far) and as straight. In my own hands the clubs feel completely natural and easy to handle – no real getting used to involved. I find them much easier to play with than the clubs I used to play with. They are a real incentive to go out and improve my game at a more than steady pace. As for recommending Pinemeadow Golf to others: they have a huge fan and faithful customer here, in Holland, and I will certainly spread the word. No hard task at all, to convince others to do business with Pinemeadow when considering buying new clubs. Pinemeadow does what it promises – and more. An error with my woods was dealt with immediately and gracefully. Super! That’s what I call real customer service! Something very hard to find nowadays. And yes, it’s true: you order, say, on Tuesday and you have your clubs – custom fitted to your specs – in your golfbag and ready to play with on Friday. Usually impossible with the shop around the corner, apparently not impossible when you are in The Netherlands and the shop is in Tigard, Oregon, USA – about 8000 kilometers away!"”
Oct 16, 2006 ~ Tom “I know you guys like a bit of feedback. Had no time for a practice hit so took the two clubs out to a match today... not every hole gives one the chance to use a 3-wood or a 25 degree hybrid but the first chance I got was 2nd shot on our No 6, long par 4 dogleg. The Hybrid sent the ball straight as a die into the green to set up a birdie putt (which I missed). The 2nd chance came at the par 5 10th, the Hybrid 3rd shot – 150-186 yards - ended 3 feet from the pin (I missed the putt again!!). ”
Sep 28, 2006 ~ Anonymous “I found out about PineMeadowGolf.com through a friend of mine who ordered clubs from the site just a couple of days prior then I did. I have played once with the set and must say that I am extremely impressed. I am only a beginner, but have played with other clubs but when I played with Pinemeadow clubs, my game was more accurate. I look forward to playing more with these clubs. Very satisfied. ”
Sep 26, 2006 ~ Anonymous “I received my order in record time. This company was very easy to work with and I will definitley place business with them in the future.”
Sep 25, 2006 ~ Nelson “the club arrived i have used it only twice and have lowered my score by 11 the first time and 6 the last. it is the best club i have ever owned thank u ”
Sep 25, 2006 ~ P. Poon “The whole experience of buying online with PMG is great. Everything went smoothly. I am particularly impressed with their system of providing almost real-time update on the order and delivery status. They have a nice order tracking system. It gives me a lot of confidence to make repeat purchase with PMG. I would not hesitate to recommend my friends to them. ”
Sep 22, 2006 ~ JB Manning “I have been very satisfied with all the products I have bought from PMG. This is the only place I go for clubs. Thanks again for a great product.”
Sep 08, 2006 ~ J. Premeau “Very satisfied with customer service and the delivery of my golf clubs. ”
Sep 07, 2006 ~ JB Manning “I have ordered a few items from PMG and they go far beyond what I have expected. This is now the only place I buy my golf equiptment from. ”
Sep 04, 2006 ~ B. Burns “I have bought woods from Pinemeadow on several occasions. Customer Service has been great in helping me to select items that would work for me. ”
Jul 18, 2006 ~ Rick “ A friend directed me to Pinemeadow after I told him I wanted to bite the bullet and get fitted clubs. I don't play that much, so it's been hard to justify, but at 6'5" I couldn't hope to get better with too-short clubs. I wanted more performance that that provided by off-the-shelf sets but couldn't afford higher-end name brand clubs. Pinemeadow was just the answer. I was initially unsuer about purchasing something as personal as fitted irons online, but the testimonials, satisfaction guarantee, and 1 year warranty gave me the confidence to go ahead, and that confidence was rewarded! Scott in the technical department was wonderfully helpful and answered all my questions. When the time came to order James was quick to contact me and work through a disconnect with my credit card company, saving me probably 10 days of wait time. Construction quality is at least equal to the name-brands I saw in stores, and each club was exactly as I ordered. For those of us who can't afford $1,000 for new custom clubs, but still want high-performance equipment, Pinemeadow is the answer. I'm already planning on buying a new bag, putter, wedge, and driver as soon as I can. I'll be telling my friends about you as well. Thanks for living up to expectations!!

Jul 11, 2006 ~ Marissa “Dear Pine Meadow Golf:

I recived my golf bag yesterday. I LOVE IT!!! I was extremely impressed with the quality, the service and the promptness in which my order was processed. I have told all my friends about this great site. I shopped around for weeks for a bag. I actually stumbled across your website by accident. I can't express how happy I am with your product. I will definetely be coming back we are a family of golfers.

Thank you ”
Jun 29, 2006 ~ Shane “Well, I look at myself as the skeptic's skeptic as I'm sure a lot of people do. Anyway, ended up purchasing the driver as well as the hybrid set. (3&4 hybrid, 5hl thru sand wedge.) I've hit the Ping G5 driver and irons and there's just no differance in performance that I can see or feel. You still have to make a good swing as you do with any club (just ask Phil) but the performance is there. Ball jumps off the clubs nicely and you can work the ball. Unless you just like to have a Ping club hanging out of your bag, these are a steal. I rather enjoy saying that I have less in all my clubs and I'm still competitive in my groups then the Ping die hards have in just their driver! Thanks Pinemeadow! I beating your drum in our area and if you ever need a referance, I'm your guy”
Jun 21, 2006 ~ Anonymous “For the average golfer like myself I would have to say that the information supplied on the website about different products really aided in my decision to purchase. I was able to get what I was looking for with out spending too much and also was able to read customer reviews on the products. Great website.”
Jun 19, 2006 ~ Stephen “I have a testimonial for you. Purchased a Q4 Driver, Q2 Woods and Hi-Launch Irons after trying the Taylor Made R7 and the Big Bertha Irons at the big name golf store. No joke, first round after receiving them, cut 10 strokes off my game. Second round, 15 strokes off what I usually shoot. Moved that weights around on the Q4. Like the low trajectory position best. These clubs were made for me! I love golf again!”
Jun 15, 2006 ~ Vinnie “I purchased the Q4 3 and 5 wood and the #3hybrid and the clubs felt so good in my hands, the balls jumped of the club face, straighter and further down the fairways.lowered 7 strokes of my score the first time using it, a whopping "87", can't wait to go out again.I'v got friends inquiring about "PinemeadowGolf". Thanks again. ”
Jun 12, 2006 ~ Lynette M “Here's my question:

Why didn't you notify me that I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my husband's new No. 5 hybrid that he ordered from you a month or so ago . . . and that HE wouldn't let ME keep HIS club in MY golf bag, so we had to share it on the golf course? You could have just told me to order my own club back then and we both could have had our own No. 5's on different courses on the same day all this time!!!!


PS. We LOVE our new putters, too. Interestingly, after we got them and tried them out for a few days, we traded!

Thanks for your great products, excellent quality, extremely efficient notification correspondence during the production schedule, and the timely shipping! You've just got it all! Oh, and did I mention the reasonable price? ”
Jun 11, 2006 ~ Lowell “Started last year with the purchace of a Tour 700 Ti Driver, was on sale at the local Dunhams sports store, bought it kinda as a joke a friemd had just got a R7 and spent all that $. after the first round together he offered an even trade, like hell I liked it, liked it so well that now I have also purchased the 3,5,and 7.My old pings have hit the closet for good, these clubs changed my attitude about knockoffs. Im still hitting my Titleist irons but when I decide to move on there will be a set of your irons riding in my bag. the only thing that I changed when I first bought the woods was to change the grips to Winn tour wraps.”
Jun 07, 2006 ~ Steve “Wow, nice clubs. I recieved my Excel MLP irons yesterday, 3 days after ordering them. I will agree with a couple of other reviews your picture does not do them justice. I had the lamkin permawraps put on mine, like all the clubs I have bought from you, and again well worth the $1.50 upgrade. I took them to the range today and they perform close to the Lion MGI's that they are replacing. The main difference was the distance I was getting. I normally hit a full wedge 100-105 yrds, I was hitting the new irons about 110-115 with a full swing. It was the same yardage gain through out the set. I have not hit a 4 iron 200 yrds since I was in my 30's but I hit several today 205 to 215 and I am now 50 yrs old. I also found that I could work the ball a little, a fade has never been a problem bought with a little flatter swing I was drawing the ball too. Thanks Pinemeadow for a quality product at a working mans price.

Jun 06, 2006 ~ Barry J “I would just like to thank you very much for your prompt service. The clubs arrived 3 days after they were ordered. I will be happy to deal with you again and will recommend your service to others. ”
Jun 05, 2006 ~ Robert M. “With the Command Q4 Titanium Driver, I now consistently lauch 300+ drives, making my buddies slack-jawed in amazement. I love the ability to change the weights on the fly to take advantage of different situations on the course. This is an outstanding club! As an owner of an actual Adams strong 4 and strong 5, the Synchron II Fairway Woods strong 3 beautifully completes the "set."”
Jun 02, 2006 ~ Russell “Purchased the "ti hollow core irons" and have been very impressed. They arrived as promised, actually 1 day earlier than expected. As soon as I unpacked them, I knew I made a good purchase. I actually had the original fusions irons (borrowed from the local dealer) in front of me to make the comparison and they were almost identical.

When it came time to play with them, they actually had a better feel than the originals. I immediatly shaved 4 strokes off my game and the best part is that I paid less than 25% of the cost of the fusions. I have and will continue to recommend Pinemeadow to anyone interested.”
Jun 01, 2006 ~ M. Yount “Ordered the Excel High Launch clubs. Excellent communications by e-mail confirming my order and date to be shipped along with a link to track the shipment. Clubs came on the date they said, and packaged great. Had a lesson the other day and the pro tried my clubs and said he thought they were every bit as good as the Big Berthas. They look and perform beautifully. Great company. I plan to do business again with Pinemeadow. Thanks Pinemeadow, M. Yount ”
May 24, 2006 ~ Dave “I must say, I am impressed, I purchased the clubs based on the many very positive reviews that I read and of coarse the price. I also am already impressed with the very rapid response from the emails, if the clubs are as good as this I will the thrilled. thanks

May 23, 2006 ~ Bill B “I ordered this driver, the ZR1 #3, and #5 fairway woods, and the #3 and #4 hybrids. I took them to my local course and these clubs perform as well as the Ping metal woods and hybrids I've swung. In fact, the driver worked so well I broke a Bridgestone golf ball (cracked the cover half way round the ball) with my driver swing on the 8th tee! Never done that with a Ping. Now when I'm traveling I'll have my Pinemeadow ZR1's with me wherever I go to hit the links. Thaks again for prompt and professional assembly, and timely UPS shipping.”
May 22, 2006 ~ Thomas N. “ Hi James,

Damn, that's the single most impressive delivery from the US to Norway I have ever witnessed. Very impressive. The package arrived today. I just wanted to track the package, but that's no use when the shipment travels at lightspeed ;-)

Thank you!”
May 09, 2006 ~ Bill “I just used the 3 and 5 woods I got a while back. Fantastic was the word that came to mind right away.. For a fraction of what they would have costed retail, I received 2 great clubs. The grips i use are the oversized and they feel perfect. Shipping was right on time, customer serbvice was perfect. I used the online chat and that worked great! Anyone considering clones should use Pinemeadow!!! Thank you so much again and I am looking forward to doing business with Pinemeadow again real soon!”
May 08, 2006 ~ Cedric “James, I received my Driver. I really appreciate your services at Pinemeadow golf. I have a full set of woods that I still use that are made by Pinemeadow. Great products and services. I tell all of my friends as well. Keep up the great work.”
May 04, 2006 ~ Mike “Thanks for the info. It's always nice doing business with you, the products my wife and I have gotten from you are great and the service is terrific. Thanks again, Mike”
May 02, 2006 ~ Huang “Scott, i finally got the clubs, my friend Roy bring them all the way from US to Beijing, we (me and my wife) tried several times, the clubs are wonderful, I can hit 240 easily with first wood, and the irons are very stable, thank you for all your help and promise, that I can get them in cheaper price and no one in town believe they only cost me that much!”
Apr 25, 2006 ~ Randy Slider “Scott: You products are the best I've come across in my years of ordering golf clubs and accessories; since 1984. Your customer service is better than most companies in the U.S. You've sold me and I will return the favor by selling others on your products. Keep your edge and you'll be amazed how much growth you encounter!

Thank you, again Randy Slider ”
Apr 20, 2006 ~ Dan P. “I spoke with one of the reps on the 1 800 number and he helped me out. Thanks you for the quick reply! I'll definitely be shopping again. ”
Apr 19, 2006 ~ Chad S. “Well I received my 56 Degree Wedge yesterday. I was very impressed with the quality of the club and the delicate handling it had received during the shipping process. After opening the box, I went to the range so I could put this club to the test. Let me tell you, it is one of the best clubs I have ever had the privilege to use. The weight and feel are perfect and within a couple of swings I was putting the ball on the driving range green. I cannot describe how amazed I was when my ball stayed on the green because my golf balls usually roll onto the fringe. I think my golf partners are going to be surprised this summer. Next time I need a new set of clubs I know where to purchase them. Thank you Pinemeadow Golf. ”
Apr 19, 2006 ~ Marc Duclow “James,

I must say, Pinemeadow Golf has impressed me. Companies don't easily impress me. I see customer service as a sorely lacking commodity nowadays, and I recognize it when it exists in a company. Mistakes happen, how a company handles them is what defines their character. I put a cost on products, but not on a companies chararcter. You are the first company I can think of that has truly exceeded in both those areas.

I guess about 2 years ago was when I first stumbled onto your company. I was searching for discount golf clubs at the time, saw your website and read some testimonials and your blurb about knock-offs. I then, a little hesitantly, ordered a set of the Acer XDS irons, + .5" apollo shafts, Lamkin mid-oversize (or something like that ) grips, and I might have bought head covers from you too. Unbeknownst (sp?) to me a friend I played with had recieved as a gift the Hawkeye VFT irons. We played together and were both impressed by both sets of clubs. Of course, his were a $1200 gift from his father, mine were a $250 set of your clubs. I couldn't bring myself to tell what I actually paid for them, I think I made some excuse about them being knock-offs, but having custom shafts and grips, like $450. He said, and I quote, "Yeah, but they're nice! They don't feel any different from mine, and I like your grips better." It wasn't too awkward and we quickly were back in the game, playing well and having fun.

So I order a Ping G2 knock-off Oxygen Driver, 3-wood and 5-wood, along with the swingtrainer hinged 5-iron and a true line putting pal, or whatever it's called. I get them yesterday while I'm at work, they're waiting for me at home. I get home, rip the box open and gaze in wonder at the beautiful clubs before me! Can't wait to go to the range tommorrow, I have the day off! The driver looks like I'm swinging a VW Beetle at the end of that Aldila shaft compared to the one I had. I'll crush it, kill it, hell maybe I'll even hit it straight once or twice! Got that trainer club, I'm in like Flynn this year! I must look like the Joker from Batman with the grin I'm wearing. But wait, my permanent grin is fading fast, the hinged trainer doo-hickey club thing that's presently flopping around in my hand is left-handed (as you can probably guess, I'm right-handed). So, still in the plastic, I swing it. By the way would you mind paying for the lamp I broke when the hinge immediately let go and it flopped right into it? Nevermind, my bad, I should know better. I realize this won't work, I gotta return it.

So, I'm dissappointed at having to wait to rectify the problem (I waited 2 weeks already to get them, no complaint for custom shafted clubs mind you). I call and James is great, he sympathizes, says he'll find a correct right-handed one ( I guess you don't carry it anymore, and only have left-handed ones in inventory) and will ship it out 2-day or 3-day or something. I'm happy, no crap or 20 questions, just ok, sorry, we'll fix it. Who can complain with that? I ask for a car cover for the Beetle and he says he'll send one along. I ask if he has my credit card # and he says don't worry, not necessary. Again, what can I complain about? You dropped maybe $15 for a head cover and that again for shipping, but the gesture is what counts, I get it. I will always look to your company first for anything I need golf related. Thank you, James, and the company.

James, feel free to pass this along to your bosses, I would have cc'd it,but don't know who to send it to. I think everyone in the company should know how their customers feel about the work you do, especially when we're happy. I'm sure you hear about it when someone's not.

Sincerely, Marc Duclow ”
Apr 18, 2006 ~ Eric “My father purchased his clubs from you and raved about the quality look and feel. I've recently decided to give golf another try, so I did some research on your website and decided to take the plunge. When they arrived, I took the irons out and, after a short adjustment period, began to see and feel great results. I say "feel" b/c there wasn't this type of dull thud or vibration that I experienced with my prior irons. I was definitely finding it easier to get loft on the ball. It was during this practice that I found and corrected a kink in my swing that was pushing balls to the right. Honestly, I'm not sure if it's the clubs or my progression in learning, but for the first time, hitting the ball seems effortless. The next purchase for me will be woods. At any rate, I WILL recommend you to anyone who'll listen. For me, the best part of your customer service was that I didn't have to call or email you at all. Everything happened in a timely, efficient manner. Thanks.”
Apr 17, 2006 ~ Bob D “Dear Sirs, I purchase one set of Excel Irons Hollow core and two Hybrid Command clubs and have used them for one month. Believe me that was the best investment I ever made. Irons are forgiving and give a crisp impact with more distance. The Command Hybrids go straighter than ever and longer. I was a twenty seven HDC now trending to twenty three and better. Great buy Thanks.”
Apr 10, 2006 ~ Blake “I am very please with all aspects having to do with Pinemeadow Golf. From the ease of placing an order to getting the products to me and the warranty after I receive them. I have never been happier with any other company. Thank You”
Apr 10, 2006 ~ Pat “Mr. Travers,

As you requested, I am emailing you to let you know that my clubs arrived just before the start of the weekend. I immediately put them in my car and went to the driving range. VERY NICE!! I am not the best distance driver, nor do I hit straight very often. These clubs almost fool everyone into thinking I am not a beginner!! They are awesome!! Thanks for fixing the apartment number issue and re-shipping these clubs. I really didn't want a refund as I suspected they'd be worth the wait.

By they way, don't be surprised to get a few more orders from the Dallas, TX area soon. I have a couple of colleagues who also liked them and I think are going to order a set themselves. I am passing your website around the office so you should hopefully get a few extra orders to make up for the added shipping cost you had with mine.

Thanks again!


Pat ”
Apr 07, 2006 ~ Thomas “I received this set for Christmas and have played many rounds with them. I absolutely love them. I recommend them to everyone I play with. I have turned my family onto them and all my freinds. I went to a driving range with my brother and hit both the Calloway X-18 and the Excel Mid-Launch 6 irons and got virtually the same results with the Excel as I did the Calloway X-18, just as advertised! There is no way that the Calloway clubs are worth an additional $800.00-$1000.00 dollars more in price. My brother fell in love with the Excel Hybrid 3 and 4. The products at Pine Meadow Golf are fantastic! I have since ordered a 3 wedge set and putter and cant wait for them to improve my game as well.”
Apr 07, 2006 ~ Jimmy “Site had very useful information about their products, but also about the game of golf itself. very helpful. The order process was easy and quick.”
Apr 05, 2006 ~ Thomas “I received the PMG Excel Hybrid Iron set for Christmas and have loved them. I am now getting the wedges. I sell this company every chance I get.”
Apr 04, 2006 ~ Anonymous “I've been pleased with every purchase I've had from Pinemeadow Golf. I will definitely be a return customer. ”
Mar 29, 2006 ~ Andre “I bought the set of clubs because I wanted to get into Golf. I found a good product at a really good price in Pinemeadow Golf and now I am addicted.”
Mar 28, 2006 ~ Anonymous “The site was very easy to use. Information given for the product was easy to understand and easy to get to. I would recommend this site to all that ask about it...”
Mar 27, 2006 ~ Anonymous “Top notch products, with great customer service. ”
Mar 27, 2006 ~ Jim D. “Recieved my new oxygen driver, three wood ,and seven wood in the mail the other day and played them today. I have the callways and the clubs you sent are going longer and straigher, my golf buddy has the G2 driver, but after using my new clubs he wants to order them. Thanks again very happy.”
Mar 24, 2006 ~ Peto M. “As a European guy, I encourage overseas golfers to give a chance to Pinemeadow Golf. Unless you need to have an expensive trade mark, then this is the place for you to shop. The best value for money. And you get delivered what is promised to you.”
Mar 24, 2006 ~ Gene “I have made a previous purchase and was very satisfied ,so this was a easy repeat for me, and they have great products!! My best Gene”
Mar 02, 2006 ~ Charles S. “I have purchased fairway woods and an iron set from you and most recently a 455cc driver. I want to thank you for your service and say that I am very happy with the the products I have bought. ”
Feb 24, 2006 ~ Bob Packard “The secret to business success! Great product, priced right, excellent customer service and do what you say you will. Clubs arrived last Friday because UPS sat on them in Houston for 2 days. Bad weather prevented playing them until Tuesday. Shot 76, 80, 74, and 74 at my par 68 club. I'm 68 and 12 handicap and really like the solid feel. I'm also using the free TI driver. My playing companions are very impressed with the quality and good looks. We have our monthly team four ball tomorrow and I'm looking forward to see how we do in that one. We only finished second last month.”
Feb 07, 2006 ~ Gerry “Pinemeadow, I tried the clubs and am very satisfied. Would definitely do repeat business. I chose your company because I liked your site (professional yet has a nice personal feel.. not too slick and glitzy) and I liked the fact that you've been around a while and are a northwest coast company. Thanks and keep up the good work.

-Gerry ”
Feb 07, 2006 ~ Louie Rodriguez “Again, this is the reason I keep coming back to you guys. Your service is superb! your prices are the best!, and the quality, is awsome! And to top it all: I got free shipment!! I have told all my buddies that if they don't purchase their gear from Pinemeadowgolf, they are fools! You got a customer for life! you guys are the best! Thanx Louie Rodriguez ~Serving in Germany ”
Feb 06, 2006 ~ Chuck “Hey Scott; I live in the rainy northwest, and finally was able to play in a round with the new clubs. I bought the hybrid combo set, and they are excellent. I recently also purchased a 3 wood, hybrid one iron, and a 68 degree wedge. In windy conditions i hit the one iron a solid 200 yards on a fly in wet soggy conditions. The command 3 wood is a cannon. I like it because i am able to swing a little harder with it. The 68 degree wedge will take some practice as to when to use it, and how hard to swing it and get it where i want. The irons, including the hybrids are great. It reminds me of the guality my first set of Hogan's had. They have the same kind of feel.

Thank you for your quality service, and clubs at a price i can afford. ”
Preston Hale Responds Thanks the 17 degree hybrid is a great "Wind" club. Thanks for the review.
Jan 30, 2006 ~ Will Owen “Just recieved order, and went straight to the range. Absolutely awesome!! I was glad I went with the Jumbo Crossline. My only regret is, I wish I would have known a month ago when I odered my irons that the lamkin crossline midsize was being discountinued.

Thank you for your product and service,

Jan 25, 2006 ~ Kenny Espiritu “Dear Pinemeadow, I received the clubs I ordered last Jan 21 and all are in excellent condition. This is my second time to buy your stuffs and all I can say is "great products & service"!

Keep it up guys! Best Regards, Kenny Espiritu Philippines ”
Jan 23, 2006 ~ Dean W “Thanks so much for the golf clubs you manufactured for me. They arrived this week and my first round with them proved very rewarding. The clubs are beautiful and accurate. I will sing the praises of your great service. Many thanks.”
Jan 16, 2006 ~ Neil From Oman “Scott - you broke your own record, 2.5 days door to door.

Clubs super - thanks ”
Jan 09, 2006 ~ Dereck Saunders “Received clubs this morning 9.30 am. Could not believe they could be assembled and delivered in three days. They look and feel great - can't wait to try them out. Thanks for your great service. ”
Jan 04, 2006 ~ Owen M. - Perth West Australia “Hi James,

I ordered my Command #1, #3, #5, #7 woods on 12/28/05.

I was able to track the shipping progress on the UPS site and they arrived in Perth, Western Australia on January, 3^rd and delivered January 4^th . I can say I’m surprised at the efficiency of this delivery as I have order stuff from Sydney and had to work hard myself to track the package to the depot in Perth. Even then the local agent was not aware that they had them when I turned up to collect. Their computer system was running 12 hours behind the arrival of my package.

Well done Pinemeadow and UPS.

P.S. I’ll be on the course tomorrow. Let you know how they go!!

Owen ”
Nov 10, 2005 ~ George S. “Pinemeadow, I received the Select 5000 UT-2 the other day and took it to the driving range without any warm up or usual preparations. Mind you i am a novice high handicap senior golfer with flexibility problems combined with rather low clubhead velocity and a temperamental slice. This club is absolutely phenomenal and for me to hit cold 8 balls in a row 160-170+ yards and lose the slice gives hope to us older amateurs---it is absolutely the most forgiving and pleasant club I have ever swung. Thanks, George Nutz ”
Nov 07, 2005 ~ Bill S. “Recently purchased a set of select 5000 irons and Q woods---1,3 and five. Let me say that these are the best clubs I have ever owned- I am hitting the ball further and straighter than I ever have. Been golfing for over thirty years now and these are the most fun and best scoring clubs that I have ever had the pleasure of owning. You can be sure that if I ever need any other clubs I will not hesitate to contact Pinemeadow Golf. I ordered the clubs on a Monday and they were in my hands on Wednesday-fantastic service and great folks to deal with. Thank you so very much.”
Oct 17, 2005 ~ Ere estl “Just bought the system q 5 wood. I bought the system q driver and 3 wood, and oxygen series irons a few months ago. Awesome set! Tons of control and accuracy. Weight distribution, balance, look, and feel are tremendous. I'm only 5'4" and the set I put together improved my game. Don't have to muscle every shot. I can play my type of game and also keep up with the big boys!Just bought the system q 5 wood. I bought the system q driver and 3 wood, and oxygen series irons a few months ago. Awesome set! Tons of control and accuracy. Weight distribution, balance, look, and feel are tremendous. I'm only 5'4" and the set I put together improved my game. Don't have to muscle every shot. I can play my type of game and also keep up with the big boys!”
Oct 17, 2005 ~ Anonymous “Just bought the system q 5 wood. I bought the system q driver and 3 wood, and oxygen series irons a few months ago. Awesome set! Tons of control and accuracy. Weight distribution, balance, look, and feel are tremendous. I'm only 5'4" and the set I put together improved my game. Don't have to muscle every shot. I can play my type of game and also keep up with the big boys!Just bought the system q 5 wood. I bought the system q driver and 3 wood, and oxygen series irons a few months ago. Awesome set! Tons of control and accuracy. Weight distribution, balance, look, and feel are tremendous. I'm only 5'4" and the set I put together improved my game. Don't have to muscle every shot. I can play my type of game and also keep up with the big boys!”
Sep 23, 2005 ~ Russ N. “I can't remember the name of the person I spoke with this morning, but I just wanted to send a "thank you" for your kindness, patience and helping me make a decision. I decided on the Excel High Launch irons and can't wait to try them out. From what I can tell, your costomer severvice is MUCH better than many of your on line competitors who I found to be rude and not very helpfull at all. Thanks again,Russ ”
Sep 21, 2005 ~ John Dzeima “I can not explain how much your company has helped me in deciding which clubs to buy. Your website has everything I needed to know to make an educated decision. I received my clubs on the 5th day after ordering them. I received several emails letting me know the status of my order, as well as the online tracking once they were shipped. Enough about the online experience. The clubs look and feel great. I like the custom grips that I ordered and the length seems perfect. Being a beginner I can not really tell you how much it improved my game, but I can say that I will refer everyone I know that is in the market for clubs. You guys should start some sort of Affiliate program. I am the Pinemeadows promoter for Southern California! laugh. Thanks A Millions!”
Sep 21, 2005 ~ Carlos R “Hello: I just wanted to drop you a note to congratulate you and thank you on an excellent shopping experience. I bought $700 worth of clubs ranging from an NSE5 set for my girlfriend to a Power Play System Q driver with an upgraded Aldila NV75 shaft for me. Superb craftmanship, excellent packaging and logistics!! Bizrate link and testimonials were extremely useful and helped me make up my mind. I will certainly recommend pinemeadow to my friends and buy more clubs in the future. Once again, thank you very much!! ”
Sep 21, 2005 ~ Sergio Cota “Thanks for e-mailing me each step of the way. I was hesitant to order golf clubs off the internet, but you guys make the process painless. I look forward to receiving my clubs and playing with them, I just hope to be happy with them. Thanks for such great customer service, other companies should follow your example.

Sergio Cota ”
Sep 15, 2005 ~ Tony “customer service is awesome, like no other company I have ever order online from before, I look forward to doing business with them again, and will be refering them to anyone I know looking for golf clubs in the future”
Sep 06, 2005 ~ Bruce Fagen “Hi: Over the week-end played with my new set of your Power Play Q irons. It pleases me to report, they are truly terrific! I tried all the "name brand" clubs-the Calloway"s, the Taylor's, etc..etc..etc.... without question (for me) these were the best!! I hit the ball higher and further than any of them and the amazing thing...the price was so incredibly reasonable.

I will certainly highly recommend them and your company. Thank you - thank you - thank you!!! ”
Sep 03, 2005 ~ Dave D. “Got this along with my Excel irons. I have been playing a 320Ti Taylormade with stiff shaft. Swing speed is only about 90mph so got 1 inch short + regular flex graphite. So far have hit ~40 balls on the range. Tend to hit it straighter on average, farther on average, though when I ripped the Taylormade I think I hit it farther. Have a slight fade - could be grip/setup. It's very consistent. Looks like I'll be hitting a lot more fairways. Further review once I take it onto the course. If I love it, the 3-wood is next... (2379)”
Sep 02, 2005 ~ Jon “Let's start off saying that my old clubs were 14 years old and I was tired of them and wanted new ones. A co-worker told me about PMG som I ordered the Q Power Ti Driver and the 3 and 4 Excel Hybrid Irons. I took the driver out this past weekend and let me tell you. With my old driver I would get up to 250 yrds on a good drive. With the Q Power Ti Driver - I'm hitting it 290 on an easy swing and 310+ on a strong swing. Straight as an arrow, just like me old one - only farther !!! My 3 and 4 irons were not as old but harder than heck to hit. With the 3 and 4 Excel Hybrid Irons - I was more than amazed after seeing the driver work so well, but my 3 and 4 hybrids were just as straight and distance wise the same !!! I would highly recommend the Q Power Driver for just $99 !!! And the Excel Hybrid irons, I'm actually going to get the 2 and 5 to round out my set !!!! ”
Aug 25, 2005 ~ Tommy, Henrik & Linda from Ã…re in Sweden “We ordered thursday-evening, local time in SWEDEN, and recieved the golf-clubs thuesday evening. Fantastic!!! 3 buisseness days from Ordering in USA to delivery in SWEDEN... We are very happy with that kind of service!!! All the best ”
Aug 25, 2005 ~ Eddy Grummitt “Dear Pinemeadow Golf, I ordered these golf clubs on Sunday when I was in Sweden, today they arrived at my home in Spain!! When the UPS mail man called at my door this morning, I could not believe he had my clubs. Fantastic service and wow, the clubs look great. Off to the range to try them out. Thanks for the tees and markers. ”
Aug 18, 2005 ~ Sam L “Just to let you know that the order arrived on-time. I am very pleased with the quality of your clubs and the golf bag. I have had the opportunity to play with them and they have taken a stroke or two off my score so far..........I did not expect them to make me a 'scratch golfer'. Those that I play with have noted the high quality and balance of the clubs, I am very pleased with my purchase. Looking forward to doing business with you in the future.”
Aug 08, 2005 ~ Joop Servaas “Hi, Today I received the set in fine order and played a round with it. Great stuff. Amazing difference to what I used to play with. Thank you for your fast and correct handling of my order. I will surely recommend you to my golfing friends.”
Jul 29, 2005 ~ George S. “No kidding, I have already taken about 4 shots of my game per round as I am hitting the System Q titanium Driver and the Hybrid club straight and long with less effort. I can't wait to get out on the course again. I will definitely show these secrets to my playing partners. Thanks a bunch ”
Jul 27, 2005 ~ Roger L. “I just received my 3 and five woods, ordered last week and I decided to test them out in my back yard. We have a large field behind the house that separates us from another tract of homes. With my MacGregor three wood, I can drive the ball well into the field but never reached my neighbors yard. On my second swing with my new Impex 2 three wood, I managed to reach his yard and my terrible slice is nonexistant with the new club. Several more balls also reached his yard. I had similar results with my new Impex 5 wood. I was a bit worried about ordering golf clubs on line, but after this positive experience I won't think twice next time. I figure I saved about $300.00 by purchasing your custom clubs. Thank you. ”
Jul 20, 2005 ~ Mike “Hi James,The Items came in today, unfortunaly I was not home because I did not expect it that FAST, They will be back tomorrow, WOW you guys are the best, you guys are taking the business professionnaly and flawlessly, I Am so impressed with everything, you even make my wishes come true, I'm in heaven, =)

Thank you for everything and you guys can be sure I will buy again, hoping for the irons to be good, Mike ”
Jul 19, 2005 ~ David F. “I just received my irons and truly believe that they are the best VALUE on the market today. The whole experience from figuring out the fit, through ordering & tracking, to delivery was PERFECT! The fit, finish, and performance of the clubs is outstanding - I don't know how you do it for the price. Thanks for everything - this will certainly not be my last purchase from you. ”
Jul 15, 2005 ~ Kevin “I am a novice golfer and have been golfing for over 3 years sporatically never breaking 120 on 18 hole courses and averaging 50-55 on par 3, 9 hole courses. After ordering your clubs, it only took me 2 rounds to break 100! The quality of the clubs is supurb, and the fact that you custom build them allowed me to get clubs that actually fit my game (I am tall and have a very fast swing). The price can't be beaten for the quality you receive (trust me, I've looked), and product was very well protected during shipment. I have been tremendously pleased with your company, the product, and service, and highly recommend you to anyone seeking golf equipment.”
Jul 13, 2005 ~ David Pfrimmer “Saturday, July 09, 2005: PinemeadowGolf.com customer was recognized in the Daily News-Miner (news-miner.com) for his first hole-in-one using a Pinemeadow Hybrid club.

Pfrimmer collects hole-in-one

David Pfrimmer couldn't have picked a better time to hit the first hole-in-one of his golf career.

A Century 21 Realtor, Pfrimmer used a No. 3 PineMeadow Hybrid club to ace the 182-yard par 3 third hole at the Fairbanks Golf and Country Club during the Yukon Title Scramble.

"I kissed my ball (Yukon Title Nike(R)), I kissed my club and I'm framing the results," Pfrimmer told officials at FGCC after the tournament concluded.

Pfrimmer won a Taylor Made driver for his accomplishment.

The only thing that may have bettered the feat would have been if Pfrimmer had scored his ace on the sixth hole, where he would have received a car for his achievement.

The Rich Kelley Realty team of Jon McCoy, Rick Kelley, Gary Falls and Karla Sullivan Vacura won the tournament with the Yukon Title team of Cathy Shuttleworth, Dan Sorenson, Pete Peterson and Jeremy Plentnikoff finished second. Rounding out the top three finishers was the Denali State Bank team comprised of Mike Smith, Jerry Walker, Bill Rogers and Cathy Donaldson.

Closest to the pin honors went to Rich Kelley and Cathy Hodges, while the longest drives were hit by Charlie Rogers and Rae Holland. ”
Preston Hale Responds Congrats David! Must have been an expensive award ceremony. To bad you didn't do it a little earlier in the round.
Jul 07, 2005 ~ Dave “I Just recieved my order. Your service is great and fast. These EXCEL HL Irons 3-SW are the sweetest clubs I have ever had. Also got the EXCEL 17 degree Hybrid wood and Power Play 400cc System Q Driver and 3 wood. Just wanted let you know that the first time at the range hit the driver long and straight about 280 compared to 240 with my old diver. This is a very big differance in what I was using before.

The irons are the same way going to have to change my club distance, since getting yards more. Hope to get out this weekend on the course to see how I score, can't wait. Going to order the Excel 20 degree Hybrid soon, which will round out my set.

Again Pinemeadow,your service and products are the best and I have compared you to a lot and you came out on TOP. Will let you know how I do this weekend. ”
Jun 23, 2005 ~ Tony M. “I just wanted to thank your staff for getting my clubs to me quickly. I am really impressed with them and my game has improved with the first round I played with them. I will give your name as a reference and will continue to give you my business in the future...Thanks again.”
Jun 14, 2005 ~ J. Clark “I received the package today. All the items were of great quality and arrived in perfect shape.The bag is better than I expected.The clubs were also professionally constructed, far better than I would have done myself. I sincerely appreciate you solving the delivery problem. Your companies extra effort is appreciated and I look forward to using the golfing equipment. Please thank all involved. ”
Jun 08, 2005 ~ Tom S. “Congratulations! You people have found a way to personalize internet shopping. If your product is close to your service and attitude I will certainly recommend you. ”
Jun 02, 2005 ~ Pete C. “I just wanted to tell you how impressed I have been with Pinemeadow's attention to detail and customer satisfaction. Although I have not yet received my clubs, the fact that I have been given numerous updates, tracking numbers, etc. have been very impressive. It is nice to know that there are still companies out there who take customer service seriously. If the company is this great, I can only imagine how the clubs will be. I'm excited to know that they will arrive tomorrow. I'm like a kid at Christmas. Thanks again for all your upfront service. It has not gone unnoticed. I will certainly pass along these thoughts to all my friends.”
May 23, 2005 ~ Brian “I just wanted to write you guys an email thanking you for not only an outstanding product but outstanding customer service and support! I ordered your Powerplay Q System Driver and 3 Wood as well as the Oxygen Type S HL Irons and SW about a month and 1/2 ago. I was referred to your site by a co-worker who has been playing with clubs he purchased a while ago from your site. At first I was a little reluctant to purchase a high ticket item such as golf clubs from the Internet but I decided to bite the bullet and give it a shot anyway.

I was not only surprised with the information you kept providing after making the sale, such as the stage in production but shipping information and tracking numbers but when I received my clubs, in less than 2 weeks, I was shocked at the quality of craftsmanship! I took the set to the range the very next day, then to the course that weekend and then to the range a few days after that. I was not only hitting the ball further than before but MUCH more accurately. I used to be weary of hitting my driver with a group of people because I was embarrassed of my horrific slice...but with the Q System Driver my buddies were practically screaming when I teed off...definitely impressive!

But, as if the performance of my new clubs wasn't enough I noticed a small crack on the club head of my driver...worried about the whole buying stuff on the Internet thing again I picked up the phone, held my breath and dialed...not only did someone pick up the phone but the told me that my new club would go into production that day, sent out to my asap with the same specs as my original purchase and when I received it to use the UPS shipping label emailed to me, put the old club in the box of the new one and ship it back, NO CHARGE... OUTSTANDING...Rarely do consumers get this wonder full treatment at a traditional "brick and mortar" establishment never mind from an "Internet based company". I'm totally impressed with EVERY aspect of your company...I recommend your products to everyone I talk to, even if they don't play golf!!! I will AlWAYS do business with you in the future and I will ALWAYS recommend your services to my friends and family.”
May 11, 2005 ~ Robert “I'm writing regarding a set of Impex Oversize SS irons, a lob wedge, and bag I purchased a couple of years ago. At the time I was pleased with your service, price, and the clubs helped improve my novice game, but an incident last weekend has reinforced my belief in your clubs. On the way to the course, my clubs (which at the time were being used to help weight down a cardboard refridgerator box that was to later be sculpted into a pirate ship for my kids) blew out of my truck bed with the box onto the interstate. I know, you're saying "why was he using his golf clubs as ballast?" To that question I say "shut up", my personal stupidity is not what this story's about. Anyway, the clubs scattered onto the highway and were run over by at least four cars (including the behemoth of a SUV that was travelling directly behind me). I was so happy that no one had an accident that I didn't even consider damage to my gear as I was scrambling to pick everything up. By the time I got to the golf course, however, I expected the worst. To my great surprise, I used every club and none were damaged (other than a little road rash)! My golf bag, sadly took a significant blow and the grasshopper legs are no more. Ultimately, to come out of such a ridiculous incident like that relatively unscathed is the icing on the cake for my purchase from you guys. Your clubs are solid.

I've recommended your company to a number of people in the past two years, but alway with the caveat that "I've just gotten the clubs so can't really comment on the long term durability". Now, I will continue to recommend Pinemeadow, but without any reservation about quality/durability considering my 75 mph interstate drop test.”
Preston Hale Responds It's not stupid Robert. If my kids expected a cardboard sail boat and I didn't deliver they would have my head.
May 05, 2005 ~ Rob A. “Had to send a quick note, impressive! ordered online Sunday, arrived at my door noon on Wednesday (Canada). I have not had a chance to hit the club yet, but will send review when I get a chance this weekend. great service thank you ”
Apr 22, 2005 ~ John P. “To the folks ar Pinemeadows Golf: Thank you for the great service and the quality of the clubs. I am hitting the driver about 20 yards further than I was my old driver and the three wood complements the driver well. Thanks again for the great service and for the quality of the product. ”
Mar 15, 2005 ~ Prakash in Qatar “Just a quick note to thank you for your excellent service. The speed of the international delivery service has put another US online company to shame. I have been kept informed of the status of the product from production through delivery every step of the way and my son now has his left handed custom clubs and I have my driver! We now have to get on the range and try them out. I have already recommended you to many other people here so please expect further orders from Qatar soon! Thanks and kind regards, Prakash”
Mar 11, 2005 ~ Dave D. “OK! First round of the year today. [Current hdcp ~25. Home course easy, 69.1/124.] Today, 96 with 40 putts. Every drive looked good. Problems came from driving into bunkers I've never reached before, and on a 490 yd par 5, I hit 285 straight up the middle & decided to rip a 3-wood to have an eagle chance. Ripped way left & took a 9... Still have slight fade with driver, but was outdriving my playing partner ~30 yards on average. We always hit about the same length. Really love the Double Wall! Love the hat, too, as my initials are DD... now, off to fix the short game. (2389)”
Mar 09, 2005 ~ Dave “Wow. A friend just got X-16s and I've hit them several times and loved them. Ordered 5-SW (I use hybrid 3 & 4 irons) plus AW. Fitted (need 1 inch shorter & 2 degrees flat), with regular graphite shafts. Came yesterday morning & I went straight to the range. Sweet feeling clubs! Back to hit buckets today with my friend. We swapped some clubs & neither of us could tell that these weren't Callaways. 7 iron trajectory looked like an 8 but traveled as long as a 6. Felt so good that I ended up hitting two large buckets, throwing darts with the wedges at the near flags. I feel like my swing is perfect now & can hardly wait to get on the course. (2378)”
Mar 09, 2005 ~ Travis “I ordered the 3 & 5 wood on Monday and was able to sneak out to play them on Friday. Both have the standard Pinemeadow Graphite Shafts in Stiff flex with the standard Pinemeadow Grip. All I can say is, WOW! Long ,forgiving and straight. Hit the 3 wood 250+ and the 5 wood 220+ with easy swings. Great products and exceptional service. Thank you Pinemeadow. (2374)”
Preston Hale Responds The Low Profile and Low Center of Gravity make this an incredibly easy club to hit.
Mar 09, 2005 ~ Richard “I was in desperation and I needed a new set now! I ordered a set of the Oxygen Type S HT's. I took them out to the range yesterday, and while this may seem to quick to respond I hit them like I was a pro. I hit every club perfect every time, except the 3-iron which I shanked one or two out of 8 shots. The 3-iron is hard to hit for me, I can deal with that. The clubs look great, they hit just like the Pings, and the Crossline-Lamkin grip is awesome. Good job Pinemeadow. I was so impressed, I ordered the sand wedge last night. I only wish you sold the gap wedge too. With respect from your neighbor in the Tri-Cities, WA. (2364)”
Mar 09, 2005 ~ Keith “I played golf as a young child 6-10 then didn't play until last year when I needed to play golf "for business". I looked and studied a lot of club sites - when I called Pinemeadow the service was top-notch the understood what I needed in a club and made several recommendations. I ended up with a 3-9 Excel in the High-Launch using the TX-90 lightweight shafts and Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips, then for the PW,AW,SW, and LW I went with the Excel Mid-Launch with the standard shaft and Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips. Well after 10 lessons and hitting at the driving range 3-4 days a week for about 6 weeks I finally played a round of golf - 84 for my first round, that should say it all. - thanks Pinemeadow, A happy customer!!! (2358)”
Jan 24, 2005 ~ J. Clark “Pinemeadow Golf, I just received my new driver yesterday. My original order was damaged in shipping, and your customer service in correcting this was outstanding! After informing you of the damamged club, you immediately got to work building a replacement and sent it out to me with 3-day shipping. I love the club, and it has already made a difference even after the first bucket of balls. You have earned a loyal customer, and I will be talking up Pinemeadow to my friends. Thanks for your service!”
Preston Hale Responds Thanks for contacting us. On rare occasions the club gets but on the conveyer belt and it can snap in transit. Glad we were able to help. Enjoy the driver. -Pinemeadow Customer Service
Jan 21, 2005 ~ Dan T. from Switzerland “Hi, by the time I wrote an e-mail asking for tracking my order, UPS came to my home and my new club is here. I would like to take this opportunity to comments your services. I had trouble deciding to place an order at first as your Double Wall web site has no picture of the fairway woods. I usually like to see what I am ordering. I decided to go ahead anyway and I must say that I have been impressed with the quick service, the quality of the packaging and overall by the excellent quality of the DoubleWall fairway wood I just received. As a matter of fact, I went straight to the local golf club and played 9 holes even that we are in the middle of the winter and I found this #5 wood to be the best I have ever tried. Very forgiving, powerful and giving great distances. If I have to rate PinemeadowGolf, it will be 10 on 10. Thanks very much and you can be sure I will recommend your products to all my friends ! By the way, the hat and the tees inside the package are a neat feature.”
Dec 15, 2004 ~ Gerry H. “To Pinemeadow Golf, I just wanted to let everyone know how satisfied we are about the clubs, grip and especially the delivery time. We understand that wasn't a easy task but you guys really shined. We live in Mass. and you sent them to our Winter home in Florida and they arrived the first day we got there just like you said they would, Just Super!! My wife has been on the golf course more in that week than any of the last few years and most of that was due to those new clubs and grips (the weather was excellent also which did help). Friends of our (in Florida) asked about the clubs and tried them and also were impressed so I'm sure they will also be very happy customers to soon. Just another quick thanks to all the people that I did talk to when ordering and the follow up that was also super, you have a great team there and I'm sure this isn't the first time you have heard that. We will be ordering a few more things this week for the holidays, talk to you later. A new very happy customer, Gerry H. ”
Dec 01, 2004 ~ Edward A. Lacross “this is the second time I have placed an order from ya'll. They have been for my wife. and she loves her new clubs and so I am filling her bag. easy web page to move around in and I have been happy to see the smile on her face. Thank you pinemeadow staff. keep up the good work. Thank you again”
Nov 22, 2004 ~ Ed J. “Hi I received my double wall and haven't play a round yet because of the weather and a recent move to Sunny California but I took it to the range last weekend and I was hitting the ball so far a few guys in the range came and start asking me for advise. I just told them where to get a double wall and enjoy the game for a change. Thanks Pinemedow your clubs and prices are great. Yesterday I ordered two putters; one for my wife. I hope they are as great as your other products. You have a customer for life.”
Nov 18, 2004 ~ David S. “Hello James! I just want to let you know that my golf clubs arrived yesterday. Everything is in order, the golf clubs are very satisfactory, none broken. You have taken care of the packaging very nicely. Thank you very very much. I am impressed! I will let everyone, other golfers in my office, know you have good products and good service. Hopefully some of them will do the same, order golf clubs from you and your company. You and your staff and families have a Happy Thanksgiving and happy Holiday! Best regards,David S.”
Nov 09, 2004 ~ Tony S. “This is a christmas gift for my son. I'm sure he will enjoy these as much as I do. You have outstanding products and the service is heads above all others. Keep up the great work and service. I look foward to the great products you produce and the quality cannot be beat. Again Thanks. Tony S”
Oct 28, 2004 ~ Art “I don't know if you do any thing with this information? I hit a hole in one today. I'm 68 only been golfing about 8 or 10 years, my son's got me started, my handy cap is about 23, I was golfing with my Son-in-law,We were golfing at: The Links at Outlook #10 Route 4 South Berwick, Me. 03908 #8 Hole about 175 yards, with a #3 Wood (Series 6 Pinemeadow club) I was using a Top Flite XL 2000 Super Titanium Should I report this to Top Flite? A Pinemeadow Customer. Art ”
Preston Hale Responds Congratulations Art! If that happened for every customer it would be the hottest club on the market :). Thanks for the email and letting us know. -Pinemeadow Golf Customer Service
Aug 13, 2004 ~ Ronald S. “I want to thank you all for your promp business reply on my purchase of my golf club!!! I can hit it far, just hope it goes straight!!! I'm sure I will enjoy using this club and I plan to purchase other clubs in the future!!! ONCE again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!”
Aug 11, 2004 ~ David C. “I just want to say thanks for the communication that was relayed to me during the process. Its rare you find a business that takes the time to do that anymore. I see that you guys value your customers and I want to say THANKS and I look forward to doing business with you guys in the NEAR FUTURE.”
Aug 03, 2004 ~ Richard M. “I have purchased from Pinemeadow Golf on two previous occassions and have been extremely satisfied with my purchases. I recommend Pinemeadow Golf to anyone looking at purchasing new golf equipment.”
Jul 14, 2004 ~ Gordon Wilson “Hi Pinemeadow Staff, the above order was safely delivered to-day at 11.30am - all clubs in good condition. Thanks for your excellent service and communications - has been a pleasure doing business with you - keep up the good work. Regards Gordon Wilson ”
Jul 14, 2004 ~ D. Harris “James, Thank you for taking the time to answer my question last week about the shaft stiffness. I was second guessing myself why I didn't just pony up and purchase the Acer set of clubs but I needed all new equipment and accessories and my wife thought it best that I maintain a tight budget..(House and new baby). I thought since the Secret Weapon Woods and Tour Leader Irons were in the closeout section that I would be receiving an inferior club....Well, I was wrong. The clubs felt really good last night on the course. I am a pretty long hitter with my old Titanium driverbut cannot get a consistant drive.....With the clubs that I purchased the last 2 weeks (to include the Bionic 201 putter) I played the best 9 holes ever. That 5 wood is so easy to hit and the irons really allowed me to work the ball. Sorry for the long email but I am really impressed and next year when I hand these clubs over to my son, I will order again. Thanks to the team for putting a quality product together. I did not think that new clubs would make that much of a difference. I have been using a 10 year old set of NW Bullits that I bought in a garage sale. The Tour Leader Irons are not inferior in anyway, just a great deal. Beautiful clubs. Thanks alot, Daryl Harris”
Jul 13, 2004 ~ Galllaraga “Thank you for the great clubs. You are a class outfit who respect their word. I am outhittings guys with the big expensive stuff. I know you did not sell me a swing but now when I misshit (or feel I did) the ball ends up where I was hitting my best drives with my other clubs. So when I hit one perfect, the results are amazing. I love them.”
Jul 06, 2004 ~ Ken in Uxbridge in the UK “I ordered my clubs Monday evening UK time. The following morning I had confirmation that my clubs were being made and 25 hours later they were on their way to me ! All my clubs arrived today Friday lunchtime in perfect condition. I would never have believed you could put 14 golf clubs perfectly packed in a box that small. The clubs are beautiful, the service was fantastic, the communication was exemplarary. Thanks again to everyone at PMG from Ken at Uxbridge in the UK. Another delighted customer.”
May 26, 2004 ~ Seth P. “Unbelieveable! You don't know how much I appreciate this. Pine Meadow is now my Golfing supply headquarters and I will spread the word down here in Florida! Thanks again for OUTSTANDING customer service. Have a great one.”
May 26, 2004 ~ T. Bailey “I just received my club and want to tell you how pleased I am with the quality. Please feel free to share with your group I can't believe how well it performs. This was my first experience buying a "clone" and I couldn't be happier. I'll certainly be telling my fiends all about it andwhere it came from. Thanks again”
May 26, 2004 ~ Mr Ferguson UK “I would just like to thank all at Pinemeadow for what has been a truly pleasureable purchase experience. Your approach is of the highest proffesional order and a credit to you. As i write this reply I do so safe in the knowledge my clubs are on route to my home and can't wait to start playing with them. Everybody I play golf with is being told of your fantastic approach and quality service and I'm hoping they experience it for themselves. I work in the golfing industry and am on the road all across the UK. So the Pinemeadow name is getting good coverage. Thankyou all once again. ”
May 18, 2004 ~ Gerhard T. “Wow! I am very impressed with your company. I just received my set of irons plus the sand wedge. Six days ago on a Sunday I came across your website while doing research on my new clubs. The detail you provide online and your measuring wizard was so good that I decided to order a set. What really impressed me was the follow up along the way, the notification of order received, the start date of building the clubs, the shipment notification and the prompt shipment. As far as I am concerned your customer service ranks right up there with LL Bean, which in my opnion is one of the best online companies. I can't wait to try my new clubs out on Monday, which is my next day off - but I wanted to tell you in the meantime, that you just found another customer for life.

"Yesterday I was finally able to hit the driving range and then an 18-hole par 3 course. I never had so much fun playing and when everything was said and done I scored "only 16 over" - which is a 10 stroke improvment from my previous best score. Way to go - I LOVE these clubs!" Thank you,

May 03, 2004 ~ Matt W. “I just wanted to let you guys know how happy I was with my new golf clubs. Last week I ordered and received a set of Acer XP Step Cavity irons. I shoot in the mid-80's and to be honest was a little skeptical that the lower-priced clones could be as good as a full-priced, name brand set. After ordering my custom 1"-over shafts and receiving the clubs promptly and as promised in 4 days, I took them out for a couple of rounds. After playing with these clubs several times, nobody could ever convince me that an expensive name brand set is better than the clubs I have. I have never hit clubs that felt better or allowed me to hit so consistently. I had two great fairway 3-iron shots and almost holed out a 4-iron mis-hit on a par three. They are very forgiving and feel even better than the clubs they are cloned after which I tried out just before buying these. I've told all my friends about you and one friend already ordered a set from you after seeing how much I liked mine. Thanks again for the great clubs, fantastic price, and web-site that made ordering new clubs easy. ”
Apr 30, 2004 ~ Jim P. “just wanted to say thanks for the way your people handled my order.i realize my order is a very small part of your companies revenue but the way in which tom helped me out with it was very impressive. many other companies could learn a valuable lesson from the way pinemeadow golf does business. i am planning to order a set of irons in the near future and look forward to doing business with this company. i also wanted to let you know that i will be telling my friends about my expierience with pinemeadow and will recommend this company very highly thanks again”
Apr 26, 2004 ~ Charles L. “I'm impressed: 1. Nice putter, nice product 2. Quick service 3. You make it so easy to order, and by sending the emails to inform me of the status of my order, it gives a strong impression of a company that is well run and trustworthy.

I'll be back. ”
Apr 23, 2004 ~ Ron S. “Received my club and I am another satisfied customer. Thanks for your rock solid service.”
Apr 23, 2004 ~ Dan T. “Hi Pinemeadow, I'm really impress over your service! Me and my friends order clubs from you on Tuesday morning and today"Friday" the clubs arrive!! Thanks for the great service and have a nice weekend. ”
Apr 21, 2004 ~ Mike “I was in the market for a new set of irons last year, but couldn't afford the $1000 for the taylormade rac irons. I stumbled upon pinemeadowgolf.com and found the clones priced at $150 and decided to try them out. I've golfed since I was 8 years old and have gone through numerous sets of clubs, i'm 21 now. Previous to last year I was about a 9 handicap, after using the power play select irons I was shooting under, at, or just above par consistently. These are the first irons i've ever really felt great contact with when hitting the ball, they're also the only irons i've ever been able to work draws and fades. I recorded my first 3 eagles of my life last season, and after playing about 5 rounds this year i've already had another (thanks to a 4 iron i can finally make good contact with. I recommended these clubs to two friends, one purchased a set earlier this spring and after playing 6 times shot 8 shots better than he ever has. My other friend just ordered the Oxygen S types yesterday. Quality clubs for a quality price, thank you”
Preston Hale Responds Thanks, we truly beleive these are high perfomance clubs at a unbelievalbe price. Your freind should love the new Oxygen Type S iron as it is fast becoming a customer favorite.
Apr 21, 2004 ~ t lingit “I originally bought a putter that was on clearence, and came back for the quality=price. Got a mallet putter that gets a lot a looks with people I'm paired up with when golfing, voit putter, custom cut for no extra price, works great. Bought a Power Play hybrid 1 iron, hit as far as my driver some times(with less slice! Don't ask please). Even a stranger I was paired up with tried it and loved it. Bought 3 wedges for me and two brothers, on clearence, voit, we love them. Sister bought the Acer Big Bertha knockoff irons(XDS) for me on my birthday, hit the pitching wedge for the first time 143 yards instead of using my 8 iron! Talked my brother into buying from pinemeadow the Acer X-16 knockoff's(XP's), he loves them(so do I after I tried them, the ones I was originally going to buy, but love the XDS!). Can't wait till I move back to Oregon in a few months(pinemeadowgolf.com is located in Portland) where I grew up, and go to the factory directly and chech out the drivers(Clevelend knockoffs), if I can wait that long, and get a choice of shaft stiffness from the namebrand stock shafts in Apollo steel or Aldila graphic at $99(from senior flex to extra stiff). I bought a generic titanium knockoff at a local sports store here in Albuquerque for $130 that had no choice other than a flexy graphite shaft, stock shaft stiffness choice at pinemeadowgolf.com at no extra price. I'm sold.”
Preston Hale Responds Wow, this is the kind of feeback we strive for.
Apr 20, 2004 ~ Shannon D. “I just can't tell you how impressed with your follow up I am! You're 'outfit's' business ethic is second to none. Kudos to you!”
Mar 29, 2004 ~ Iris D. “Just wanted to let you know that your web site, ordering process and courtesies regarding your explanation of how you function (set forth below) is the best I have come across on the web and certainly regarding golf merchandise. I purchase a fair amount of golf related products via the web and often "b" never follows "a". I really appreciate it.”
Preston Hale Responds Thanks Iris. The entire team at Pinemeadow works really hard to make your experience with us a good one. We understand the importance of good quality customer service and making processes on our site as simple as we can.
Mar 10, 2004 ~ Graham Ford “Yesterday, I received my new golf club, and I am delighted, not only with the club but with the speed and efficiency of your system. Imagine sitting in Australia and ordering a club on the web in the US on a thursady afternoon, for it to be manufactured and delivered to my home here in sydney by the next tuesday. amazing world we live in. thank you for your great service and I will be telling my friends Cheers from Australia”
Mar 09, 2004 ~ Doug in New Zealand “Hi Guys, WOW, 4 and a half days to my door halfway around the world - fantastic. Should I need anymore clubs will definitely be re visiting you folk. Off to try them out - hope they work as good as they look. Cheers ”
Mar 08, 2004 ~ Ruth C. “I want to thank you all at pinemeadowgolf...what a wonderful shopping experience this has been for me....I have done a LOT of internet shopping and your company is the very best!!! I love the way you kept in touch with me, keeping me posted on every aspect of my order...you made me feel like I had ordered a Million dollors worth of merchandise, made me feel very important, and believe me I will order from you again.....most all the other companies can take direction from your company, keep your customers feeling like a Million and they will be back!!!! Thank you so much again and I know my husband will be so very happy this coming Tuesday, his birthday!!!!”
Feb 27, 2004 ~ Dale G. “This will be my 2 time ordering from Pinemeadow Golf. I love the golf club quaility and the design of the clubs are truely some of the best around, and they are saving me lots of money compared to the name brand.”
Feb 26, 2004 ~ E. Zorro “I received your 5 wood. It looks and feels great. Well engineered. They say that a club that feels great helps your game. Know one can explain that but scores don't lie. I have a set of Callaway's and Pings. This one feels just as good. We'll be doing business in the future. It's always nic to deal with a company with great service and an excellent product. Things are changing in America and moneys become more important. I'm glad your firm hangs on to Excellence, I don't see it enough.

Thanks again for your follow up on the grip it feels fine. Good idea.

Have a great day”
Feb 25, 2004 ~ George R. “James, Thanks for the reply. I ordered the 4-ball belly putter. You folks can sure put some good clubs together-after I bought the Acer XP driver I ordered the Acer step cavity irons and they are as impressive as the driver. These clubs replaced both a Cleveland Vas driver as well as the Vas irons; and it was an improvement to my game..........mostly due to distance, but the accuracy and forgiveness of your clubs were also an improvement over my old set.

My son and I both enjoy your products. I have personally tested some of your clones (and had others do it too) and see no advantage of the real deal over the clones-performance is as good or better. What a thrill to discover your company. Thanks, George R.”
Feb 12, 2004 ~ George Robbins “Your Acer Big Bertha II clone driver is awesome! 40 yard gain over VAS Cleveland driver! Hope these irons are as impressive. Thanks so much you guys!!!!!!!My son hits his XP Taylormade 580 clone 3 yards further than the Taylormade!!!You'll be filling all of our golfing needs from now on!”
Feb 09, 2004 ~ Sture “Hello! I am glad to inform you that my golfclub has already been delivered to my door at about 11 o”
Feb 05, 2004 ~ Al Oxonian “It is very gratifying and quite frankly a new experience about how you treat the orders from your customers. You guys are the best as far as being up to date about orders and being concerned about customer satisfaction. I have not been treated like this on any of my orders through other mail order services. Keep up the good work. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to my golfing buddies for their future golfing needs. Thanks again for treating my order as something special. I appreciate it. Al Oxonian ”
Jan 19, 2004 ~ Larry “Thanks for the excellent service, I received my irons exactly on the date that was promised. Everything was wonderful they are really nice and I I'm hitting them pretty good already. My friend Jerry is a 4 handicap and he reluctantly tried the #3 iron, you know the type, plays nothing but brand name blades. Well he wanted your web site and ordered the #1 iron from you last week. Larry”
Jan 16, 2004 ~ Dennis in the UK “Just a short message to let you know how pleased I am with the response to my order.I ordered Sat... and with Sat and Sunday being non working days at Pinemeadowgolf, you acknowledged the order on Monday. Started work on the order Monday Despatched Tues Arrived UK airport Wednesday In my hands Thursday Used today Friday.Brilliant... both the service and the clubs. The 13+ wood cleared an oak tree by many feet to land on the green.Wow!!!!! I wonder what the 15 wood wiil clear..'Everest?' Thanks again”
Jan 16, 2004 ~ Suzette Kutulas “Good morning,I ordered my clubs last weekend and received them Thursday. Thanks so much for the quick delivery. I can't wait try them out this afternoon. I love the length and weight, now I just hope they improve my game! I'm very happy with my shopping experience at Pinemeadowgolf.com and plan on future purchases and a recommendation to friends. Sincerely, Suzette Kutulas”
Dec 10, 2003 ~ Mary K. “I got the golf clubs I ordered yesterday. I just want you to know I have told everyone I know about your excellent customer service! I have never had any other company keep me so informed. I am sure I will order from you again.”
Dec 09, 2003 ~ Charly Graf “Today I received the order. Thank you very much. Everything is perfect. Good job. I'd like to thank Pinemeadowgolf for the relationship that we could establish so far and I'm looking forward to our next season. All the best wishes from Switzerland. ”
Nov 20, 2003 ~ R. Burkhardt “Dear Sirs,I never did it, but I must write you the following: On Monday morning in a little village in Switzerland (Europe) I decided to send an order per internet to pinemeadowgolf for a set of iron clubs + 1 driver + 2 woods. On Friday morning I received all what I have ordered in a very good condition. I must say, I am very impressed but not only because of the rapidity of your service but also the way you use to inform the customer about the state of the order. I had the feeling that I was there and not in Switzerland. I thank you very much for your service and if the quality of the clubs is so good as your service, I have made a bargain. You will be sure that I will recommend you at any time. Thank you Kind regards R. Burkhardt”
Nov 07, 2003 ~ Fernando Artola “A friend told me about the Pinemeadow web page and I took a look at it, as first I thought that the offers could not be as good as shown so I bought a few clubs because I needed just to try them out. All the processes were perfect but one of the items, the driver, had a small crack so I went back to Pinemeadow and their response was unexpected. They decided to send me a brand new club (the original was second hand) totally free, to Spain. The new club is as good as the original one, my brother has bought another club, and another three friends have bought a set of irons at a price never expected. I”
Oct 29, 2003 ~ Andrew Elms “First of all, let me say what a great website and company Pinemeadow Golf has turned out to be. It was trully a pleasure to do business with you guys and I will be a customer for life. ”
Oct 28, 2003 ~ Joaquin in Spain “Everything arrived perfectly packed and, remarkable in a 100plus club delivery, matching exactly my demand. This weekend I had the chance to try my POWER PLAY SELECT 5000 TITANIUM DRIVER - 450CC~ 9 DEGREE DRIVE and I was surprised to see how easy it was to deal with, apart from how powerful is. I am sure my wife and friends will be delighted with their clubs. Thank you and be sure I will purchase again at Pinemeadow. Best Regards,

Oct 22, 2003 ~ Ann L. in New York “Dear Pinemeadow: I hit them straight and alot farther now that I have a 5Wood. Thanks so much for the help in ordering my club and sending it to me within a good amount of time. I was so excited when it came at 2:30 today, I was teeing off by 3PM. Had a pretty good round was very happy with the added distance I now get with the 5Wood. Thanks to all! I recommended Pinemeadow to everyone and I will do so in the future too. Sincerely a satisfied customer, Ann”
Oct 10, 2003 ~ Douglas Beavers “I just had to write and THANK YOU again! My order has shipped already. This is within one day of order process! I am giving these clubs as Groomsmen gifts for my upcoming wedding on Oct. 25th, and now I know for sure they will be here on time, thanks to you and the wonderful service of Pinemeadow Golf Products! Please feel free to post this as a note of recommendation to prospective customers! Have a Great Weekend!”
Oct 03, 2003 ~ Dr. R. Salles “Dear sirs, I received today, 10/03/03, the set of golf clubs I have ordered 4 days ago. I”
Sep 17, 2003 ~ Thomas Smith “Received the clubs on Tuesday of this week as scheduled. Just wanted to express my appreciation and state that Pinemeadow Golf Products has truly impressed me. The new clubs were used within a couple of hours of receipt and they are everything they were advertised to be. PLUS! I was actually hitting the ball straight.........If at any time I can be of assistance to Pinemeadow Golf Products, please let me know. I would not hesitate to endorse the company and its "Customer Support" team. Again, thanks for your kind assistance. Sincerely, Thomas Smith ”
Sep 08, 2003 ~ Tim A. “Hello, I received my clubs yesterday,I went to test them on the golf course immediately and I can't explain how satisfied I am. They are simply perfect,when I hit the ball the feeling is so comfortable and I'm not losing any distance at all.I'm hitting the ball long and straight,that's what any golfer wants,no? When I chose the soft irons I made the right decision. Thank you very much for all of your assistance and for the perfect delivery of my soft irons. ”
Sep 03, 2003 ~ J.Dia “I really appreciate the effort you guys have out into fulfilling this order and getting things right. I will be sure to keep the order process in mind next time I place an order with some impossible time expectations! Thank you again Pinemeadow for providing world-class service. Regards, J. Dia”
Aug 27, 2003 ~ Jay “Each time I deal with Pinemeadow, I always come away feeling that I've found retailing nirvana. Pinemeadow sets a new standard in how customer service should be: prompt, courteous, helpful, AND effective! Thank you Pinemeadow for delivering great value and service. ”
Aug 21, 2003 ~ Tim Ringler “I really appreciate your thorough communication on my order. This is the way I try to run my business. Good job. I'm sure I will be doing business with you folks again. ”
Aug 19, 2003 ~ Emmanuel P. “Dear James, I was so pleased with the driver after two weeks of use that I also ordered a complete set of XDS Tour irons, a 3 ball black putter and a 56”
Aug 08, 2003 ~ Patrick Smith “What superb service! I ordered the clubs on evening of 5 August . They arrived today, 9.15am on 8 August at my home in England. The clubs look superb. Everything I ordered well packaged and I was able to track my order into your production and then as it was in transit from Portland via Louisville- Philadelphia-East Midlands Airport - Nottingham - my home. Can't wait to get over to my golf course tonight. Just wish my golf would match your performance.

Patrick Smith Ravenshead, Nottingham, England ”
Jul 09, 2003 ~ George S. “I am new to golf since last year. I was given a set of irons from my uncle but had no drivers. I found your website through a search engine. I purchased a set of your Acer drivers and am very happy with them. I do not have a lot of experience with equipment but they have suited my needs very well. I have decided to purchase a set of irons since my set is not a total match anymore (broken shafts). Your products, service and prices are to be highly commended. If it keeps the prices lower to not advertise then I would rely on the opinions of people who have already purchased. Your are not going to convert the people who need a brand name. I have been playing tennis for 28 years and have always stuck with equipment that I liked. Regardless of manufacturer or of its age. I would highly recommend anyone to your sight for future equipment. Keep up the good work”
Jul 08, 2003 ~ John M. “Dear Mr. Travers,Thanks for taking care of the shipping. I received my clubs in the mail yesterday...all in great condition! Appreciate your customer service. It ranks up there with the best. I'll put in my review on how the clubs worked for me as soon as I get time to go and play. -John M.”
Jun 24, 2003 ~ Steve H. “Dear Guy, I have placed several orders with your company and can't give you enough praise. I recently ordered a Power Play 5000 driver (wonderful club) and was to receive a complimentary club at no charge. I inadvertently ordered the complimentary club not realizing it was automatically attached to the order. Your staff caught my mistake and removed the $15 additional charge. Pinemeadow is a breath of fresh air among the stench most internet suppliers.

Thanks. ”
Jun 02, 2003 ~ Stephanie L. “Hi! I ordered 3 Nike clone low profile fairway woods (3,5,7) back in April and finally have played a few rounds with them now that the rain has stopped. I wrote earlier to say they looked great and the service was quick, but I hadn't played them yet. I wasn't going to write again, but today (3rd time out with the clubs) I hit a 225yd. shot with my new 5 wood! My longest with the old 5 was about 185-190. The guys I played with were waiting for the green to clear and told me to go ahead from a 225yd. sprinkler head. Even I knew I wouldn't reach the green.I hit the green on the bounce and rolled just past pin high!!

I am hitting all 3 of these clubs and getting good air time thanks to your recommendation of shafts! Thanks so much for raising the potential of my game. :) Whoo-hoo!!

Stephanie L.”
May 08, 2003 ~ Gary M. “I just want you to know that you have the best service of anyone i have delt with on or off the net. i like how you keep the customer informed of whats going on,thats great! keep up the good work . I'll be telling all my freinds about Pinemeadow Golf. The very best part is that your clubs are great , i meen really great!!!! Its nice to see quality and service in one great place . Thanks for everything”
Mar 26, 2003 ~ Kenny from Switzerland “I am surprised. In only one week I have received all my new clubs ! Great ! I must tell you, at the beginning I wasn't quite shure about your clone clubs. Let me tell you that I am absolutely convinced, after having a more than 200 yards shot with an 99$ driver ! Forget my Taylormade ! I tried also my wifes clubs, which can be compared to the Big-Berta Clubs, priced for more then US$ 1'000.--. Why spending more, if you can have the same for less money !”
Mar 10, 2003 ~ Jean Mousseau “Just a short note to thank you and the pinemeadow people. I have been ordering clubs from your company for the last two years. Your patience, knowledge, flexibility and help are second to nobody. I have recommended and past the word around about pinemeadow and the people who work there.

I know for sure one friend has ordered wedges from you and two others are thinking of ordering full sets of clubs. I'm sure as the word spreads, and if you don't already have, you'll be receiving a lot of business from the areas around Windsor ( Canada)and Detroit (Michigan). It nice to know there are still some quality, personable and honest companies to deal with. Many Thanks J.Paul

Mar 07, 2003 ~ Phillip Oliveras “I would like to share a story with all of you at Pinemeadow. My friend and I went out to play a round of golf a few months ago. It was the first time that I used my new Catapult irons. My friend was quite impressed with the distance that I got with my irons. (I was at least two clubs ahead of him - I used an eight iron, he used a six and so on...) After a few holes he wanted to use my irons to get the feel of them and see what he could do with them. He loved the clubs so much that he bought himself a set as well. He is now hitting the ball farther than he could before. (Just wait it gets better.) Last weekend he went out with his brother-in-law to play a round. Yes you guessed it: his brother-in-law hit the clubs and of course he was sold. (Wait! It is not over yet.) We play men's league and tonight his playing partner was not hitting his irons as well as he likes to. My friend said, "Try my pitching wedge." "Nahhh, I need a 9 iron," he responded. My friend gave him the 9 iron and he flew over the hole. To his amazement, he grabbed the pitching wedge and still drove it past the hole. "Wow, I haven't hit a pitching wedge over 125 yards in about 5 years." Yes, yet another set of clubs sold. I appreciate your product very much and I think that all my friends will soon. Thanks for having not only good product but quality service as well. ”
Mar 07, 2003 ~ Mark Guillermo, Honolulu, Hawaii “Just wanted to thank you for your professional and courteous service in handling my order. I had shopped around a long time comparing name brand clubs, and various clone manufacturers. I am very pleased and satisfied with the quality and value of your products, and the service your team has provided in delivering your products to me. I had met some of my friends at the range and until they viewed my Tour Model Series 6 up close, they thought I had bought Ping i3's. I reluctantly let them try my new sticks, and they were very impressed with the performance and craftsmanship. I will surely tell more of my fellow golfers about the high value of your products and services. ”
Mar 07, 2003 ~ Thank you very much, Mark Emmons, Portland OR “You guys are really amazing! First, a few weeks ago, I contacted your webmaster regarding a problem I was having with your website, and when I was able to help him figure out the problem, I was unexpectedly rewarded with a club of my choice! (by the way, I chose the PM Pro Titanium Driver, and I really love it!) Then I ordered a set of PM III Pros last Monday morning with custom length and grips and I just received them - less than 54 hours from the time I ordered them! Wow! I hope I can hit 'em as good as they look! Finally, while I was unwrapping the clubs, Misty calls to confirm that the order was fulfilled! Amazing! The most unbelievable thing is... I have a tee time today at 3:16 and I can take my new clubs with me! It is hard to find a company these days that seems to put any value on its customers. Your attention to detail, thoroughness, and dedication to your customers is truly refreshing and greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work! You now have another Pinemeadow Golf evangelist roaming the streets singing your praises.”
Mar 07, 2003 ~ Thank you, Greg Anyon (A very happy customer) “I just wanted to write and tell you how much I am enjoying my new set of Acer irons (Hawkeye Clones). I played 18 holes Friday with my old clubs and found the new ones on my doorstep when I got home. Played 18 with my new ones on Saturday and was able to take seven strokes off of my score from the previous day. The ball leaps off of the face of these clubs and really puts a backspin on the 9 and PW. My problem with topping the ball is completely gone. I could not be more pleased. Thank you for your help on getting me the correct length. Surely that helped also. Between the new irons and the Acer Titan 300 driver you suggested, my game has improved tremendously. ”
Mar 07, 2003 ~ A very happy and satisfied customer, Manuel I. Cuevas “I want to thank you for all the effort shown by both of you along the people at PinemeadowGolf, that made it possible to get me the Tour Gear II club set to my address in Texas in 1 day. WOW!!!!!!!!!! I showed my wife the level of service that you two provided me, and she was impressed, eventhough she is a specialist on the area. I need to thank Bryan for getting back to me during X-mas and letting me know that it was too tight the delivery schedule before I departed to Argentina, but he said that the plant would be shut down until the 2nd, and Misty would later call me to get it done and shipped overnight on the 3rd (at no extra cost, WOW!). Well I received it on the fourth, and I flew to Argentina on the fifth. I need to tell you that this extra effort gave your company a sale that was almost impossible, and I hope that the clubs are as good as they look and the level of service that you provided me. I will try them this weekend...wish me luck. ”
Mar 07, 2003 ~ Jason McCutcheon “I recently embarked on a clubfinding mission which eventually led me to you. I desperately needed new golf clubs but unfortunately my budget would not allow me to buy high priced, name brand clubs. During a web search I came across your sight. At first I was very sceptical, I thought, how in the world could you boast that your clones were the same if not better than the name brands they resembled? So I did a whole lot of research on clones and I found some negetive remarks made about other companies, but everything I heard about you was positive. So I decided to go ahead and give you a try, I purchased your velociteque irons (Taylor Made Super Steel clones). The very first ball I hit with them I knew I had made the right decision. The ball literally jumped off of the clubface and my distance improved by about 15 yards, I shot 12 strokes better than the round I played 2 days previous using my old clubs. I also purchased the matching Velociteque drivers and I swear! I drove the ball 20 yards further than I ever had before, needless to say I am a very satisfied customer... I also want to comment on your helpful and professional sales staff. I ordered my 2 iron and Sand Wedge from Jenetta (excuse me if I spelled it wrong)and told her I needed the clubs before the end of the week because I had a big golf weekend planned, She was very kind and considerate and assured me she would do everything in her power to get them to me on time. I had also ordered the woods that same day online and left a note about my weekend plans. That thursday I came home to see my new clubs waiting for me at my front door, I was tickled pink. My friends all tried the clubs and were impressed also, and this is the kicker! One of my friends had just bought the Taylor Made Super Steel irons online for something like $350 dollars, I showed him my clones and he tried them and told me he could not tell the difference, the proof is definately in the pudding! I just wanted to write and say thank you and I am definately going to recommend you to anyone I know looking for new clubs. ”
Mar 07, 2003 ~ Ron Rivera “Good morning. I just wanted to drop a line and thank you and your company for the pleasant experience I've had dealing with your company. Misty provided excellent customer service and my clubs were at your offices ready for pick up as promised. Many people have been waiting anxiously to see how my clubs performed(I'm new at golf so I don't know how clubs are supposed to perform). I did end up ordering the Tour model 6 iron & woods. Anyways, my buddies took me to a driving range in Tigard. My buddies were quite impressed with my first few swings(since I've really never done this). I was hitting 150-170 yards with my 5 iron. I don't know if that's good, but they were impressed. They each tried a few clubs. Before I knew it we were all using my clubs!!! All they could talk about were buying new clubs. I know they will be contacting Pinemwadows real soon to order clubs. In fact, I know one of my buddies will be ordering today. Again, thanks and I commend you for the excellent service and product your company provides! ”
Mar 07, 2003 ~ Once again, with gratitude, Kip “Guy, Don't I feel foolish!?! I was preparing to write to the President of PineMeadow Golf and tell him/her how pleased I am with the service, the clubs, XDS II, and especially how kind and helpful you have been though my irritating and constant questions. I had not read about the staff on the internet, only the equipment. So, I took myself of to the About Us Link, and low and behold I have been irritating the President himself. Guy I love the Clubs. They are a dream! Comfortable. Lightweight. Solid. I had been working some very early hours, and when the UPS delivery was made, I was a Kid in the Candy Store! I finished up my current project, and went off to play w/ my new toys. I can't express just how pleased I am w/ the your Product, your Staff, your Company, and YOU! Excellent Service ”
Mar 07, 2003 ~ Thanks, David Gardner “Hi my name is David Gardner and I never write e-mails just to send them. But I would like to tell you about these Irons.... WOW Baby I started playing golf at age 10 and I'm now 52 with a hc of 9.6 so I'm not the worst golfer in the world. I have had 20 sets of irons in my golfing life but I have never had a set this good. I can't believe it, a set that goes straight as we say in Tennessee. Thanks for the great products and the great web site and the service on shipping. ”
Mar 07, 2003 ~ Thanks, Rich Jordon “I am NOT a testimonial writer - but, on June 8th I ordered an iron set of your Catapult irons with custom shafts. I received them a little over a week later, just in time for vacation. I've had the clubs for about a month now and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I'm hitting the ball better, straighter, and more consistently. These clubs look and play at least as well as their top dollar counterparts. Your company DELIVERS an outstanding product, and you have another satisfied customer. I like the clubs so well, I'm replacing my 3 wood with a Catapult and adding a Power Play trouble wood and should have them this coming Monday - I'll probably feel compelled to write another review after a couple of rounds with them. ”
Mar 07, 2003 ~ Thanks again, Hallie Trout “I just wanted to write you and tell you how much I love my new golf club. I bought a Power Play Rescue club. My mom has the Taylor Made Rescue club and I have been wanting one for a long time. A new one costs over $200 and it is impossible to find a used ladies club. I found your website by accident, but what a stroke of luck! I really enjoy your product and will be buying from you again in the future. ”
Mar 07, 2003 ~ Kevin L. Ogle “I surfed onto your site and found that you fit clubs for a GREAT price. I took a chance and ordered the Acer Super Titan 400 CC and the Power Play System 3000 Irons. I received the driver and went to the range to give it a go. I could not hit the club at all. I called your CS line and a lady rep (I think her name was Becky) was very helpful and gave me a Return Authorization number to return the club. I am going to try a smaller driver, the Acer Super Titan 400 CC was just too big for me. It seemed to tweak in my hands. I am sure that I will be happier with the new driver (PM Pro Titanium Driver). Your Customer service Dept is top notch! On to the irons... I received the Power Play irons a day later and again tracked off to the range. I was skeptical because I could not hit the first club I bought from your company. Boy was I surprised... The Power Play clubs have the best "feel" of any club I have ever owned! I hit the ball 25% more accurate and 10% further than my King Cobra II Irons. These clubs are great, they feel so pure! I would suggest to anyone reading this "Don't believe the hype of brand name clubs. Get fitted for clubs, it makes a world of difference". My Cobra irons cost $699.00 and I now proudly own a $200.00 set that puts them to shame. I am selling them on E-bay. I have the irons built just for me. It just simply makes sense, you wouldn't go buy a shirt that doesn't fit would you? Why buy clubs that are made as "one size fits all"? In closing, I do not know what impresses me more; your Customer Service and attention to detail or the quality of your products. I am the Reverse Logistics Manager for Radio Systems Corp. I Know good customer service when I see it, it is my job to know it and to give it. How nice it is to receive it back. Thank you for the quality. Thank you for the value. Thank you for treating me like a customer should be treated. (Last but not least), Thank you for taking 5 strokes off my golf game. I will be purchasing from your company again! ”
Mar 07, 2003 ~ Asante S Weupe “Hi just wanted to tell you on 4/24/02 I hit a hole-in-one today using your professional open series 690 52 degree wedge. It was the 4th hole on my home course and it measured about 130 yards. All of the clubs in my bag are from pinemeadow and I could not be happier with your clubs. Thank you ”
Mar 07, 2003 ~ Asante S Weupe “hi just wanted to let you know that I bought your xds tour clubs and they are great. Using the 6 iron on the 180 yard 12th hole I scored my third ace and second ace using your clubs. It was back in april when I email you about my second ace using one of your wedges. Thank you ”

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