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The PGX wedge is the perfect addition to complete your PGX set. Available in 3 lofts, it gives you options to suit your needs.

The 52* can be used out of the fairway or around the green. It provides you the ability to hit lower lofted chips which will generate more roll.

The 56* wedge is commonly used as the SW. However, some players prefer to chip with it giving you more loft which will generate less roll. It also is used regularly out of green side bunkers.

The 60* is the hardest of the 3 wedges to hit. It can be used around the green to chip with helping generate the most spin. It does take practice to chip with this but can be a valuable tool to score once you master the 60* wedge.

All the wedges features a wide sole at the bottom of the club head which narrows towards the toe to provide a more forgiving hitting surface. Add a PGX Wedge to your set now and start improving your game today!


  • All wedges built with steel shaft at 35.75"

Technical Specifications

Loft (deg)525660
Lie (deg)646464
Weight (g)300300300
Bounce (deg)8126

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Danny Cole rated this product * * * * * on 06/20/21 I have played many Wedges and I will tell you. These are by far the best. I currently play Caloway Irons. I have 3 Different sets. : However, I ordered a set of these Irons based on the feel and balance of the wedges. Hope to have them before I play the next tournament. I love the driver and putter also. Simply Put they are true and do not pass them up. Amazing clubs. FACT. Wedges and putter helped me to a 77 and I hadn't played in s long while.
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Jamie Robinson rated this product * * * * * on 06/08/19 Have used my 56 and 60 degree love them easy out if sand still getting used to the 60 degree but getting better with it great wedge very satisfied
10 out of 13 people found this useful. Was this review helpful to you? yes / no
Newb Gingrich rated this product * * * * * on 03/09/18 beginner here. Started playing golf in july 2017. The set of Irons I was given had a pitching wedge and was just using that for my approach shots. Purchased the 56 to give myself a higher loft option. Build quality is excellent. Great feel off the face of the club and after playing a round with it and consistently giving myself a chance to 2-putt on the green I would recommend this wedge and any pinemeadow product to anyone. I also love supporting local business here in Oregon.
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Ken rated this product * * * * * on 08/11/13 I love it. I quickly swapped out my old wedge for this baby. It is very forgiving and easy to hit. Mine came with the standard pinemeadow grip and I like it. This was my first purchase from pinemeadow to try them out. I definitely think I am going to buy a whole new set from them in the off season. Did I mention that I had a 10yd chip in with this wedge first time out? Love it
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