DoubleWall Sweet Spot

USGA Rules use a statistic called the Coefficient of Restitution (COR) to measure golf club head velocity at impact. The USGA allows a COR of no more than .83, measured at the dead center of gravity on the club head. When most manufacturers talk about their COR numbers, they are talking about COR at dead center. DoubleWall™ is design engineered to achieve the largest, most stable sweet spot in golf at the highest COR allowed by USGA Rules. The Pinemeadow DoubleWall has consistent performance throughout the entire club face.

It is one thing to have a high COR reading at the dead center of gravity - Almost everyone can build a legally maximum .83 COR driver. It is quite another to manufacture a golf club that achieves consistently high COR readings throughout the larger hitting surface of the club face. This is the most important factor in producing better performance on your “off-center” hits.

DoubleWall wipes thin-face drivers off the map with the highest COR performance throughout the club face. This makes a huge difference in your game!

Independent Lab Tests confirm the Pinemeadow DoubleWall titanium driver does just this. Pinemeadow DoubleWall has the biggest sweet spot in golf!

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