Putter Wheel 2-Pack

Putter Wheel 2-Pack


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WHY You need the Putterwheel System:

Putting is half the game! 18 holes x 2 putts per green = 36 strokes = Exactly 1/2 of par 72. Enough said.

HOW The Putterwheel System works:

Practice - Putterwheel's Unique shape teaches you to:
1.) Take dead aim
2.) Use the red sidewalls to get your eyes directly over the ball
3.) Stroke the ball squarely (or it will wobble off your clubface)

Score - The included template draws 2 lines on your game ball so you can visualize rolling the Putterwheel during a match.


  • Train your stroke
  • Train your eye
  • Take it to the course

Technical Specifications

CAUTION: The Putterwheel is intended for the sole purpose of practicing putting. Do not hit with a full swing and/or with other clubs.

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