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PGX BK Irons


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Right Hand Only:
4-PW $279.95
SW $39.95
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The PGX series has consistently been one of Pinemeadow's best sellers for awhile. The reason they have done so well is because the design and development, it has always been geared to be ultra-forgiving and suitable for golfers of all skill levels.

The PGX BK irons feature an exclusive matte black finish creating a sleek, black surface giving you a smooth, full-bodied appearance every time you grab the club. Over time the finish on the bottom of the club will wear into a retro grey oil can look very similar to recent black finished wedges. They also have a deep cavity and fine top line that pushes the weight to the perimeter of the club-face generating a bigger sweet spot. Whether you are hitting the ball square or a little off-center, an ideal ball flight and longer carry is the end result of every shot. If you are looking for a forgiving iron to improve your game with a sleek look these are the irons for you.

Keep in mind. We can't do lie adjustments on these irons, as the lie adjustment machine marks the black finish on them. Our team takes pride on shipping out flawless finished clubs. You are more than welcome to have a professional bend the clubs after you receive them. Remember all irons that are bent to lie-adjustment outside our facility are no longer covered under our 1-year warranty.


  • Built standard with a Pinemeadow Steel shaft from Apollo®, a 125 gram shaft with a low to mid kick point. Also available with our standard low-torque Pinemeadow Graphite shaft for only $7.50 per shaft.
  • Set is standard 4-PW for $279.95. SW is also available for only $39.95
  • Compare features, performance and price Taylor Made® Irons.

Technical Specifications

Club #456789PWSW
Loft (deg)2326293337414554
Lie (deg)61.56262.563636464.565
Weight (g)247254261268275282290298
Shaft and Grip:
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