PGX Single Length Iron Set
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PGX Single Length Iron Set


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Right Hand Only:
5-PW + GW $249.95
4 Iron $34.95
Sand Wedge $34.95
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Single length iron sets have arrived! We have taken our most popular PGX series and are now offering it in a single length option. Sure single length irons are not new to the golf industry but are becoming more and more popular in golf. Likely the most famous was the Tommy Armour EQL (sounds like equal to me) set of the late 80's. It makes a lot of sense to have a set where you can use "one swing" for all of your irons. The consistent weight and length will give a true feel throughout the set.


  • Balanced center of gravity
  • Easier to hit, more forgiving and consistent
  • Use the same swing for each shot
  • Creates consistent distance between clubs

Technical Specifications

Shaft and Grip:
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ron boyke rated this product * * * * * on 08/27/21 These are the best single length irons for the money. I hit them an average of 4 to 5 yards further than my old irons. Very Solid feel at impact. I recommend these irons and will purchase others from them in the future. Thank you for the easy customer service and fast shipping.
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Brandon Jansson rated this product * on 05/29/21 I would actually give the performance of the club a decent rating but in less than 6 months I’ve already had to have 5 club heads re-glued and 1 more is loose and will need repaired as well. When I originally contacted customer service they said they would reimburse me for the 1 club that needed fixed. It didn’t cost much so I just covered it. Then 4 more needed fixed and I emailed about them getting fix. Also sent an email about their 1 year warranty and never received a response. The clubs would be great if they didn’t need fixed almost right out of the box. I’ve only used them for 7 rounds.
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Ethan Nichols rated this product * * * * on 04/26/21 From someone who has owned 2 sets of cobra one length irons and these pinemeadows.....these are a great buy. If you're looking to try one length...this is definitely the best place to start. And if you hit them well....theres no point in upgrading. Just be honest with yourself about your shaft flex and length. And i definitely recommend getting upgraded midsize grips or larger. The pinemeadow stock grip is a terrible low quality grip.
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Darren rated this product * * * * * on 04/16/21 After playing only 3 rounds with these clubs, I am thoroughly pleased with the feel and comfort of these clubs. Now that I address the ball the same for all clubs in the bag, the ball flight is consistent and true. I am now ready to bring my handicap down by simplifying my game with these one length irons.
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Phillip rated this product * * * * * on 04/01/21 Just got back from the range, must say these are the best clubs ever. After a couple adjustments at address each swing was consistent with solid contact. So happy with this product.
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