Certified Pre-Owned Golf Clubs

Pinemeadow Hybrid Woods & Irons: Excel Hybrid Iron Set This image represents this club as it is sold new. It is not an actual image of the Certified Pre-Owned Golf Club(s) you are interested in. Although Pre-Owned clubs are not eligible for our Satisfaction Guarantee or Price Protection policies, they are covered by our one year warranty. The Certified Pre-Owned items are clearly marked on the site at the point of purchase and all begin with the item #LL. Read more about the policy on our warranty page.
- Excel Hybrid Iron Set
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Condition Guide

Clubs have either never been hit or hit only a few times. They should show very little wear. Most often these clubs are returns from retailers as unsold, last years discontinued models, gift returns, incorrect orders or satisfaction guarantees where the customer has only just tried them out once. All clubs will be in like new condition and have no visible flaws or marks.
Very Good:
Clubs have been played several times, but are in excellent condition. They may have a scratch or two and show some minor wear or cosmetic blemishes. They will be in original operating condition. Most often these clubs are customer returns from customers who have tried out the product and then returned these within 30 days for a different model. Most of our returns and refurbished clubs fall into this category.
Clubs have been played enough that they have some scratches and marks, but they are in good condition. There won't be any dings or ugly marks, but they will look like they have been used by a golfer. We will have some clubs in this condition, but not very many since we don't take trade-ins.
Clubs show significant use and you can certainly tell they are used. They will be in fine working condition and not have any dents or bruises, but they will have scratches, finish mars, and cosmetic wear. They will look like used golf clubs. We generally have very few, if any, clubs in this condition as we don't take trade-ins or deal in used products.

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